Corpse of Murdered Female Cop Found in Amritsar, India

Left Wrist Twist Doesn't Look Too Good

Corpse of Murdered Female Cop Found in Amritsar, India

Not entirely sure how our NWO globalist shills are gonna walk this one off.

There is no backinfo at this time. All there is, is that the corpse of the female cop was found in the city of Amritsar, state of Punjab, India.

There is nothing on the corpse to even suggest the way she died. I don’t see any bullet holes, stab wounds or anything of sorts. Possible strangulation is masked by the scarf around her neck.

I do however find it strange that her uniform is unbuttoned half way up. Surely nobody wears their official uniform undone. But then again, I don’t see her pants undone to suggest somebody was trying her get into her private parts. No ides how exactly she was killed, but apparently she indeed was.

Props to Best Gore member @papabitch for the pics:

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  2. Heyyy.. Thought to Update Everyone about this Case..
    She Wasn’t Killed.. It Was a Road Accident..

    A woman police constable, Nomi, posted at miscellaneous store keeping (MSK) branch died after a speedy SUV hit her scooter near Sangatpura village in the wee hours today..

    She was going to attend her duty near Golden Temple in view of the visit of SAD president and Deputy..
    And According to the police, when she reached near Shagna De Vehra, marriage resort, a speedy Mahindra Scorpio SUV hit her scooter. She died on the spot while the accused fled the spot..

    A resident of Kala Afgana village in Batala, she was posted as computer operator in the MSK branch with the city police..

    The police have launched investigations to identify the suspects while a case has been registered with the rural police in this regard..

      1. Great news, so there’s a job vacancy there now then?
        I will have to tell the woman that works in my local Indian takeaway that there’s a great opportunity of employment for her if she moves back to India with her family immediately then.

        Fantastic situation to lower the unemployment stats for that region, it will help someone else lift themselves out of the sewer and run around pretending to be a police goon.

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  4. The constable’s identification card has also been shared which says that her name was Nomi, D/O Salim Masih from Amristar. This led us to several media reports. According to Tribune India, constable Nomi died on the spot after her scooter was hit by a speedy Mahindra Scorpio SUV near Sangatpura village on October 1.

    The incident was also reported by Punjab Kesari and Punjab Jagran.

    A verified Punjabi YouTube channel uploaded a video report on the incident where the photographs currently viral were featured.

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