Corpse of Newborn Baby Found with Missing Limbs and Discolored Skin

Corpse of Newborn Baby Found with Missing Limbs and Discolored Skin

According to the info I got, the pics are from Indonesia. A corpse of a newborn child was found in a brush. The child appears to have been chewed on by wildlife. Both arms, one leg and most of head were munched on.

The baby’s skin also discolored quite a bit, which could be the aftereffect of putrefaction and decomposition in the tropical climate.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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21 thoughts on “Corpse of Newborn Baby Found with Missing Limbs and Discolored Skin”

    1. Thank you so much just heading bed here in U.K. Is almost midnight, by the way I don’t know why the fuck those dumb bitches can’t close their legs or at least use some kind of protections, it’s hurt me every time seeing this kind of photos/videos with innocents lil babies!!! Hate all of you Indonesian cunts!!

  1. This is the type of stuff i hate to see and look at. I can stand gore. I know it. I have lived it. I hate seeing babies or kids so young, so innocent of these atrocious murders, neglect or accidents. I feel kids should not be shown on this site but then again there are a bunch of twisted fucks whom get off on it and it is life. I get it but fuck, it is just sad. I stay away from most baby/child posts.

    1. Well the purpose of this website is to show the reality that normal media doesn’t show, even young victims. And yes, some sickos like that sexually and that’s kinda fucked up but still, originally just uncensored news

      1. Yes i know. I am just saying it’s horrible to know these things happen to the Innocent little babies and more often than i thought. I just made my account the other day. I have been a Best Gore fan for years. I know i say i TRY to stay away from those topics but i honestly can’t help myself most the time. Nothing against the site. I am just sharing my thoughts.

  2. Urgh… those flies are making me feel ill. Such vile things!
    Can someone please inform those Indonesian folks of an insecticide product called “Raid”. I think they need to know about it urgently.

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