Corpse of Presumed Rape Victim Found with Multiple Stab Wounds

Corpse of Presumed Rape Victim Found with Multiple Stab Wounds

Corpse of Presumed Rape Victim Found with Multiple Stab Wounds

No much backinfo, but presumably the video is from Brazil. Likewise presumably, the victim was raped. And without presumption, stabbed to death. Not sure if in that order.

There’s a number of stab wounds on her upper body, including some deep ones in the neck. Intestines also protrude from abdominal cavity from slashes to the gut. She’s naked from the waist down, and seems to have decent pussy mound.

Props to Best Gore member @seraphim-serenata for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. This site is doing a very good job to prove that. Yeah. I find it very hard to remind myself to stay open minded in the face of those facts. However, there are also trash among your favorite good ol Germans, Americans, British, Norwegian, basically in the whitest 1st world places.

      The question is – how much of a proportion decent humans make to trash humans in shithole and non-shithole countries. I need truth. Because if the difference is overwhelmingly significant, I’m willing to change my tolerant views of those countries, and acknowledge your ways mr. Hitler.

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      1. You should look at it at a different perspective:
        Western laws have been tightened in the 21st century to brainwash and pussy-out everyone.
        If people living in those countries you listed could get away with such crimes, they would do 3 times worse than the so-called shit-hole countries. Put it in a historical context and you’ll catch my drift. Westerners were doing the raping, murders, lynching, etc 100s of years ago at the time when others were mostly quite humble, godly and fearful of possible backlash.

          1. Yes you can put it that way.. it’s a bit more than that though..

            Whites have also generally evolved beyond applying natural / instinctive emotions in our daily lives… For instance in our culture we often rebuke impulsiveness, jealousy, anger, blaming people for doing wrong, revenge, and other expressions of emotion which have a potential to trigger violence. Our laws are also designed to correspond with this culture. By so doing we have turned ourselves into robots only aware of what’s legal / illegal rather than what’s moral / immoral.

            That’s why we’ve become schemers, masters of underhanded plans and actors rather than natural human beings. Thus, to us if something is legal then it’s right. So we take the world on our shoulders from age 18, we do all the shit to destroy ourselves, our girls sleep with tens of men, etc. As “civilized” people we smile at each other and say “hello” to the face while in our minds we go “you little piece of shit” … We can watch our wives kiss other men and tell us “oh Tom is just a colleague” and we have to accept it peacefully without questions, because we’re more aware of government-given rights than our divine natural instincts.

            Contrast these kinds of scenarios with other cultures where people are more expressive by natural instincts, the potentials for tensions to escalate kick-in. Not to mention the poverty and frustration within the equation

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        1. a very simple google search will give you some answers: Sylvester James Gates, Erich Jarvis, Jesse Ernest Wilkins Jr, and so many others, same for the ones who hate jews there is EINSTEIN, Fermi, etc so just because you don’t hear a tree falling in the forest that does NOT MEAN that did not happened, and more important here WHAT IS YOUR contribution to science then? or any other achievement besides sit in your ass and complain about a race or color skin, and same with any other race like Asian, Hispanics, etc, just a SIMPLE search like “(insert race here) scientist” in google will teach you something new and take you out of that bubble of “white race is better” because is not about a race or skin color is ABOUT OPORTUNITY

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    2. hahha, you stupid ass, and what about the WHITES that are doing MASS SHOOTINGS? as it has been IN ALMOST ALL MASS SHOOTINGS even killing for a stupid video game?(florida mass shooter and YES WHITEs STUPID TRASH AGAIN JUST LIKE YOU), so you know now in your little dumb brain, crime comes from ALL RACES. (but If I wanted to really make a point then I should say all whites should be exterminated for being child molester and sex offenders as jail are mostly full of this retarded white race who can not get laid and resort to pray on the weak and little ones )

      1. @Benitocsrmonaparada

        You might have an argument if what you’re saying was true. But it’s not.

        It’s true that a good number of school shootings have been white people, and true that the cases the media chooses to focus on are the cases with white perps and white victims, but let’s look at the big picture- the one that the media chooses to ignore and even rewrite when possible.

        In fact- from what I can tell, the only reason the TRUTH ever gets spoken about is when the journalist is trying to bring light on the issue as an injustice to black people who happen to be guilty for the majority of what are defined as ‘mass shootings’ in the usa. See example below.

        Mass shootings are defined as a shooting involving 4 or more victims.

        According to the New York Times over 80% of mass shootings up to 2016 involved black perpetrators and black victims. The point of the story was to say that these deaths didn’t matter as much and were being ignored in the mass shooting discussion. They are correct. But in the attempt to cry foul on behalf of black people the times admitted that black perps are responsible for the majority of mass shootings. Oops!

        Mother Jones magazine has tried to cook the books by discounting all mass shooting cases involving (usually black) gangs. By doing this you remove a huge number of mass shootings from the equation. By doing this you make an argument (a false one) that most mass shootings involve legally purchased guns. The math changes dramatically when you factor in the gang related cases.

        I normally hate snopes. Snopes is a leftist source but not even snopes can cover up the truth. in the following instance exposes the mother jones book cooking and these statistics relate to 2018. During a 6 month period near 160 mass shootings occurred (bet you had no idea!) but only a fraction of these cases were reported with ethnicity being noted. Ask yourself why? Out of the cases that did report ethnicity guess which ethnicity had perpetrated the most? It wasn’t white people and I would be more than willing to wager that if we knew the ethnicity of the total amount of cases it would be even more damning:

        A mass shooting is a mass shooting is a mass shooting, bottom line- regardless as to who what where and why.

        Keeping to the definition that a mass shooting is an event where 4 or more people are shot.

        The attempt to forward and dominate the gun control narratives is no doubt why this is being done. They don’t want to shed light on illegal guns being responsible for most mass shootings which actually could support gun ownership (being able to protect yourself and your family from bad people who have illegal guns and don’t give a shit what any law says might mess up the anti gun agenda).

        Sorry but the ‘white people do it too’ is an empty argument here. When you look at facts the bottom falls right out.

        The only way to change things is to face the truth.

        If you’re fat you don’t ignore it or you’ll just get fatter. If you want sustainable change you have to acknowledge and address that there’s a problem and take the right action such as healthy diet. Denial will never work.

        If you give a shit about black people you won’t deny what’s going on in black communities. A lot of mass shootings for one.

        Lazy thinkers eat up propaganda

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          1. You didn’t understand the post from I Program Myself at all. He didn’t say anything “dumb as fuck” and he didn’t say you were fat. You just don’t grasp the language? I’m not sure where you’re from so that’s a question. But overall, you didn’t grasp the comment.
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          Relax, Ben. No need to get all steamed up!

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          2. The Brigham Young football team heavily recruits in Polynesia. So, the Samoan guys who land a football scholarship get a university degree with four years of exposure to that bullshit.

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        1. Well I guess you’re right. but my head is cool enough to prevail . dam I’ve survived living amongst Negro scum and other white retarded violent trash all my life.
          But I would like to say that not all Brazilians are trash scum. probably like 98% of the population is though.
          Some years ago a Brazilian guy in a motorbike repair shop in London did me a good turn by repairing a puncture on my rear wheel and didn’t even charge me. And also Lucas Moura who plays for my Team , Tottenham Hotspur just scored two great goals to demolish the red Manchester United heathen scum tonight. so there’s another good Brazilian. Top man.
          Anyway good advice. ‘cooler heads prevail’. i’ll try to remember that. Thanks

          1. Oberleutnant it is disgusting what has been done to london, all thanks to the chosenites and their truly evil genocidal plot, the coudenhove plot if we are too get more technical about it. its horrifying what they have done to the UK and i think honestly now people are manifesting a civil war in their minds as they know its inevitable at this stage.

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          4. Oh it is too true, Seraphim!
            And yes Haydolf youre right, but it’s not just London but all over the white world, we are on our death bed as a race. needs to be war soon. That will sort things out one way or another. It’s the only way now. There will and can not be any kind of peaceful transition now. it’s far too late.

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    1. You’re right about poor woman, probably worked as a street whore. earning a dollar a day for a full on all day nigger gang fuck.
      it wasn’t an horrific death. it was an absolutely painful and terrible and brutally horrific death. but no more than the skank deserved. she got perforated proper, and sent on her way to the paedophile and nigger rapist filled heaven.
      And of course they won’t be caught. this is Brazil.

          1. Yes, they were White trash. The same White trash that inhabits that part of the country to this day. And I hate White trash as much as niggers. But they were no relation of mine. Jews imported a lot of field niggers into the U.S. as well, but that is largely glossed over.

      1. Hey, Captain Douche, look at the surrounding area…dry. Still blood on the corpes and the clothing is dry as well. Oh yeah…and Captain Douche, decomposition starts within minutes of death and the body doesn’t even have maggots yet… which can eat over half of the body in a week.

        Did you get teased under another name so in retaliation you decided to start out anew? Get back at anyone who upset you?

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          1. Lol, I don’t know what gives, Skipper. I’m like a fuckin’ troll magnet. I need to buy some sort of repellant. Or maybe Mark could give me special access to put them in timeout 😉 I did notice soon after his dumbass comments, either one of the mods or Mark himself put his comments under moderation. I had to laugh at that shit. 😀

        1. Hey, don’t we all? Keep ya head up Niks, glad you’re doin’ ok. How could I forget dae Queen? (that meme is dead af, lol) Sphinxy Cat and I were certainly glad to see you back. Keep Mark busy with that content you find, please. 🙂

          1. I’m in that looking for content .. you are very kind, it is true that it gets difficult sometimes but always with my head held high and trying my best 🙂

          2. Nah SS, pretty sure you’re thinking of that Swedish kid, Nicolai (I think that was his name) haven’t seen him for a while, come to think of it.

  1. So many as sick fuckers in Brazil the state of the body is reminiscent of a Jack the Ripper victim. Its a shame because the country has some amazing environment and nature from diverse rainforests to open dry desert. The country has been hijacked by a brain dead populous and I guarantee that if Cocaine didn’t exist the country would still be a booming tourism economy. And It is only going to get worse the people of the south are poor and depend on the coca harvest and the drug gangs grow ever powerful with the united states addition to narcotics, Guns go down drugs go up simple. Where ever there are drugs and poverty the people are going to murder each other .

    1. I’d say the booming drug trade is more of a symptom than a cause. The cause of this symptom are retarded socialist policies in Brazil that foster corruption and plain economic negligence. A place where a fucking minor can be a prolific serial killer and never put a foot in real jail, become of age, chill and recruit younger fuckers to do his dirty business, renewing the cycle of filth.

      Same thing with fucking Mehico, which boasts a strict gun control program yet somehow is notorious for the shootings that take place there. The judicial system is ridden with corruption and jail is a joke, since the most a fucker can get is 25 years, and until recently, there was no death penalty, but who knows if the next commie president will revert it. Both countries much rather protect the criminal than be fair to law abiding citizens.

      1. With no prospect of possible life sentences serial killers with body counts in the hundreds get caught, serve 15 years and are let out. They disappear and keep on killing with little fear of the
        slap on the wrist repercussions. We need more executions for repeat killers and serial sex offenders.

    1. This is the consequence of equating the penalties of rape with those of homicide. Today in most countries, depending on the aggravating circumstances, a rape will send you to jail the same time as a murder.

      Given this situation, any intelligent killer knows that his best option is to kill her. If he is caught his stay in prison will not be much longer but, in the other hand, his chances of not being caught will multiply exponentially.

      This is the result of applying feminist laws. Feminism is the worst enemy of women, although, unfortunately, most of them do not understand it.

  2. The arm on the first seconds show her arm was bent like she was being held down you can see the elbow clean but her forearm and bicep bloody. Am guessing two killers because the wound that slashed her belly had a different angle than the wounds on her neck and chest.

          1. Lol! Nah, I was just teasin’. I think the pale skin suits you well. 🙂 … Just don’t try and bite my neck, I’ve got garlic on standby… Wait, on second thought, I’ve changed my mind, you can bite it. 😉

  3. Top Murder Rates By Country
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    1 El Salvador 108.64
    2 Honduras 63.75
    3 Venezuela 57.15
    4 Jamaica 43.21
    5 Lesotho 38
    6 Belize 34.4
    7 South Africa 34.27
    8 Saint Kitts and Nevis 33.55
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    10 Trinidad and Tobago 30.88
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    111 Niue 3.07
    112 Cook Islands 3.06
    113 Tunisia 3.05
    114 Uzbekistan 2.99
    115 Fiji 2.97
    116 Sri Lanka 2.91
    117 Bhutan 2.75
    118 Montenegro 2.72
    119 Mauritius 2.71
    120 Georgia 2.68
    121 Bangladesh 2.51
    122 Libya 2.49
    123 Armenia 2.45
    124 Azerbaijan 2.45
    125 Myanmar 2.42
    126 Albania 2.28
    127 Nepal 2.27
    128 Syria 2.23
    129 Seychelles 2.15
    130 Vanuatu 2.13
    131 Jordan 2
    132 Belgium 1.95
    133 Sierra Leone 1.92
    134 Malaysia 1.92
    135 Cambodia 1.84
    136 Bulgaria 1.8
    137 Malawi 1.78
    138 Kuwait 1.78
    139 Ghana 1.7
    140 Canada 1.68
    141 Finland 1.6
    142 Kosovo 1.6
    143 Macedonia 1.59
    144 France 1.58
    145 Vietnam 1.52
    146 Saudi Arabia 1.5
    147 Bosnia and Herzegovina 1.5
    148 Romania 1.49
    149 Hungary 1.48
    150 Tajikistan 1.44
    151 Algeria 1.37
    152 Israel 1.36
    153 Nauru 1.31
    154 Cyprus 1.29
    155 Slovenia 1.21
    156 Sweden 1.15
    157 Serbia 1.13
    158 Oman 1.06
    159 Morocco 1.05
    160 Denmark 0.99
    161 Australia 0.98
    162 Portugal 0.97
    163 Malta 0.96
    164 Tonga 0.95
    165 United Kingdom 0.92
    166 Iceland 0.91
    167 New Zealand 0.91
    168 Slovakia 0.88
    169 Croatia 0.87
    170 Maldives 0.85
    171 Greece 0.85
    172 Germany 0.85
    173 Taiwan 0.82
    174 Italy 0.78
    175 Czechia 0.75
    176 China 0.74
    177 South Korea 0.74
    178 Poland 0.74
    179 Luxembourg 0.72
    180 Burkina Faso 0.71
    181 Switzerland 0.69
    182 United Arab Emirates 0.66
    183 Spain 0.66
    184 Ireland 0.64
    185 Madgascar 0.62
    186 Netherlands 0.61
    187 Palestine 0.6
    188 Norway 0.56
    189 Bahrain 0.54
    190 Austria 0.51
    191 Indonesia 0.5
    192 Brunei 0.49
    193 Japan 0.31
    194 Singapore 0.25
    195 Andorra 0
    196 San Marino 0
    197 Liechtenstein 0
    198 Monaco 0
    This page was last updated on January 11, 2018.

      1. Monaco, is a sovereign city-state, country and microstate on the French Riviera in Western Europe. France borders the country on three sides while the other side borders the Mediterranean Sea.
        Monaco is located close to Italy, it is the second-smallest and most densely-populated sovereign state in the world.
        Monaco is known as a playground for the rich and famous, due to its tax laws. In 2014, it was noted about 30% of the population was made up of millionaires.
        Monaco is a principality governed under a form of constitutional monarchy, with Prince Albert II as head of state.

    1. Very interesting and thorough. Although apart from the actual figures, it’s not something that we are already unaware of. With that being the mongrel and negro nations and low average IQ races, dominating the top of the list.
      The best country for low murder rates and low crime in general is undoubtedly Japan as it has a very large population, whereas the last four on the list have very tiny populations.

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      1. lol how is it ridiculous? Bohoo cry me a river. Don’t expect members here to show an ounce of remorse towards living or dead. You must be new here. And what if I were to say I wasn’t an American?

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