Corpses of Two Children Who Were Abducted by Organ Traffickers

Corpses of Two Children Who Were Abducted by Organ Traffickers

The picture above depicts two small children – a girl and a boy – who were abducted by organ traffickers and dissected, to have their organs resold to wealthy clients.

I got the pictures along with the information regarding organ trafficking in Malaysia, though I was unable to verify whether that’s where the victims were abducted.

According to the info I got, there are organized transnational criminal Jewish gangs, who infiltrated Malaysia and routinely abduct children for black market organ trafficking.

I was told that because Malaysian children are well-nourished and well-fed, they are at a low risk of bacterial infection, and that makes them popular with organ traffickers. In general, the traffickers abduct children aged 6 to 10 years old. Kidney, liver and heart are usually the most common organs among buyers, and fetch between 40,000 to 100,000 Ringgit ( about $9,500 to $23,700 US).

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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101 thoughts on “Corpses of Two Children Who Were Abducted by Organ Traffickers”

      1. I agree, and it could be easily done if it’s in cooperation with the Human Genome Project. They have billions of samples already, just do a swab and send it in. It wouldn’t take much to develop a donor/recipient worldwide database, either. But alas, it requires money and huge cooperation among governments so don’t hold your breath.

        1. Fuck Karma.
          Logically, if there is a God out there, those abductors are in serious shit for all eternity.

          Now possibly, there is no God, in which case nothing happens to them. But if there is one, it just ain’t worth it to do this inhuman shit.
          Personally, I’d rather starve to death than kill someone in order to live. Even if there is no afterlife, and I lost my earthly life, at least I didn’t lose my fucking humanity.

    1. I question the validity of the story, too. Wouldn’t adult or adolescent organs be of greater value? Organs from a donor child can pretty much only be implanted in to a similarly-aged recipient, right? While undoubtedly some wealthy parents would pay anything to get their child the healthy organ needed, I would suspect the far greater demand would be for organs harvested from older healthy individuals whose organs have matured and are of a proper size compatible with the recipient.

      The sewing up is also strange, as others had noted. If it were me out there harvesting organs, I wouldn’t even bother spending the time to sew up the cadaver, let alone leave it behind as evidence of the crime. I’d have dug a hole somewhere or in some other manner destroyed the evidence of the crime.

      1. I agree, the closed stitching raises questions. and for a professional group seems odd. Since most of this stuff would have to be done under very controlled conditions or the organs would just fuck up and die, it would need to be done in a surgical type setting where also the body could be disposed of in a discreet manner. whole thing seems odd

      2. I doubt these are the result of organ trafficking. If you look at the male child, it looks like he has multiple stab wounds. Also, the incisions are poorly done for “professionals” to have done it. In my opinion it seems more like these children were the victims of attempted murder and the stitching was someone’s attempt at saving the little buggers.

        1. ok here’s my two cents … the traffickers have to at least try to make it look legitimate … and to make the transplant a success they need to do it responsibly in a real hospital … and the recipients need to belive that the donors were also legitimate …and to keep the ruse going they run the bodies through the full surgical gambit …so the children were killed or made to look murdered as victims and donnors all…and the only ones who know of the crime are the ones who stole the children to begin with …human life means very little over there…those poor poor things

  1. If taking their organs is going to kill them anyway and you’re going to dump their bodies somewhere in a plastic bag, why bother sewing them back up? Is that their way of showing respect or something? Fuckin murderers!

    Almost looks like the one of the left mighta suffered more than the one of the right, considering he’s a lot more bloody. But I would assume they have ways of making the child unconscious or something during the savage organ stealing.
    Just fuckin terrible.

    1. I was wondering about why they bothered sewing them back up too, but I really don’t think it’s about respect. Probably something more like sewing them back up makes it easier to not get blood on the car seats or something

  2. Organs have a very short life span. Everything has to be spot on perfect before an organ(s) is harvested. Blood type, size, a full donor work-up, actual condition, etc..
    Then, and only then can the process begin by having all of the recipients of the same blood group prepped and ready to go. Heart, lungs, pancreas, intestines, kidneys, skin and tissues. For best yield, you would need a transplant center that had at least 14 transplant dedicated operating rooms (assuming both the boy and girl were done at the same time). Does that even exist in Malaysia? Does 7 exist?
    Then you would need one very sick SOB to off the donors in a sterile environment in such a way that none of the organs were harmed in the process and have 14 unethical transplant surgeons (a highly trained specialty) willing to put their 20 year career on the line to do the dirty deed.
    This (transplant scenario) all sounds like the urban legend about the guy that wakes up in a bathtub full of ice in a hotel room in New Orleans with an incision from a removed kidney and a note on what to do next.
    I think this is all bullshit, because one would make way bigger incision if you were harvesting multiple organs, and why sew them back up?
    I think this is a prep for a funeral after an autopsy from a crime scene. Notice the boy has knife puncture wounds which would not be the way to harvest organs for money.

    Jes sayn’……..

    1. Yeah that’s actually a good point, might be for a funeral but they’re laying on the ground which makes it questionable. However I did notice the puncture on the left kid. As my comment above, I was just saying why bother sewing them up? But also, if it’s true and is for organ trafficking, the people stealing the organs don’t give two shits about blood type, organ health, desease, etc, they just want the money of course. They get their money and the wealth people that pay for those organs to be put into their sick children are just doing it in hopes that it will all be okay in the end. But chances are the children die anyways just the death ends up being specifically from the fucked up organs. Yah know? Such a sad world we live in.

      1. @Kira
        I too saw the ground. Overcrowding, logistics, dropped, whatever, they are dead anyway.
        Doctors want a good outcome. Without proper blood group, it will never happen. And if the parents are so rich, send the kids to an ethical country for the job. Just a hack doctor cannot preform transplant surgery, even the simple ones. Patient will die on the table. How is the hack going to tell the bereaved parent JuLin just croaked. The (rich) parent can pay for a hit man for both the kidnaper and the hack.
        The bodies here are yet to go to the mortuary (if it’s an open casket) or public crematorium.
        You are right, a sad world indeed.

    2. @Wally Not saying you’re wrong. But objects can be sent around the world in hours. When it comes to implanting organs, only one set of surgeons need to be criminal. The group implanting don’t need to know where the organs came from. And there are rabbis in Israel who have claimed that Jews should be able to harvest organs from gentiles, whenever they need them. Plus finding unethical doctors is easy. Almost all of them are unethical when offered enough money. Just look at abortion clinics. Babies survive abortion all the time. But are then put in rooms to starve to death, for fuck sakes. Or stabbed in the back of the neck with scissors. Unethical, immoral doctors, abound.

    3. @callmewally Jews have been harvesting organs and trafficking them around the world for a long time. This New York Times article from 2009, of rabbis and mayors getting caught selling organs, shows Jews have been involved in this crap for a long time. Also in 2009, largest daily newspaper in Sweden Aftonbladet published an article by veteran photojournalist Donald Bostrom, containing evidence that Israel had been harvesting internal organs of executed Palestinians for a long time.

      Recently, an Israeli Jew was caught profiting from tragedy by trafficking organs of Syrian refugees. This article by Israeli Haaretz, which is only a few days old, talks about 3 Israeli Jews arrested on suspicion of organ trafficking. Even heavily pro Israel New York Times had to admin “Disproportionate Role” of Israelis in world organ trafficking.

      Jews really harvest organs around the clock, and already have mechanisms in place to preserve the organs until a buyer is available. They don’t try to time anything, they just harvest organs whenever the opportunity presents itself.

        1. Do nationals of states other than Israel engage in organ harvesting and trafficking. Most certainly so. But every investigative research into organ trafficking proves that Jews, in particular Israeli Jews, are overwhelmingly the vast majority of organ traffickers. Not even otherwise pro Israel mainstream press can deny that, which is evident from multiple reports, some of which I linked in my previous reply.

          1. Your desperate attempts to whitewash Jewish crimes are not gonna get you very far here. This is Best Gore. You can hoodwink just about anyone, but not SOBs. We’ve been watching what goes on around the world for 8 years. No shill on damage control has ever succeeded at fooling us here at Best Gore. Attempting to silence the site by holding me hostage for 3 year at gunpoint by police subservient to the Jew didn’t work either.

          2. You were there? You saw Jews? No you didn’t, you read a book. But if it is true then Jews are smarter than everyone else in the world. (Unless you missed it, I’m a Jew).

    4. nobody has to know where the bodies came from… you make up a story… assuming all else i on the up and up …nobody else needs to know …often times they just show up at the hospital with said procured organs packed in ice ready to go…a very elaborate sceme

  3. probably drug traffickers hiding drugs in them, and that is why they would saw them up…..
    I think the poster is naive at best if he thinks this has anything to do with organ trafficking, or a pedophile, necrophiliac , who gets off at posting nude dead children, sick no matter what way you look at it, why have you not covered the private parts, is that not illegal?

    1. @plexus I find your take on this unusual. The site shows real life events and though it’s sad, children are maimed and killed every day. Their story is as important as anyone’s. Why should their circumstances be censored as if nothing happens to them? I actually wasn’t aware of this market for children’s organs and now I’m aware and I can actually care that it happens. Hiding the truth is the farthest thing from actually stopping it. As far as the sex organs, I honestly did not notice that a dark filter rather than a opaque circle was used until you pointed it out. I don’t find it sexual or gross. If anything, it cuts straight to the heart how young and undeveloped these people were and makes the story quite sad.

          1. … people like that cunt who complain about children this children that and make it all sexual are obviously covering something theirselves. to most its just dead children and like plaster said its just a body thats under developed, then you get the ones who get all in a rage and then accuse the writer of deviance. are they feeling bad about theirselves maybe? are they the ones with the sickening thoughts and thats why they project it to others? its like either mark or could have been obli at the time said .. what a perfect way for a pedo to get close to its subjects by becoming a police officer/detective on a pedo case, all them photos that said officer/detective can mull over all at the same time coming across as the noble one. a true chameleon. so you who scream craziness every time a child appears on this website maybe its you who are the chameleons. get off marks back you cunt.

  4. I was very surprised by the low sticker price of organs, if this is accurate. $10,000 is something most regular Americans could swing. I would think if the “wealthy” parents had the connection and had no heart for anybody but their own child, this would be a huge market. And it is possible to move items quickly. Even in the US, FedEx gets a package from New Jersey to Arkansas (approx. 1200 miles) in 9 hours for $40. Although I doubt traffickers would use a commercial transport.

    1. I don’t think $10k is an end buyer’s price. Rather that’s what raw organ providers fetch. By the time the organ makes it to the end user, the price will likely compound as a smuggler/trafficker needs to be paid, surgeon who will put it in needs to be paid, and who knows how many more people need to be paid.

      I’d think it’s no different from drugs – Colombian farmers who manually plant, grow and harvest coca deep in the remote rain forest earn $1.30 per kilogram of coca leaves, which if you consider that you need around 500 kilograms of coca leaf to produce 1 kilogram of cocaine base, then the initial cost for a kilo of cocaine is around $650, give or take.

      But to buy cocaine from dealers in the jungles in Colombia’s interior, it will cost you around $2,000. The price goes up to $7,000 at Colombian ports, up to $10,000 in Honduras and Guatemala, and $12,000 in southern Mexico. By the time it make it to border towns with the USA, the price rises up to $16,000, and it will fetch around $25,000 wholesale on the street in the United States, depending on location.

      When trafficking illegal contraband, price can easily grow 40 fold between the initial provider and the end user from the west.

      1. @happy I’m understanding you now. Basically the second an organ is harvested it’s worth the low-end price. Then of course all you mentioned. I’m assuming a surgeon would take A LOT of cash. I feel stupid looking back at my comment and thinking that could possibly be a final price. Thanks for the brain zap, lol. Makes much more sense now. This topic is fascinating although it’s sad.

        1. it all depends on how BADLY the end purchaser wants to live …compounded with how long youve been on the real doanner list and how badly do you realy want to live ???….yes i realize i said that twice but that IS the real question is it not ??

      1. to the filthy jew, all non jews are a commodity. money is the root of all evil and this story is an example of that evil at work. the slave trade, sex trade, organ trade, etc are all jewish run businesses. if you are an organ donor, you are allowing your organs to make money for a jew. i hope this clears things up for you.

  5. I doubt this story. Malaysia(/Singapore) is one of the richest countries in the world. And has also one of the tightest law and regulation systems. Life standards are about 10 x higher there than the average of USA, or Europe. Even burger-flippers drive a Lambo there ;o)

    I could believe it, if this were China or N.Korea.

    And “jewish gangs”?? What’s up with that? I don’t understand that. Or is it a typo from the author?
    There are not many jews in Malaysia. They come from Israel.

  6. Lets put in perspective. 2 young kids taken, kept alive for a few days for their organs, one dr opens the kids up, another more highly trained removes the organs, and the least trained dr of all sews up. But then they had to make it look like something else, with the boy? the stab wounds, to me look more like small incisions, just because they do not look very deep.

    Also the boys body looks to be in worse shape than the girls, overall. Makes me curious what really happend during the final hours

  7. Human beings have and always will plumb the absolute depths of depravity if there is financial profit to to be made. Nothing, absolutely nothing whatsoever is off limits, as seen here.
    Of course, it would be nice to think such things don’t go on, but alas, many humans are driven by an insatiable hunger for monetary gain, which can only lead to corruption and unethical behaviour.
    And let’s not forget. Without the market, the product wouldn’t exist, but, the market, in this case, is created by the most unscrupulous individuals one could possibly imagine.


    1. not necessary a “financial” profit. but just profit.

      tell a 5yo child that if he blow himself with a bomb at this place he got a candy and see his mother. he will do it.

      tell a 30yo mother to kill her childs and husband for clean her bills completly, she will do it.

      tell an 80yo dude to kill his wife for be allowed to fuck an 12yo teen girl, he will do it.

      they are always crazy peoples around the world. not only dangerous for money, but dangerous for their needed, and some vile peoples know exactly how to use this as advantage.

  8. Violence or exploitation of children is one thing I can’t stomach. This is too fucking much. Like that Brazilian Bitch who mutilated her dead son, there is some truly disgusting shit out there by what we have to refer to as “people”. Internet is the unfiltered beauty of this place, but the gamble is how it also unveils the sickest and reprehensible of scum.

  9. how did they die ?
    the boy look like get shot in the bust with bullet, the girl look pretty clean… shot in head ?

    i bet for good organs, you need to die faster, without stress and without anything that can destroy organs like poison or else (so no strangulation or other way like that that can damage organs)

  10. This is so beyond horrific to me I can’t help but shudder. Horrible-beyond criminal-whoever engages in this depravity. And how the fuck would someone know that its Jewish monsters doing this?? What a bunch of horse shit that is. Most likely a bunch of fucking rag heads. Regardless- this story totally sucks even if it is reality. And why the fuck did they bother to sew them back up? Gee, how considerate.

  11. That’s just fucking ridiculous. Children? These people have no fucking soul. I pray they burn in hell and have to relive the things they have done to those innocent lives they took… fucking just pissed me off

  12. Arms chopped off i can laugh at, heads cut off and dropped on concrete i can watch all day..I love the sound the skull makes when it hits the concrete lol but kids..can’t handle seeing that shit

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