Corpse of Woman with Gunshot Wound in Forehead Washes Up on Shore

Corpse of Woman with Gunshot Wound in Forehead Washes Up on Shore

Corpse of Woman with Gunshot Wound in Forehead Washes Up on Shore

Somewhere in South America, presumably in Colombia, a corpse of a half naked woman washed up on shore. The corpse seemed rather fresh and had what looked like a gunshot wound on her forehead.

For a supposedly Latin woman, she had quite the looks. In the sea of common Latin landwhales, she must have stood out like a sore thumb. I wonder if that was her demise.

Props to Best Gore member @lindalovelace for the video:

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    1. @sick_fuck

      It’s not uncommon to think that an exit wound must be larger than an entry wound; the size of the wound is immaterial; it’s the lack of a margin of abrasion that distinguishes an exit wound from an entrance wound.

      Exit wounds may have small marginal tears caused by the bullet pushing the skin outward and may also have an atypical appearance. e.g. in a shored (reinforced) wound where the skin surface is supported by a firm surface e.g. a floor, wall or even a tight leather belt as the bullet exits.
      This is the exception to the rule that only entrance wounds have an associated margin of abrasion.

      Exit wounds can appear round, oval, slit-like, stellate (star shaped) or crescent shaped i.e. exit wounds can take any shape whether small or large.

      Switching to entrance wounds. These may be irregular in shape and may have tears at the margins. This type of entrance wound usually occurs when a bullet loses the spin imparted to it by the rifling in the barrel of the gun. Instead of traveling in a tight spiral, the bullet begins to tumble as it strikes the body often imparting a D-shaped appearance to the wound.

      Atypical entrance wounds are also associated with weapon malfunctions, defective ammunition ricochet or passage of the bullet through an intermediate target e.g. a window, before it strikes the body.

      Finally, an atypical entrance wound can occur when the muzzle of a gun is in contact with the skin over a bony surface e.g. the skull. On firing discharge gases from the muzzle are forced into the wound along with the bullet. These gases expand into the subcutaneous tissue causing the skin around the entrance wound to stretch and tear. The tears or lacerations radiate out from the central defect giving the wound a stellate appearance.

      1. so she was shot in the forehead ,that obvious ,the odds of exit wound leaving such a bulls eye is was a action of hate and revenge,she saw the barrel and felt the cold steel.. partner,lover,stalker,ex,client,long list..seems she warmed one bed to many..shame thou..if she drifted out to sea least the sharks would be happy,

    1. @pickmynose123
      I Would have loved to Stroked her Breast meself brother. Cause if it was not for her wanting a bath first, i could have had a shot at those floating devices instead of her become the bloater/floater. 🙁

      But No,,,She had to have her bubble bath first me thinks, but she ended-up making the bubbles herself,,, Tragic as she had nice real-looking Horns-O-Plenty.

  1. Another useless woman who thank God, can’t populate this planet with more shit heads, or maybe the dead slut already had gremlins. At least they won’t have to witness their momma prostitute herself anymore to feed her crack and meth addiction.

      1. When you put aka after your old name you have to drop it. It’s like a transitional period so all your friends know. Now we all know so drop the hopingfornemesis and keep the Abraham etc etc. Set yorself free

        1. Really? That’s why thousands of people have died since the dawn of man due to Religious conflict. And today, thousands of Muslims are fighting and dying, destroying their nations in the name of their religion. Just look at Boko Haram in Nigeria, or ISIS and the Taliban in the MiddleEast. Brazil statistically has one of the highest amount of Catholic followers, yet Brazil is one of the primary countries of content on BestGore. Talk about “intelligence”

          1. Anyways, living lawless of the the devil, and your privileged behind would be of this commentary, you’d be the object of ridicule within a video uploaded to – Why argue, are you against God? So what are YOU doing?

  2. That is what faith is, but by analysis or tests people who are religious are more intelligent and/or have better capabilities than the rest of you. And I’d rather be faithful than not so whatever. Overall that is my preference.

      1. Up top it says “For a supposedly Latin woman, she had quite the looks. In the sea of common Latin landwhales, she must have stood out like a sore thumb. I wonder if that was her demise.”

        It’s the same in the horse world. The best looking horses cost the most and are usually purchased by women or idiots who have no idea how to train. The horse is too beautiful to leave in the pasture with other horses, too beautiful to stand in the rain without a stupid blanket, too beautiful to be corrected because they love them so much.

        The beautiful horse learns the wrong things and is virtually un-rideable, which then morons translate as dangerous. Dangerous horses are often times put to death.

    1. Tits are implants too. Go to 38 sec, pause a zoom in. The line under the tits are straight, and the tits look unnatural.
      She may have gotten that bullet after the guy copped a feel down there. I’m thinking tranny to all the guys saying they would like to fuck “her”, make that a dead tranny!

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  4. Break it up, Break it up, c’mon now, move a long.
    Miss, there’s no sleeping in the gutter
    stuff a tampon in it and walk it off, c’mon now

    The real tragedy is the flip flops being lost at sea.

    1. There’s some talk about she being a he because she has big feet, broad shoulders, adams apple, and I think she has fake tits, at 38 seconds you can see the straight lines under her tits. and they don’t look natural.
      Just gossip, innuendo, and trash talk. I should know I’m one of them.
      What do you say?

      1. @Dil Doe
        Man, you just killed it, lol.
        Still, shemales or female, either way she wouldn’t go out with a regular guy and as Mrx1992 wrote, that’s what ended her life. Regular guys don’t put a hole in your head, they are regular for pete’s sake.

  5. Hey, fuck you! We Latin women don’t all look like how you said. Don’t assume everyone’s look. Go ahead and stick to your stiff, no passion, no ass, no tits, pale white girls who don’t know how to have sex!

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  7. D: fk me m8….!! -_- .. she was a hot broad sigh … I ain’t playing .. like why must she leave us ? … and in that manner ? Ugh … some people just don’t know how to take care of they women tbh.. such beauty 0.0 and that rack galee!!!

    So, what’s up with all the hate on latin american women. I am not really simping on them or anything, do all people on here think they’re all fat and ugly?
    You guys are mostly right, but have you been there lately? I wish rape was legal, but that is a whole different conversation.

    1. Only the ugly and fat blokes on here think Latina women are the same as them because they know a beautiful women would never look in their direction. They would say the same thing about a blonde blue eyed beauty as well. They’re just angry at women and the world because they think they themselves are insignificant. Just ignore them……

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