Corpse of Young Woman Found in Coffin-Like Wooden Box

Corpse of Young Woman Found in Coffin-Like Wooden Box

In Atizapán, Mexico, a naked corpse of a young woman was found inside a coffin-like wooden box deposited on the side of a road.

The victim was estimated to be between 25 and 28 years of age. She bore no apparent signs of trauma.

Props to Best Gore member @crybaby for the pics:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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45 thoughts on “Corpse of Young Woman Found in Coffin-Like Wooden Box”

    1. Why Did My Fingers
      Have A Weird Smell On Them, Even After I Washed Them – Poem by Is It Poetry

      In vivid colour even now your to close before sleep,
      each young imagination still is.
      Death to me,
      even as a young child was the then pushing of my
      small finger in and out, thinking I touched it.

      An inch or two down into a fresh dug grave and I smelled it.
      The dirt was as clean as fresh driven snow, yet to my young
      mind as young as it was, it would like children do smell it.

      Children as a rule don’t have outwardly dirty thoughts,
      new Intel.
      On the news each day I then saw,
      children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren, naked
      all in my mind,
      as clean as the dirt that my young mind, could make them.

      Outside playing in my underwear as we did.
      Blown up and burning as only the children could smell them.
      Those few adult’s to me,
      as I saw them, never hid them, but flew a flag, I made them.

      Finger’s curling in, up towards the middle.
      Then being delivered up to the middle of nowhere, I then realized.
      That the soap that I vividly washed with,
      could not deliver me from, what went on around it.

      It was then that something inside my head snapped and all the
      colour was drained from my head.
      The culprit is
      I could not stop it.

      And it was latter I learned each night a succubus came.
      Paralyzed, that feeling that a dead body is climbing on top
      and have It’s way as thing’s such as this dreaming do.
      so I stayed away from the t.v. late at night, but the finger
      inside I still smelled it.

      Is It Poetry

  1. look at that tender flesh ! you probably still have a few days to fornicate with her and then why waste such soft and juicy looking flesh strip off the succulent bits from the buttocks thighs calves and breasts and have a big old solid family roast lots of meat vegetables and heaps of gravy. a tender woman with her succulent bits shouldnt go to waste in a cardboard box. to heck with it feed the whole street one cold winter morn ! then chuck the rest whats left to the local strays and collect the bones a few days later and discard them in a strong river current. then walk home having yourself a little sing song ‘Take me in oh tender woman Take me in, for heaven’s sake Take me in ohhh tender woman ‘

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