Couple Extracts Man from Trunk, Shoots Him and Runs Him Over

Couple Extracts Man from Trunk, Shoots Him and Runs Him Over

Couple Extracts Man from Trunk, Shoots Him and Runs Him Over

In an unspecified part of Brazil, a couple pulls up on a deserted street at night right in the full view of a CCTV camera, extracts a man from the trunk, and shoots him on the spot. The guy even hands the girl the gun so that she gets to experience the kill too.

With the man already seemingly dead, the couple gets back in the car and drive over his limp body back and forth. Here’s the CCTV footage of the murder:

And the POV video filmed by the girl. The shooting happens in the dark so not much is seen. Props to Best Gore member @natural-selection-2 for the vids:

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      1. its a similar mix of spaniards or portuguese + amerindians+africans, the difference being that in some latin american countries like Brazil or Colombia, there is a strong black african component in the mix, while countries like Chile, Argentina and Mexico have virtually no black africans element in the spanish + amerindian mix (mostly a geographical circumstance = latin american countries facing the Pacific are predominantly amerindian + spanish, since the slave trade happened in the ocean Atlantic route).

        1. yeah I was wondering…why are some Brazilians crinkly haired and dark like Africans and others long-haired and fair like Europeans. What does a native of Brazil look like?

          That explains it.

          Ah well, it’s the only country I know that has two very different stands of DNA running in parralel.

          1. That’s correct. Imagine the confusion for the Brazilians near the borders that mostly speak Spanish or only Spanish. I’m sure there has to be a few.
            Or do they have that Barranquenho thing going as well in some parts?

    1. A crime with cruelty was spotted by security cameras in the California neighborhood, in the northwest region of Belo Horizonte. In the images, a couple, aged 24 and 16, shoot six shots at Diego Adelson de Souza, 34, and then go over the victim in a car. After almost 24 hours of due diligence, the Military Police (PM) located the suspects on Sunday (9).

      1. Real man hahah,one more typical Brazil monkey with a gun better use a chainsaw like the cartels next time…And that ugly old monkey either was a peacefull guy or another peace of shit pedofile murderer jungle nigger from Brazil either way…nobody would miss him…The girl looks like 7 fuckin midget brazilian bitch most likely haha

      2. That was NOT what he said. What he said was actually ”this is what happen when you try to kill a woman, a worker” (as in ”a good person”).

        Also, DeathlyChink, you mispelled ”piece”. It’s ”piece” of shit, not ”peace”.

    1. While thats not the case, this isnt far from the truth.

      In 2006 me and my wife were express kidnapped.. at some point they stopped the vehicle and put me in the trunk.. 2 guys pointing guns at me.. Then we arrived at some house where they stole our stuff and got credit cards (which we had to give the passwords and we had to wait there until they could get the money).. then they put me and my wife in the trunk and drove for like 30 minutes until they stopped the car in a dirt road, took out all the 4 wheels of the car, and left us locked inside the trunk..

      Im glad nothing physical happened to us (i was hit in the head with a gun butt, but nothing major)
      Brazil is indeed a shithole

      1. Damn, man. I could almost feel all the terror you went through by reading your case. That’s fucked up. I just got robbed once, the dude was holding a gun, but I didn’t feel fear at all and at first I thought it was a joke. The bastard took only my cellphone, a pretty old outdated one just to say Haha, also my friend was with me and lost his phone as well. Robber left on a motorcycle. Happened in 2012.

        1. Same here. I would have definitely told myself and my wife to prepare for the worst and to be strong and to remember it is only pain and it will eventually go away because there would be close to no chance of being let go after all of that. My question is, were the robbers masked at all times? Or did he and his wife see the faces of their captors? If they saw their faces, then they are even luckier than first thought. Like really, REALLY fucking lucky because 99.9% of thugs that put you through such an ordeal and fully reveal their faces to you would never let you go free to be a constant threat to their freedom for the rest of their lives. Most put victims through such an ordeal for the very reason of avoiding being arrested or identified but I guess that couple’s thugs had a heart if they were masked or were really stupid if not masked. Thankfully the thug’s stupidity worked in the couple’s favor and I hope has also since led authorities to them.

  1. As a Spanish language cult speaker i hate so much the brazilian Language, they speak like a 4 years old boy, that language is a childish degeneration of the Spanish mixed with nigger accent What a horrible language for a horrible society.

  2. The victim is clearly off his head on magic monkey juice or whatever the fuck it is they shoot up with over there so my guess is that he got up to some junkie type bothering behaviour and no doubt tried to steal a phone or a purse or something as well to fund that fix and Brazil being Brazil it all ended the way it did.

    To think if niggers keep moving into white countries as they have been doing and coal burning mud shark whores keep breeding with them, again, as they have been doing Brazils will be popping up everywhere. Christ. What a thought. Nightmare fuel for sure.

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    1. From the first video, I thought the victim might have gotten softened up by a rough ride in the trunk. However, the facial expression in the second video showed an entirely different kind of softening up.

      Magic monkey juice? Sounds like bad shit. He was definitely buzzed.

  3. These people (if you wanna call them that) are such a nice couple, that God-Himself Should Bless Them both, before he releases his full fury on them, and throw them both Down In To Hell’s fiery Pit.

    This is where they will both end-up while burning over and over forever. And they will end up being in the company of their friends *(The Evil-Ones)* who put them up to this to begin with.

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  4. Man-O-Man,,, we could have just witnessed the death of Chad, or Tyrone for all we know. The skank could have ratted him out in order to save Her Sorry-Ass, Or her own head from A Bullet-Pumpkening by claiming that he was in the process of raping her when he walked-in on them both, yea? lol??
    Just A Thought, lol. 😉

  5. That guy was smart, because having her give him the final couple of shots,,, she is now as responsible for the murder as he was. Meaning that she could never turn on him and blame him for the murder when she delivered the famously-called Coup De-Grace. 🙂

    1. hes not that smart cause she can say in court he forced her to shoot the guy and she didn’t want to but was in fear for her life. And she could say she didn’t kill him cause the guy killed him first. She would definitely get her pussy pass when the water works start going in court playing victim.

        1. You’re 100% correct @DrDre. Women always get the lil wrist slap charge (6 mth sentence) while their male co-accused have the heavy force of the law brought down in a 20yrs to life sentence. The courts can never accept that women can be just a violent and cruel as men. The courts always want to believe her story, that she was forced to do these terrible things and she was in fear of her life! In this instance she even filmed the whole crime but despite this, she will be judged with sympathy and belief that a woman wouldn’t do such terrible things of her own free will. It’s pathetic……..

    2. Exactly what u was thinking, Dre. Random question, in all the time you’ve been on BG, do you know if the photo of the woman being roasted over a fire on top of every page here is real? I’ve been wondering abt that for a long time now but have never run across it on here.

          1. The horny asshole finally got a manly roo to tend to his outback? Great. He won’t be waxing faggotry all over here now.
            How’s life in the Maine Vein?

            Hey @desp Lions Suck! Pistons Suck! Tigers Suck! M and M Sucks! Kis Rock Is kinda cool. Little Caesars Sucks! The Auto Industry sucks but you are pretty cool.

      1. The Japanese face is cgi on top of what might be a real European female victim..I tracked the image to a strange website where there were several different females being one photo you could see a burnt corpse in the background.there were two men in a forest next to a shed bbqing the women

        The stocky guy and his friend seemed to be polish or eastern European..seems to be cannabals.

  6. The murderer says something along the lines of: That’s what happens to a bastard that wants to kill his wife (could also be a woman in general, hard to tell)
    Besides him telling her to shoot him three times as well, the rest is hard to understand with how fucked of a language Brazilian Portuguese is.

    1. Just to ensure even more blood and tissue gets trapped in the tyre tread for future forensic testing – not that they would need it because the silly bitch already clearly filmed their number plate and immediately stuck it up on Facebook as she boasts about her wild weekend……..

  7. Brazilian and South American society always comes across as savage. We don’t know why the execution was done here, what did he do etc, but you can see how he passed the gun to her to shoot in a way that suggests that she was getting revenge for something. Add to that the extreme prejudice shown as they ran him over, confirming maximum hate. Hopefully he wasn’t only guilty of not holding the door open for her at the Mall. Odd place to choose to do the deed too. You never know with the low Savage culture and society of Brazil.

    Can anybody translate what was said at the car Boot?

  8. Hahaha.. what a retards.. Ending up at the only remote and isolated dirtroad in Brazil overlooked by a crystal clear nightvision equiped CCTV camera. And stopping exactly right in front of it, for their action. Guess they were arrested 3 minutes later.

  9. This happened in the city of Belo Horizonte, Brazil. What impresses me is the extremely low IQ of brazilian criminals . The couple was caught after a few days, the girl is 16 years old, so in Brazil the maximum jailtime she can get is 3 years. (yes, THREE years). Her boyfriend is 24 and justified the murder telling the guy had an unpaid debt of R$ 8.000 (US$ 1500). The car was an Uber that the criminal “borrowed” from an uber driver he was acquainted with. The criminal told the Uber driver to report to the police that the car had been stolen . Of course, when police reached the Uber driver, he told them who the killer was, otherwise he would have been arrested. Which makes me think the Uber drive will be soon leaving Brazil, like, for instance, entering the USA illegally, or else he will be killed .

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  11. Found back info on this:

    It happened in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais. The victim was Diego Adelson de Sousa, 34 years old. The perpetrators, Alexandre ‘Mamute’ Amorim, 24 and a 16 years old girl, which name wasn’t revealed. They killed him over a R$ 8k(aprox. U$ 1.5k today) debt. Both were arrested.

    The location:,-44.0094822,3a,75y,33.69h,82.7t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sPkoE0UxEBgMJdE-DkzzCKw!2e0!7i16384!8i8192

        1. I shouldn’t be surprised, womens skinny pants are cheap and comfy and in poor countries its probably one of the more affordable options when it comes to that style. Sucks how much more mens clothes cost than womens clothing.

  12. Really smart. The type of car is on camera, victim’s face on camera, the murder is on camera, The date and time is on the clip, the location is known, tyre prints on the victim, blood splash on the car, DNA in the boot… the killers
    1. Must have friends in the Police Force.


    2. The fucker that they shot isn’t worth diddley and the Cops don’t give a shit.

    I wonder which it will be…

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