Couple of Sadists Butcher Killed Woman with Hammer and Blade

Couple of Sadists Butcher Killed Woman with Hammer and Blade

Couple of Sadists Butcher Killed Woman with Hammer and Blade

No backinfo, but possibly Brazil, methinks? The audio reminds me of a horror comedy job.

There’s a couple of real sadists who film themselves butchering a corpse of a killed woman. They hit her on the head with a hammer, and stab her in the various parts of face, including the eyes, mouth and nose, with a bladed tool of sorts. No pussy-passes in this one.

Props to Best Gore member @1purple8 for the video. Sorry, couldn’t find a version without the green sides:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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127 thoughts on “Couple of Sadists Butcher Killed Woman with Hammer and Blade”

          1. It will take me a few days to recover from the extra wide jungle ride, so I’ll have to boink her properly at the funeral parlor.

            I just hope she’s not in the coffin by that time. I get embarrassed in front of the clergy while they’re lowering the body.

          2. Ha! I’m sure they would applause you for goin down on her in such fashion. Just not sure you want the clap after the dirty deed is done.

          1. If that was just practice, these guys will be shitting down neck holes but the time they get to the murder super bowl.

    1. Yeah man I’m actually getting sick and fucking tired of women being murdered on here and they do NOTHING with the titties. Not even expose them! Do I really need to risk scanning the dark deep web to find such videos?

  1. It’s like two retards poking a pile of shit with sticks. We’ve already seen a box cutter down a live dude’s throat who had his face peeled of, I wonder what a hammer in the eye would do while she was still alive.

  2. I’l skip it. I mean, i opened video but when this freak start with eye thing i stop it.
    Don’t know about other brains here but mine remembers every pic of it for long time. It’s masochistic to watch.

      1. We will be prepared because we live with both legs on the ground.

        -When war start and end, mental hospitals will be full of sensitive Millennial freaks, SJW’s, Liberal Leftists, Antifa imbeciles and all Orwellian Sheeples who have their smartphones in their noses.

        Btw i believe no WW3 will happens because it is out of logic:
        Globalists have their properties everywhere. Big money. Big business and above all, they doing well heading in small steps toward Orwellian Planet. They have no time for themselves because many of those scumbags are old but they serve Satan who push all that. Time is not important, deeds are.

      1. It’s more brutal I would say… the guy is alive through a lot of the video while they are sticking random shit through his eyes and ears. The dudes just groaning on the ground and can’t do anything about it either…. God it’s awful. I’ll never watch it again.

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