Couple Shot Dead at Home in a Favela

Couple Shot Dead at Home in a Favela

Three gunmen stormed a house in Favela da Portelinha, located in the Cidade Universit谩ria area of Macei贸, state of Alagoas, Brazil and killed a married couple that lived there. Ana L煤cia da Silva sustained fatal headshot wounds and died on the spot, her husband Gordo was also shot in the head, but showed vital signs when an ambulance arrived and was taken to a hospital where he succumbed to injuries later. But because of that, he didn’t make it to the photos or the video.

The couple had reportedly just finished dinner and Gordo stood outside of their shack when the gunmen arrived. He quickly ran inside to hide but was chased and shot. His wife, who was sitting on the bed when her husband was killed likewise tried to escape but was quickly gunned down. In her hand, Ana L煤cia held what the reporter called “marica”. Jewgle translated it as “faggot”. Apparently it’s a specialty pipe used for smoking crack. The police believe the victim was smoking when she was killed.

The couple had three children, aged 3, 6 and 8 years. They were all in the shack when the gunmen arrived but the littlest one was sleeping and the other two managed to get out and seek refuge at the neighbors’. The couple had another child – 13 year old Weverson da Silva who was killed a month earlier. On the day of his death, Weverson was playing dominoes with friends and was shot and killed by a group of teenage robbers fleeing from a crime scene.

Given these fact, police assumed the couple was killed for one of two reasons – either due to their involvement with drugs by a rival dealer from the favela, or by people related to the murderers of their son because after he was killed, the couple promised revenge. Neighbors told police that the couple had just learned the identities of the killers and were planning to have them offed before the week was over.

Video report on the killing is below. Poor puppy lost his owners:

Gallery of a few photos:

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        1. Actually this is a favela, this is not in a city. Brazil’s life expectancy average is 73 years.
          In some areas it goes beyond 80. Definitely not on this one tough lol. You guys must understand that brazil is not small there some outstanding cities in all aspects (this includes security) and others one like this one.

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          1. @mama. Jesus must’ve been on one of those posts I didn’t read. on which article did he comment? I hate fuking lurkers who were once regulars. only @angry chicken is forgiven.

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  2. Usually it is the dog that will have a shorter life expectancy, however the da Silva is an exception to this rule and therefore anyone with the name da Silva should be banned from having pets due these circumstances otherwise there will be a rise in homeless animals.

    On a side note, why did this couple have a picture of the virgin Mary on their wall when they liked smoking crack, I wouldn’t have thought that it was a very devout hobby to have, then again they were a da Silva family and these poor bastards need all the blessings that they can get.

    1. briox, I think something was wrong with him. It looked like he was breathing kind of fast. And with all those stranger’s around, I don’t think he should have been just out like that! 馃檨

          1. GRAMMY’SGORE, yeah, I noticed it was a female, I still keep referring to it as “he” lol Strange, two people are dead, I’m obsessed with the dog. Animal lover.

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      Funnily enough Europeans who don’t speak English can spot American accents and they do a nasal sound to describe it.

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      2. @wicked mama, thanks for the input. When I was younger, I moved to Asia from the USA. To avoid standing out too much, I intentionally spoke with a local accent. Due to that and language shifting, I guess my American English accent is not as strong anymore. On top of that, I tend to be reserved in public. I guess if ever I go back, I won’t really fit in, haha.

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