Crack User Killed in Palmares

Crack User Killed in Palmares

I wonder if anyone managed to grab his pipe off him before he got whacked or if dude just died with it. Probably fell on it when he got shot and it broke. Tough luck I guess. This happened in Palmares, a city in Pernambuco, Brazil. An ex-convict and drug addict was shot dead at around 6 am on Wednesday July 06, 2016. His name was Ricardo Lucas da Silva, nicknamed “Macaxeira” – 19 year old. He lived in Santo Aleixo neighborhood and was killed in the same street where he lived. He had just left home to presumably do drugging. He was a crack user and was killed in a place where addicts go to shoot up.

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        1. All opioids are derived from the poppy plant. What makes opiates dangerous is poly drug use. As far as heroine goes, it’s usually cut with shit that harms you. End of the day it’s all the same shit. Just different levels of potentcy.

  1. To think that in French we have an expression that says : “He broke his pipe”. Translation : he died (violently, in general). First thing I could think of ๐Ÿ˜€
    No wonder he was a crackhead : that face! Just a look in the mirror when he woke up…makes you wanna die / be high!

      1. It’s like how people with Down Syndrome all have that same look only with crackheads it’s more of an empty look…kinda like the person is dead but their eyes are still open. The brain is still functioning but on a much lower level. Oh and lest we forget about the lowered facial features causing the forehead to look enormous.
        Sheeesh…why would anyone NOT want to be a crackhead?
        Btw, where ya been @Frenchie? Long time no see.

  2. Whats up with the hole in the ground? Ive heard the term “the seedy underbelly of town,” but never took it literly. Did he fall through? Or did someone just kick a hole in the ground then toss him in? Maybe he saw a shiney new pair of flip flops…. or some crack… or maybe this is where they are going to hide all the dead basers before the olympics??

    Also some coment about chasing a white rabit down a hole with alice looking for wonderland. RIP ya fuckin junky ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Haha thanks, ive got many more like it…. not the smartest dog. I had to spend several minutes just studying that picture. It reminds me of the old resident evil games when you would fall to your death and just lay there at the bottom of like a bigass drop or something.

        …. i guess hes on level 2 now….

  3. He struck a striking pose there in the first shot .Deep beneath I guess Macaxeira was trying to unearth some of that stuff he used to hide from the others .
    Either he slipped and fell to his death or somebody knocked him off.

  4. “Junk, fuck”
    A good night, the best in a long time
    A new friend turned me on to an old favorite
    Nothing better than a dealer who’s high
    Be high, convince them to buy

    What’s my drug of choice?
    Well, what have you got?
    I don’t go broke
    And I do it a lot

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