Creepy Druggie Bitch Killed by Police Diddles Herself After Death

Creepy Druggie Bitch Killed by Police Diddles Herself After Death

A 19-year-old female assassin and drug dealer was gunned down by police in Betim, city in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil during the early morning hours of February 3rd, 2016. Sarah Carolina da Silva de Souza, aka β€œCarolzinha”, was a known drug trafficker since the age of fifteen and wanted for the murders of at least five people. Police located her on the street where she fired at them from the back of a motorcycle with a .380. At least ten shots were fired before she escaped. An officer was wounded in the knee but no civilian injuries were reported.

Carolina was located soon after and exchanged more gun fire with the police and she was shot down. She was taken to hospital but soon succumbed to her injuries.

Shitty woman chose to accentuate her shitty life with even shittier tattoos. Yuck. Excuse me, I need a shower. I can actually see the herpes crawling on her.

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    1. Too many “shity tattoos” for a girl.
      Too many “shity choices” for a girl.
      Like not hiding that disgusting body.
      She deserved death for wearing that sports bra.
      And getting that cliche thug life tattoo.
      I bet that was a shity 380.
      I bet it was that bullshit Taurus one.
      Civilized folks do not buy shitty guns.
      We could afford reliable pieces.
      We don’t use are guns to get in shoot outs.

          1. The emergency responders tuck the hands into the pants so they don’t flop around. I have seen it in several videos on BG.
            ‘Thug Life’!?! Really?

          1. Hi Ellen Been looking around for ya all over the place .Glad to have found ya …cheers

            Well ! well !! She has got muck on her face a big disgrace kicking her can all over the place
            stereotypically a bad fucking ass while she lived and with all the tattoos to her ugly skin all that onlookers wanna do is to kick and jab her more .
            With her hands shoved to her groin I think she was pleasuring herself when the bullet caught and sniffed her life out in the act.

  1. If she was having a shoot out how did she die with her hands in that position ? The people at morgue have put them there for a laugh mind you feel no sympthay for her if she was responsible for murder of 5 people plus she better off dead her life was fukd anyway addicted to drugs no doubt disease riddled so no loss to society to loose a crack head murder …

    1. Her misfortunit kids might feel differently than you do,i think she was one bad ass women,the feminists should look at her as a god,if i could pick a way to go then i hope its like this women an not like a little shit cryin on a rope

      1. The way to go aint the issue the issue is she was a drug addict/dealer responsible for murder of 5 people so she aint no God and yea her kids have got the short straw loosing their mother but living that life she was always guna get wiped out at some point

        1. She looks rough and ready to me but she dont look like no drug user,she looks healty,i can see her bad ass tellin people what to do an shit,i can even see her bein a good mother,i can honestly say i cant see her as a junkie

          1. Agree I’m sure she was a good mother but come on man she looks like a user to me if she is selling and known murder and thug life tats etc ticks all the boxes for a user to me but hey we will never know but maybe she lived that life to feed her kids etc then it a shame but you go round selling drugs and murdering people you are guna get taken out

          2. She has ‘bags’ under her eyes that look like black eyes, that can be caused by lack of sleep. She was only 19, at that age you can go hard with the partying and still look ok. I think she was using.

          1. @Little Foot I can almost hear her humming as all of the synapses in her dying brain fire at once
            ? ?I don’t want anybody else
            When I think about you, I touch myself ??
            And the hair net, they thought she was going to pull through, didn’t want to get any hair in all those bullet holes.
            Like when they do lethal injections here in the US, the injection site is swabbed, like it matters. Maybe our Gore nurses can explain why they would worry about infection on a dead man walking?

          2. @BTR, that song is by Aussie group The Divinals, I saw them live a couple of times, lead singer Chrissy Amphlett (RIP) was really pissed on stage once, when I saw them, she had to be carried off stage, πŸ˜†

          1. Lol aww I’m sorry didn’t mean to gross you out and yea it would be a fair assumption to think she had most things wrong In her private parts makes it even more gross to think some would still have a go eughhhhh forget I mentioned last 2 msgs didn’t want to gross you out

      1. Ha ha ha @Little Foot you really got those words plucked outta my lips . I swear the way she has those hands of hers tucked in ……..I , for a moment thought she wanted it so bad ; as she nearly looked peaked up from that orgasmic lecherous stare of her’s .

      1. @Re-Pete, Of course, although she’s worse than a looney. She’s downright beyond possesed and deranged, it’s redonculous. from what i could translate from the brazilian news sites, she had even tried to kill her own brother! If that ain’t posessed or deranged, I don’t know what to tell you.

  2. Ugh herpes, even the word makes my skin crawl. That shit looks just as gross microscopically as it does with the naked eye.

    Those tats are phenomenal, the baby cartoon characters are a nice touch it goes nicely with the Thug Life.

    1. @Little Foot: I thought the fact she has braces on was a little weird – unless that’s her idea of a “grill”, lol. That one gunshot right in the middle of her abdomen looks suspiciously like a point blank wound (stippling). Betting the cops wanted to make sure she didn’t recover. Not that I care either.

  3. I’m glad I stayed in school and didn’t mess around with drugs and these breed of ‘fuccbois’ at that age. Gotta hand it to her however for a ‘thug life’ – the only life that makes you dead. I do not feel an ounce of sympathy for her, seems like she had it coming considering the way of life she took. I’m no perfect being but if I was into that kind of lifestyle I really would definitely see that coming.

  4. Wow guys not to be rude or anything, but GAWD she is ugly. I heard of ugly but she took it to a whole nother level (Fugly) lol.

    For being someone who is 19 girl looks like she is 39

    1. I’m not exactly a super hottie either but yes, she’s very unbangable. Especially with those hideous tattoos. Although I think her substance abuse destroyed her heavily. I just really gotta point out those hideous tattoos again. I can’t help it. It looks like one of those fucking Thai bedsheets because of those Disney characters. Goddamn. How the fuck can she even do that to own skin?!

        1. Hahahahaha! Smashing! reminds me of that Nickelodeon cartoons, The Wild Thornberries. Particularly of their dad. And pumpkins lol. Smashing Pumpkins πŸ˜€

          but thank you, though.

  5. Wow she was rough as fuck! She would scare me, 19female and wanted for 5 or more murders then the crazy has shoot-outs with cops, not caring if she kills a cop and what they’d do to her once they found her.
    You don’t see this much with females esp so young. She must have had one messed up life and seen and did some crazy shit.
    With all of that shit going on in her life, she was only ever going to end up been shot dead.

    1. @caca84 She’d scare the piss outta me too. Do you reckon she’d be able to hijack an american passenger jet just to get a pint across. I’m quite sure she would hold people hostage, break into homes somewhere in America, turn america into a 3rd world, drug fueled warzone provided she were able to get into the country unnoticed. The girl could have been capable of anything, up to and incuding taking Washingtone D.C. (White House)

  6. From what im reading, shes lived and died according to her principles, like a fucking thug, i dont agree with her choices, but coming from a violent place like that, dealing with corrupt cops like they are over there, i’ll say she lived and died like a fucking warrior, she showed way more courage in a day than some of you in a entire life , couch haters, wanna be nazy little scum, who are you to judge her anyway ?!

  7. Fkn women and tattoos, looks terrible, anyway, known drug trafficker? her family MAY miss her, but her victims will not, let the cunt rot in peace …..

    As for “Diddles Herself After Death” I’m sure the writer knows thats what they do with corpses on a str or gurney after death, they just tuck their hands in their pants to stop em floppin down the sides and aid with transportation

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