Crime of Passion – Wife Choked to Death by Husband

Crime of Passion - Wife Choked to Death by Husband

I know exactly what your first thought was after you had looked at the picture above – dude risked jail time because of that woman? But there is an even bigger mystery to this crime of passion – how was this woman able to score two dudes to sleep with at the same time?

Meet 32 year old Rúbia Ana dos Santos from the city of Pilar in the Atalaia municipality, state of Alagoas, Brazil (I know, where else, right?). This Ana Rúbia just allegedly got married when she was spotted by her husband passionately kissing another man. Needless to say, this upset her husband, who was only identified by the police as “Biroco” so much, he waited his wife out and choked her to death in a crime of passion. When his wife was lifeless, Biroco wrote on her belly with a ball point: “Gaera” which if my sources are not fooling me, is a slang word for a cheating wife, aka a woman who is in a serious relationship but goes out with another man when her husband is not looking (or when she thinks he’s not looking).

Given that there is a police report with known suspect, we can safely assume that Biroco was either caught or is subjected to manhunt. That basically means he is, or going to be in jail for a woman who doesn’t even look like she’s worth a fart in the water. Is it me who has high standards or am I simply unable to appreciate “real beauty”?

Portuguese speaking friends – help us translate the letters and confirm the meaning of “Gaera”.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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19 thoughts on “Crime of Passion – Wife Choked to Death by Husband”

  1. Thats a pretty shitty way to go..i know i’d be kinda upset if my dead body was found with bugers like that hanging outta my nose. But hey thats what u get when ur a cheating whore. Bitch was lucky to even get a man looking the way she did.

  2. hey fat chicks need lovin too, more cushoin for the pushin, they’re all pink on the inside, turn’em upside down and they’re all sisters, never miss a slice off a cut loaf,anyone else got any fat chick analogies?

  3. Johnson I am a fat chick and I do belive i’ll say what I want about the subject of fat bitches. And just so u know fat girl jokes arent all that funny. Bet ur johnson is tiny…men that really have big cocks arent so proud of it that they make it there screen name…what a loser. And if u knew how to read u’d realize I never even said anything about her being fat. Lol

  4. Thats fuckin awesome, u got my number on that one. I like how u call the girl from the picture a cheating whore and say she was even lucky to get a man looking the way she did and then admit that u look like just like her. HIPPOpoticrite? Talk about calling the kettle fat. My last name really is Johnson and my dick is huge but for your information, fat girl jokes are fucking hillarious unless u really are a fat chick. I learned how to read by studying the hyroglyphic symbols the egyptians carved in your fat fuckin back. I made a comment about the pic, i never even read what your shitty lame ass comment was so stop trying to start something between us. Let me know when ur gonna try to slam me again so i can prepare mentally for the onslaught of verbal brutality you are gonna bury me with. LOVE BIG JOHNSON

  5. I’m a fat chick and I thought your comments were funny Johnson… I’m definitely not the size of that lady though. I can’t figure out why he had to cut the word “Gaera” in half when he wrote it on her stomach. It looks like her gut would be big enough to fit the whole word on without cutting it into two lines…

  6. I will translate for you guys, but it doesn’t make sense at all.
    The first page’s writer is terrible and he/she didn’t wrote a single word with a correct grammar.
    The second page isn’t well wrote either but is legible (except for one word).

    First Page (black ink):

    ? ? create faith ? forgive me. If she were respectful .. wouldn’t be ? forgive me ? she cheated on me with Paulo ? with boss ? ?

    Second Page (blue ink):

    ?I saw everything in the field. You and that guy kissing. I was close to you, ?shiting?. Someone eles saw it. And that wasn’t the worst. Remember the day of Pilar’s party when you and your younger son and your neighbor went down … and after you went up home and after you went down alone. I want you to stand up wearing only panties at the kitchen’s door at 10 PM.


    Also, about ?gaera?. It is not a word. From my point of view this guy killed not only his wife, but the portuguese language as well. I spent almost 10 minutes trying to understand what this stupid man tried to say and I din’t come up with anything better than ?ja ?ra? (in portuguese, G sometimes have the same sound as J and judging my his incredible mistakes on the first letter I consider this interpretation as plausible). It that is the case, ?j? era? means literally ?already was?, used for the same purposes as done, acomplished, etc…

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