Crime Scene Aftermath of 1984 San Ysidro McDonald’s Massacre

Crime Scene Aftermath of 1984 San Ysidro McDonald's Massacre

Crime Scene Aftermath of 1984 San Ysidro McDonalds Massacre

When it happened on July 18, 1984, the San Ysidro McDonald’s Massacre was the worst one man mass murder in American history. The shooter – James Oliver Huberty – killed 21 people, including 4 children and an 8 months old toddler, and wounded 19. He was then killed by SWAT sharpshooter, bringing the total death toll for the day to 22.

Background on James Oliver Huberty

Born in Canton, Ohio on October 11, 1942, James Oliver Huberty contracted polio when he was three years old, which left him with a permanent walking disability. In the early 1950s, his mother, a religious fanatic, abandoned him by refusing to move to the Amish country in Pennsylvania. Raised by his father, he grew up lonely and resentful, a boy whose only company was his dog and whose only interest was in firearms.

In his youth, Huberty became interested in firearms and started using them. In 1962 he attended Malone College, a Jesuit community college, where he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology, and also earned a license to embalm after attending the Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science, although he did not get a job as an embalmer.

At the age of 23, at the institute he met a woman named Etna and married her in 1965. Having two daughters, Zelia and Cassandra, Huberty and Etna moved with their family to Massillon, Ohio, where he found his first job as undertaker. He also had a number of other jobs that he quickly lost.

The family then moved to Huberty’s hometown, Canton, after a fire completely demolished his residence, and there he became a welder.

Huberty and Etna had a history of domestic violence and both showed signs of violent behavior: Etna tried to instruct Zélia to physically assault a classmate during a birthday party and then threatened the same classmate’s mother with a 9mm pistol. She was later arrested for the act, but the pistol was not confiscated.

As a result of several violent incidents involving Huberty and Etna, the local police knew the family well. In 1983, Huberty was involved in a motorcycle accident that left his right arm contracting uncontrollably. As a result, he was forced to resign his occupation as a welder.

He later had legal problems after a failed sale of a six-unit apartment complex in Canton. Presumably, in response to the motorcycle accident, in 1984 the family moved to Tijuana, Mexico, but later moved to San Ysidro, a suburb of San Diego. There, Huberty became a security guard, but the job didn’t last long. His family was forced to move repeatedly to increasingly decadent apartments.

The Massacre

The day before the massacre, Huberty called a mental health center, but his last name was recorded as “Shouberty” and his call was not returned due to his declaration that it was not an emergency.

On July 18, 1984, on the day of the massacre, he took his family to the San Diego Zoo and then ate at a McDonald’s restaurant in the Clairemont neighborhood; it wasn’t McDonald’s that was going to be the site of the massacre.

Soon after arriving home Huberty reached the end of the line. “Society had its chance,” he told his wife. Hours later, Huberty armed himself with his weapons, dressed in camouflage pants and a black shirt. The wife asked him where he was going, “Hunting human beings,” he said.

During her interrogation, Etna gave no explanation as to why she did not consider denouncing her husband. She also cited the failed Canton real estate deal as the main driver of the massacre.

After visiting a Big Bear supermarket and a post office, apparently looking for places to commit his massacre, Huberty then decided to choose San Ysidro McDonald’s as his target.

As he was walking down San Ysidro Avenue with his weapons in sight, a witness saw him and called the police, but accidentally gave them the wrong address.

Meanwhile, Huberty entered the restaurant at about 3:40 pm and ordered everyone inside to lie down. When everyone did what Huberty ordered, he opened fire, injuring and/or killing many.

Seventy-five minutes later, 21 people were dead, many of them children, and 19 others were injured. A total of 257 bullets were fired by Huberty during the massacre. It did not stop until SWAT sniper Chuck Foster fired a shot that pierced a glass window and hit Huberty in the heart, killing him instantly.

Props to Best Gore member @smileusb75 for the crime scene aftermath video of the massacre:

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      1. I think that right around the time they banned full-autos for civilians although some other weak minded cuck-fag would have done some other massacre by now and they would be banned anyway. I feel sorry for the little kids even tho theyre tortilla weavers and future welfare recipients who the fuck can kill a baby like that? Because he lost job at mceedees what a weak minded pussy

        1. Hey Marvin you can still get fully auto weapons. 200 dollar tax stamp and you can buy them. The 1934 gun control act ushered in the tax stamp and most people dont do it because Feds are in your business big time.

          1. Yeah true that’s kinda what I meant. I’m not a gun scholar by any means but back then you could probably get an fa jewzi for 150$ I don’t know or an m16 for 300 now look the prices of those

          2. New machine guns is what I meant, the Federal gun ban of 1986 banned any sales of new “machine guns” from that day forward you’re right you can pay a tax stamp if you had that gun or the gun was produced before 1986, you’re an ffl and an sot and you live in a state where they are legal in most states t an average citizen can’t buy one without jumping through major hoops and paying 20x what the gun originally sold for

      1. Not exactly – but, not directed at you, “it is the economy stupid”, early Reagan years coming off of horrifically high interest rates and a very shitty economy thanks to Jimmy Carter – they were in Canton OH originally, probably one of the last areas to recover:

        Everything changed, however, in the early 1980s when hard times came to the region. The Babcock and Wilcox plant was badly hit and forced to shut down. “My husband was terminated on Nov. 15, 1982,” Etna wrote. “His world came crashing in around him. I immediately tried to sell the properties. The real estate person made a fraudulent purchasing agreement on the apartment house. My husband was very angry and disillusioned [sic]. Five and one half months later he got another job … [but he] was laid off again.” Huberty remained unemployed through most of 1983 and at one point, according to Etna, tried to kill himself. “He had this little silver gun in his hand

      1. We don’t have Popeye’s here….well, at least I’ve never seen one….so I don’t have to worry about being poisoned by them. 😀
        I’m a guy who likes fresh food. The only reason I have any kind of processed food in my house right now (mainly cans) is because the shit will hit the fan soon economy-wise and I just wanna make sure I don’t go hungry whilst they are restoring things back to some form of normalcy.
        Gold, silver, food, water, guns & ammo for defence…..or in the case of us Brits, sticks & stones, pea shooters, blowpipes & poison darts, bows and crossbows…..and that lot is just for my bedroom. The best one is the booby-trapped bucket of H2SO4 above the front door. Howdya like those apples, all you potential robbers of my foodstuff? Then we have honey and marbles on the floor in the hallway so if you do actually get in unscathed, you’re gonna be doing disco dancing impersonations as you try to keep your feet.
        See =>
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        We Brits don’t have guns so we have to improvise.

        But I digress. Popeyes? Never had the pleasure.

        1. Lol spectacular I can’t disagree rather I was only mocking Popeyes but telling the truth what they put in these sandwiches making people go batshit crazy.

          I’m also pretty stocked up with the ammo myself….. sadly I do go the Whole Foods lol God damn liberals

          1. I haven’t had Popeye’s since 2012. There are none around here or I would go everyday and my arteries would probably be pumping chicken grease. I loved that place.

            Chick-fil-A is good, but I haven’t had that in a long time either, since I was in Denver airport a few years ago. I think I would prefer Popeye’s. They both rock the mullet.

    1. True. They don’t even have the evil looking clown in the corner anymore.

      The milkshakes also taste flat nowadays whereas back in the 80’s they used to be chunky and hard to suck through a straw.

      I don’t remember there being any dead bodies slumped around the place though. Must have been an American thing.

      1. So you think it is tough that he murdered children? So you think it is ok to shoot leftist politicians just for the fun of it ,do you?

        If that was the case ,I would have assassinated most of the warring stealing leaders of the last forty years , who were almost all -Cuntservatives…

        Hey…come Swim with me …said the Sea ..


          1. Running time is not a reason for not posting something. The most common reasons that makes content unpublishable are existing watermarks from other sites, or general unsuitability for the site. I get more content that I can humanly publish, so what gets set aside and forgotten is unpublishable content due to reasons I mentioned. Publishable content tends to get published, although sometimes with a delay because a guy can only do so much in a day.

          2. I’m at work, got to get back to it. I’ll check back in in a couple hours. But can’t imagine why 15 min vid would be a problem – some of those ISIS videos were 10 mins of talking in Arabic before getting to ‘the content’. Hopefully you can email it, or them ( someone above mentioned there’s 2 ?). Any help would be appreciated. Cheers mate……

          3. @V.O.V
            Thanks for fast explanation. As I’ve mentioned a few times over the years, I can be a bit slow with the uptake so wasn’t 100% sure if you’re saying the port Arthur video has preexisting watermarks or you just haven’t got to it yet? I’m really hoping it’s the latter.

            On another note, last night on Australian tv the country was shocked by the outright gunning down of a young afghan farmer in Afghanistan by an Australian sas in 2015. Its a full on vid and the sas arrive by black hawk and jump off. They see a farmer in a field and let the dog off it’s leash, first farmer gets attacked by a German Shepard before soldier and his superior, who is the dog handler catch up to him. The young sas asks him his superior “do you want me to drop this cunt?” 3 times before just blowing this guys head off with 3 point blank shots. Caught by helmet go pro. Whistleblower now revealing daily cold blooded executions on his assignment. They calling it a war crime and they showed whole thing on Australian broadcasting corporation ABC TV for first time ever. Can u cut scenes out of a tv show? I can send you the link to ABC Iview (you know for catchup tv) if you would like? It may have a lil ABC watermark, not sure, but could check for you?? My email above. Cheers

          4. @biggerboat – my left nut is already in the mail to you ! Oh shit, I think I sent you my right one ?? Great now I’m gunna be nutless. Awesome – thanks heaps…..

    1. I feel the same way. I have my permit as well. It makes me feel terrible to see something like this, but I know it can, and still, happens. I try to avoid going out as much as possible. Even though I try to prepare for these kinds of possibilities, is it ever really enough? I could still become a victim like one of those people if certain variables in a situation are not factoring in my favor.

      1. Wash state is still a conceal carry and open carry state, they are now trying to follow California in the “no more than 10 round mags” law, this law goes in defiance to the 2nd amendment “no law shall be made”….. but you know how that goes , they do whatever they want until there’s a fucking civil war at the front door ….

          1. It’s coming man I can feel it in my gut ! That’s exactly why they want to disarm us ! I’ve been keeping a very close eye on the subject and much is being said about trying to use American citizens to disarm, many of our men wont go along with it so the government is planning a massive false flag and will most probably use UN troops or some other allied armed force. They already have tens of thousands of Russian troops sitting just south of the Mexican border , nobody knows why they are there but they have been sitting for the last year or so.

          2. Come on man! Russian troops south of the border! Who has seen them? Pics? Witness testimony? Sounds like just another beat -up by some loony fringe group to me.
            Disarming you? Sure ; your police ,elites and Pentagon have planned and will try for that . Yet I find it hard to believe they will use Russians or UN troops to do it.

            Give me more details if you can.

          3. That is exactly what zog wants divide and conquer is their deadliest weapon. Have you seen what these libtards have been saying in their debates that they are definitely taking guns away, I hate to say it unless Trump the ziopuppet wins, were fucked. Might be fucked anyways since he’s full of shit and really hasn’t done anything for 2nd amendment rights

  1. You know this is a hoax when the police handcuff the shooter and the shooter is dead. I suppose the police did that for their safety, like the shooter was going to get back up as a zombie and attack police officers for brains. I can never understand that. The police say that it is for their own safety, but yet they carry the gun, police baton, taser, and wear body armor. The average citizen has none of that, but yet the average citizen cannot tell the police to back a way from them for their own safety especially when you are 22 times more likely to be shot and killed by a police officer then by a gang banger.

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    1. @kate

      It stems from the VALOR Initiative: Preventing Violence Against Law Enforcement Officers and Ensuring Officer Resilience and Survivability*:

      Lesson 8: Handcuff all downed suspects. Some officers might feel that it is not nice to handcuff suspects that have been shot, and others might believe that it is unnecessary to cuff all suspects because some are “obviously” dead. Counted among the suspects shot during incidents that officers reported during the VALOR interviews were some who appeared to be dead—for example, from multiple rifle rounds to the head—but who were still alive. As noted in the introduction, some human beings have a remarkable capacity to survive gunshot wounds. Fortunately, none of the thoughtdead offenders managed to injure any officers interviewed, but the fact that they were still alive meant that they maintained the capacity to do so. The capacity of downed suspects is hindered substantially when they are cuffed. No matter how severely injured they might be, therefore, all downed suspects should be handcuffed.


    2. Many people have played dead to deceive others – either the victim in a shooting hoping the shooter will be fooled and keep walking. Which means the shooter is just as capable of playing dead, until the cop walks away to check on other victims and then he has his chance to pick up his gun and continue shooting, or jump to his feet and run for his life. Better to be safe than sorry……….

  3. I live in the communist state of California and remember this well ! How in the Hell did Bestgore get a hold of this ? I have never seen this footage and suspected it was well under lock and key !

  4. This happened on my Birthday when I was 4 years old.
    There’s a great documentary about it on Netflix called 77 Minutes, which was how long it took for police to finally gain entry into the McD’s, way too late. How horrible.
    As a “Dark Tourist”, I have been to the Memorial Site where it happened, unfortunately the McD’s was torn down and a school built on the lot.

  5. Usually I can look at vids and pics on this site and for the most part have little feeling for the content (with a few exceptions). This vid is different. I worked for McD’s as a teen, then 2 separate times more as a part time job while my kids were little. I knew this sort of thing was a possibility when I walked in for my shift, but never thought it would happen. This vid makes me realize just how lucky I was during that collective 10 years.
    Very haunting vid. The baby literally looked like a doll to me apart from the blood on its little chest. Thanks for posting Mark and thank you for submitting @smileusb75.

    1. You’re welcome @aquariagirl and @bullseye42 …I was able to edit this segment out of the documentary “77 Minutes”, all about the McDonald’s massacre. I was once friends with the brother of the second victim seen in this video, Omarr Hernandez. This shook me to the core when it happened in 84; I had just graduated high school and this really made a profound effect on my psyche. Just devastating. I have quite alot of video of news reports about this as well , and have actually visited the sight (in 2004). Glad to have been able to share it to the BG crew.

    1. Some appeared fine by the time that was recorded. Seems like the girl body next to the Shooter’s corpse was sexually assaulted, since her tits are out and the shirt opened like it was done roughly.

  6. I live 3 minutes away from this location. My father was friends to the small kids in bicycles. He would ride with them everyday but had to leave out of town that day. He also knew a female who died there. There’s now a memorial stones for the people who passed. And the knocked down that location after the massacre and opened a new one across the street. I actually went to the new location last night for a McFlurry.

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