Criminal with Beer Belly Killed in Lagoa dos Gatos, Brazil

Criminal with Beer Belly Killed in Lagoa dos Gatos, Brazil

Sometimes Brazilian criminals, even if they don’t wear flip flops, lose their shoes in a moment of death. Our beer belly endowed fellow is one of them. An unidentified male, he was shot dead on Sunday afternoon – March 4, 2012 in Lagoa dos Gatos, state of Pernambuco, Brazil.

The victim is suspected to have come to Lagoa dos Gatos on a hit contract, but his would be victims must have gotten him first. Somebody betrayed him perhaps – sold him to the higher bidder and let the competitors know that he’s coming for them so they could surprise him when he’d least expect it?

Native of Cruzes de Panelas (Google Translate says it means Crosses of Cookware – WTF, Brazil… for real?), the beer belly man came to Lagoa dos Gatos armed with two guns. One was found next to his dead body and the other inside his car. He was killed with multiple gunshots to the head.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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34 thoughts on “Criminal with Beer Belly Killed in Lagoa dos Gatos, Brazil”

  1. I wonder what kinda fucked up weapon that is he had in his possession, looks like its either a shotgun or high caliber rifle and it definitely looks like some sort of bolt action maybe a mosin nagant, the barrel has been cut down as well the stock don’t know if its the original stock tho, weird gun…they have been known to make their own weapons in the favelas of Brazil, they must have been really close when they shot him…if you look close enough you can see some of the hand guns bullet casing used to kill him one to his right and one by his crotch, looks like a 9mm maybe a 38.super both popular calibers in South America

      1. I thought that to for a second but what kinda idiot would be assassin would use a muzzle loader…especially in Brazil where everyone packs revolvers and autos also I imagine muzzle loading ammunition would be a lot harder to come by than regular rifle cartridges wich are cheap practical and readily available, to anyone looking to commit crimes, if you look closely at the back part of the receiver it has the same distinctive “cocking knob” that the mosin bolt-action bodys have, it even has the cleaning rod sticking out the front below the barrel that mosins come equipped with, the “smoldering” looks to be rust, what is strange is the barrel not because its been cut down but because it looks like some sort of bull barrel and the finish on it looks to be chromed I’m sure its not the original, the the trigger guard to is not from the mosin but I have seen some without the traditional trigger housing they come with, theyre usually single shots

          1. Well i am a certified gunsmith and they are my favorite subject. I eat, breath, and sleep with a gun. I have three passions in my life women, guns and motorcycles…although I have to admit I still and probably never will understand women

        1. I dont know if theyre easily avaible, cartidge fed firearms I mean. Youre probably right. But I think you’ll agree with me, that this gun looks homemade, at least stock? And BP for killing someone is lulz indeed.

          1. The stock definitely does look home made designed with mosin features like the little slits in the wood but I’ve never seen any mosin with three in the stock the gun was probably assembled with jumbled up parts, we have word for that here in Texas but I don’t wanna come off sounding racist πŸ™‚ it starts with the “N” word and ends with the word rigg

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