Crowd Watches and Children Walk By as Man Stabs Another on Street with Machete

Crowd Watches and Children Walk By as Man Stabs Another on Street with Machete

Crowd Watches and Children Walk By as Man Stabs Another on Street with Machete

I have no idea where this is from.

The video shows a man stabbing and slashing another on a street at night. A sizeable crowd, judging by the chatter, watches from nearby, but nobody dares interfere. At around 0:16, a child runs by the murder scene – like it was just kids there building sand castles.

Images at the end of the video suggest the victim sustained significant abdominal trauma, with the wall breached and the innards protruding.


The murder happened in Chandan Nagar, Indore, India. Props to Best Gore member @beingindian for the update.

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  1. This happened in Lucknow, India. There was a huge uproar on local media about high number of child sex trafficking

    Authorities in this major northern city are corrupt which makes it unsafe & extremely violent particularly for white tourists. There have been countless unsolved cases of kidnapping. It is India’s 6th most violent city

  2. They’re looking disgusted like uhh…. what’s wrong with them there are kids over there save it for the bedroom or maybe the dungeon. Some shit is and should be private and murder is one of them at least if you don’t wanna end up in prison or murdered thru revenge good ole revenge.

  3. There is so much commotion going-on that i don’t think i even saw one stab out of the whole video. Although i did see the knife flash from the light, and the poor bloodied dude on the ground. But man these East-Indian Women when they scream, it’s annoying as fuck. Which reminds me that if i ever end-up Facking A Young, and Beautiful Curry-Muncher i’ll stick her underwear in her mouth first, cause that would be a woody breaker.

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    1. If he’s having his guts ripped out then yeah I would Deffo sneak up behind him while he’s focusing on trying to kill that guy and smash him in the fucking head with something…. The poor fucker probably did fuck all… Fuck paki’s and niggers

  4. Well, nothing you can do to help, so why stand and watch? Move the fuck on. If you stand and watch something like this then hopefully someday the same violent end befalls you while people gawk. Just walk away.

        1. Really? Didn’t you come here to see this type of shit and just gawk?
          That’s worlds different than “happening upon” a scene like this while out for dinner or a trip to grandma’s.
          Just admit it was a hypocritical comment. I admit I’m a hypocrite all the time. No shame.

          1. What’s not to understand? We watch the news, we read about shit and we come on here and see this shit. It’s a whole other thing to BE THERE and just video it and/or not try and help or do anything about it.

            Watching it, there’s nothing you can do. If you’re there, help or fuck off.

  5. hmm. instead of rolling around like some kinda dim-fuck getting your innards all filthy and smooshed, you’d think he’d be trying to hold them in or something. i mean, you hear those dogs barking??? they sure do sound hungry. dumbass.

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  7. Saw this cool Vice documentary About India’s dirty ass water and the title of it was :

    “A River Runs Though Shit”
    I was dying laughing to say the least.

    That being said, tribal BS or Disrespect can be assumed?

  8. Haha.. Kid’s do the funniest things, eh..
    This would’ve just been another boring stabby video filmed in potato vision ™.. But that kid made it funny.!
    What a fucking racket though, imagine that shit in real life.?
    No wonder people go off the deep end & kill one another.!

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