Crucified Man Has Hand and Foot Cut Off to Intensify Suffering

Crucified Man Has Hand and Foot Cut Off to Intensify Suffering

ISIS has released a video in which an alleged spy is condemned to death by crucifixion, but in order to intensify his suffering, once strung up, they cut his hand and an opposing foot off.

We have seen videos and photos of ISIS crucifying people before, so this practice is not new. But usually they kill the condemned before crucifying his corpse for display, so chopping off the victim’s hand and foot while strung up – that’s brutal. According to Best Gore member NoNooshy, this type of punishment is referred to in the Islamic Sharia as Had Harabah.

In the video it is explained that the spy was an Iraqi who worked for Kurdish intelligence. The Kurds supplied him with a gun, a car, and three men to assist him with the job.

Originally Published on: Jun 18, 2015 @ 09:35
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Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video once deleted by prochan:

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          1. And before anyone throws that fallacious argument “we’re sick? look who else is on the site, buddy.” I just got one thing to say. Censorship is a crime in itself. I don’t enjoy this, it’s the journey for authenticity without viewing an event through biased and false perception that I seek. Bestgore and liveleak have been a good source to see something closer than the truth than, say Fox News or some shit. Literally saw a raw video and saw the same video on the news sometime later cut and edited to show a slightly different view. Now that’s some bull shit.

          2. Your question reminds me of that scene in The Breakfast Club when Emilio’s character asks Ally Sheedy’s character “Why are you here?” (for detention in school) and she instantly replies “Why are YOU here??”..
            Because CNN is fake and humans are easily manipulated and I want to see the real world.
            Also, to harden one’s self and become the true warrior master.

          3. I don’t watch it! It’s awful to see another human, or any animal suffer like this. It’s cruel, it’s evil, it’s just plain wrong! But only the truly human feel like this, the ‘animals’ just don’t care as long as it’s not them on the crucifix.. low animals!!

          4. A Jewish boy asks his father for twenty dollars. His father replied, “ten dollars, what in the world do you need five dollars for, I’d be happy to give you a dollar, here’s a quarter.”

        1. They do have the new flip flop 2.1 weapon systems, but ISIS have the goat 199 weapon system, so I would have to disagree, they are quite even at least technology wise, on the strategic side of warfare e.g. economics and resources they are even. A large part of the cartel’s funds are tacos and ISIS’s are for the most part goat milk, I would have to say its indecisive.

  1. Wow I can only imagine how painful that would feel. ISIS seriously needs to be stop ASAP, with all the super powers out there and still no country can stop these radicalist.

  2. That’s nothing. Mexican drug cartels put on a much better show – hanging a guy nude by his feet, then cutting off his penis and balls. Then slicing off his head, then arms and legs.

    Actually, if I get the chance to take out some muslim terrorists, I would adapt the Mexican system by hanging nude upside down, cutting off the guy’s penis and balls, poking a slice of bacon in his mouth, cutting off fingers and toes, then hands and feet, then lower arms and upper arms, then lower legs, etc. Save beheading til last, for draining the carcass of blood if nothing else.

    1. Yes, south americans definetly have better methods. Shoutout to these fucks for using 4K video though!! they need to up their game.

      i love your way of thinking such artistic methods. i want to hear them scream, leave their mouths i want to har them beg for death i love so much oh my god i want to drink that tasty warm blood while it drains

  3. According to the Quran Reading in the video,,, the spying punishment would be Killing Or Crucifying Or Cut Hand and an opposing Leg off Orrr Banished from the Islamic Country,,, why ISIS never choose the last punishment?!

  4. Hmmm , lets see. How can that hand possibly hurt or that foot? Don’t think so. What i do think is, is it was the kindest thing anyone could have done given the circumstances. Shortening his suffering time by allowing him to bleed out! I’d have had to have said thank you, may i have another?

      1. I watched this video on July 20th 2015,since from then I have been addicted to this song and searched for it 1000’s of times on Google and YouTube (searching for Jinnah jeenah ) but I didn’t give my hope , I added a guy who is from Iraq and asked him to do a favor . And I found it . And then I realized that some one like me is searching for the same song and searched for your comments on other videos ( I forgot ) atlast I found u . Don’t forget to thank me and him. Here you go

        Have a nice day bro 🙂

  5. Anyone notice the captive would close his eyes when answering a question? Maybe he was signaling to people watching that he was being forced to say what he did. He was closing his eyes for a reason.

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  7. pretty gay video as usual. no one is fucking scared or even gives a shit about isis anymore. it’s like isis thinks the world watches this shit and is like omg isis are so scary and powerful. everyone knows they are a bunch of fags, they should just kill all their women and have a big gay orgy in the desert using sand as lube, we know they are into bdsm.

  8. This is good! Very good. All muslim pigs must be treated like that! Kill all muslims and make our world free of this vermin. We Al Yahud people hate them more than disease.

    in 90s I had my contribution in deveoliping ignition mechanism for Shipon portable rocket launcher, later called b300. Im proud my skills contributed to extermination of those disusting animals.

    1. Hahaha @thedre it takes eyes like yours to pin down what’s unreal and I quite appreciate that . The gimmickry had the the guy pose up as another victim but I swear what you saw is what I saw …………ya see the ISIS butcher swinging his sword and another frame has the guy tucking in his arm quickly just to spice up in order to bring people to the edge of their seats but turns out ; there wasn’t no fucking blood shed no dismembered piece of arm which makes for the video as a big “FUBAR”.
      Of late the ISIS dog has been put to sleep and it ain’t waking up till the end of next two decades so its fucking gala time once again.

      1. @blucon
        Yep exactly,,, when i saw not one drip of blood falling of the freshly severed arm i knew something was up,, and so i started looking closer, and saw no 2 foot squirting of blood coming out of his hand, so i was like W.T.F??? 😉 GALA-TIME Once Again, lol dude,,, lol. 😉

        1. Do remember to put each torpor passenger cryogenically in their sleeping pod during time warp to vitrify hypersleep through blood dripping space travel of a nastiest of gore times and mind ya as for the sneezes and touches all are in a state of hibernation so the pods wont rock but in case ya have a situation just pinch your butt bloody red and forget not to sing to ’em the scariest lullaby of all ; as they all like it that way.

    1. that a video of 4 years ago…

      ISIS doesnt exist anymoer todays. they are others smaller group unorganized.
      can’t see lots from them now, because Brazil lead on top with extrem advance, power and innovation.

        1. like i say, they are no more ISIS, they are smaller group all around.
          its not the terrifying group it was before.

          now its more kind of guerrilla shit techniques of fight.
          less kamikaze, less explosive vehicules… today they prefer put bomb with remote, attack quickly and in small group just to show they are still here.
          and when a big attentat happen in the world, it’s mostly because the government of the targeted country asked thoses terrorist to do it, to boost politician reputation or some other shit like that.

          the day i would see an terrorist attack in brazil… fuck i would sure enjoy the strike back from the cartels.

  9. Shamima Begum.
    Wasnt fazed by heads in bins..
    Doesnt regret going…
    Thinks we shoukd be sympathetic….


    Wait. You want to come home now? Why? Oh because IS have lost? You didnt want to cone home before?
    But now your meal ticket has gone and the slaughter party is over you want to come ‘home?’

    I suggest your home is right there sweet heart. In the sand, with the other fucking fruit loops who think in any possible way heads in bins is ok. Is any way justified.

    You stay there sweetheart. You are home. You just dont know it yet.

    1. I would gladly execute her myself. I have no patience with isis molls who wake up on the losing side and then play helpless and batting their eyelids at Western audiences.
      The mistake was letting her talk or be mentioned at all.

      She needs a bullet in the head in the desert unlike other more deserving innocent women and children who were brutally slaughtered by her hairy smelly husband and his ilk.

      If she has to live ,throw her in a brothel in Deepest Darkest Africa or South America. She should love fucking and sucking brutes by now anyway.

      As for the reporter who was the prime mover in interviewing her? A dark lane,an abduction,a nice caning of his/her feet and arse and then dumping in broad daylight in Picaddilly Circus or Washington Monument.

      1. I agree save for the fact the media i think were instrumental in making sure she doesnt cone back.
        If shed stayed out of the spotlight she might have made it home under the radar, but getting in the public eye forced the home secretarys hand.
        And now shes fucked…

    1. Any new released one are bound to be as they are making a last stand now in Syria. So unless the nig nog islamic fucks can pick up the pace we will have our attentions focused entirely before long on south america for our gore kicks.
      Saying that you mad yanks will be bombing some new cunts in the middle east sure as night follows day and thatll mean another wave of angry multi wife mecca abusing kiddy fiddlers will chanting jihad soon enough

        1. Haha no i didnt think you was a septic tank i was just merrily gobbin off for my own amusement.

          Safe to say shes fucked herself over royally. Her fate is fairly sealed. Even if her action against the home secretary works it will take over a year and god knows whatll happen in that time in those refugee aka POW camps

        1. @hopingfornemesis

          been gone for a while glad to be back on the site. always learn something and have some fun while i’m at it. seems things have changed about but everything still running smooth as silk. I don’t think I can send private messages or anything or I could look back and see what the conversation was about concerning the science links from earlier in our conversation from however long ago.

  10. Why can’t these fuckers edit as video properly?
    They learned from the best in Hollywood and still can’t show us the sticky bits.
    All this blacking out the screen and shit.
    I miss the days of the Yugoslav war when they moved in close to the condemned mans face and left the camera the fuck alone as his throat was cut and the blood began to gush.
    I guess ISIS are just as squeamish as the west about showing gore.

  11. They didn’t even crucify him right, they’re supposed to be either upside down or in a position where their body weight restricts breathing unless they use their arms to hold their torso up

  12. @dave4595

    ISIS is just what the western media calls them. they call themselves ISIL as acronym originated from uncertainty in how to translate the Arabic word “ash-Shām” (or “al-Sham”) in the group’s April 2013 name, which can be translated variously as “the Levant”, “Greater Syria”, “Syria” or even “Damascus”.

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