Cute Teenage Girl Raped and Murdered in Caruaru

Cute Teenage Girl Raped and Murdered in Caruaru

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Caruaru is my all time favorite city in Brazil. Definitely a murder capital of the country, especially if your last name is Da Silva.

Body of 19 year old Letícia Santos da Silva of Rua Lagoa Encantada in the Kennedy area was found alongside access road to Antiga Mansão da Vida (Old Mansion of Life) in Caruaru, Pernambuco, Brazil.

The victim worked as a clerk in a mall and last time she was heard alive was when she called her sister (all tits pictured in the gallery below) to tell her that they would celebrate the victory of the Corinthians (Brazilian football team) together. She’s never arrived.

The following day a person found a purse with a notepad with telephone numbers. He called the family and told them where he had found the bag. The family alerted authorities who located the girl in the brush half naked, raped and murdered by having had her head smashed with a stone.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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        1. I can’t help but agree there… the “prego” appearance is a bit unacceptable.

          Like, if you have a wife and she’s pregnant… you learn to accept it, but when you’re dating someone and her belly exceeds her breasts, it’s not exactly “attractive”.

    1. thank you. faceless fucks feel that a female is free range to make fun of (even in death) because she was poor, because your last girlfriend dumped you and now you think all women are sluts, etc etc. i mean do you have your head up your asses 24/7?? do you ever remove said head from said ass? how do you think it is appropriate to insult a dead female like this. ANY human really. and also if you think humans living in poverty are free range to make fun of look around your house. i guarantee it’s either plain as fuck ie you can’t afford nothing or you have a hoarding, buried alive vibe going on in there. because i KNOW you don’t have women in your lives to clean up after you. you make me sick fucking scum of the earth POS

    1. It’s because ‘da Silva’ (meaning “From Silva’s famly”) is the most widespread surname from Portuguese ancestry. 9,9% of the Brazilian have ‘Silva’ as part of their surname (according to Wiki).

      You’ll find it even more in the Northeastern part of Brazil because people with Italian or Japanese descent live mainly in S?o Paulo.

      And the pics posted here on Best Gore happens to be mainly from Alagoas and Pernambuco, the most violent States in Brazil’s Northeast.

      Northeastern Brazil’s semi-arid regions are very close to what we call here ‘The Weed Polygon’ (AKA a polygon shaped area in which certain rural areas are used for illegal weed production)… Caruaru is in the route between some of those cities and the capital city of Pernambuco, so that’s why crime rates are going up there, unfortunately…

      Or maybe fortunately, because of the gory! 😀 Truth is, just like in Mexico, most of the pics you’ll see here are of people linked to drug trafficking (maybe not the girl from the post), so they’ll have a short life anyways if they are criminals.

      But as a Brazilian I gotta say that Brazil isn’t as violent as you may think of.

      You are all invited to come here for the 2014 World Cup! LOL!

      1. Lol that is the one upside of being a mom, my daughter hates Nikki and all that.

        I’d much rather watch Pixar movies for the thousandth time then listen to a whiny bleached blonde black wannabe Barbie complain about her “hard” life. Blah. My kid likes to dance to daft punk and scatman butwhen Nikki came on she did her “eww” face and kept saying “uck” while trying to change it.

  1. Well, Caruaru- our all time favorite city in Brazil, never ceases to fail in bg.
    Hope they find the fucker. But then, the rapist/murderer could be a her fellow Da Silvian friend, or even a Da Silvian relative…

  2. I would say something funny but at the moment I’m just think how much I despise rapist. If I ever were locked up I would become a killer the first day and I would start with the rapist’s. Sexual predators are the scum of the earth..

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