Da Silva Executed While Sitting on His Couch in the Living Room

Da Silva Executed While Sitting on His Couch in the Living Room

Caruaru is to Brazil what Acapulco is to Mexico – single most dangerous city in the country.

21 year old Eronilson Francisco da Silva nicknamed Têtin was an ex-convict who served 4 months for drug trafficking. He had just hooked up with a woman who was 2 months pregnant with somebody else’s child. Yesterday evening, while he was at home, sitting on a couch in the living room, two hitmen stormed his house, asked “where are the others”, shot him dead and fled the same way they came – on a motorcycle.

According to the police, the gunmen used .380 caliber pistols and a stolen motorcycle which they abandoned in front of a supermarket from where they fled on a stolen pickup truck. The motive for his death may have been a settlement of previous grudges with other criminal groups. The police are searching for the victim’s accomplice whom the gunmen also wanted to kill, but don’t know who it is. Victim’s spouse was at home at the time of murder, but was in the other room. She’s overheard the conversation and the killing. It all happened in Barrio Salgado in Caruaru, state of Pernambuco, Brazil.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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22 thoughts on “Da Silva Executed While Sitting on His Couch in the Living Room”

  1. That is a suspicious scenery around him. First of the couch is way too nice for the shithole its in. Second he is surrounded by 3 different kids of flip flops, but I guess that’t not that surprising given the popularity of flip flops among crime scenes. But is it me or is there a “Toy story like” poster above him? You can see the little cowboy forgot his name. I don’t know interior design in Brasil must be different than what I am used to.

    1. I also spotted the Toystory poster, haha! Probably because my 2 kids love it, and even named our dog Woody (the cowboy). I had the same thought, the entire scene looks rather ‘staged’ to me. For a start, the sofa – apart from being brand new, and way too nice for it’s surroundings- it looks positively squished into that tiny space, and apart from the blood is otherwise spotless. The rest of the room is in a disgusting state, you can barely tell the blood on the walls from the dirt and grime that surrounds it. And the random posters just add to the bizarre scene.

      Infact, my guesse is it’s not actually a room in a house at all……. Maybe a storage area or something of the sort. I know some houses in Brazil tend to look filthy and barely hospitable to others, but even by Brazil standards, this envioronment doesn’t look like anyone’s home.

      It’s a strange one….

    2. It is not that flip flops and crime have a connection LOL sneakers will run you about $R200 to $R500 especially when we are talking about name brand stuff.compare that to the cost of flip flops $R25 what is more logical?I have nice name brand sneakers i only wear sometimes. And my wife keeps our house very clean LOL

  2. 4 months for drug trafficking?!? The guy snitched for sure no wonder he’s dead…you don’t get 4 months for a drug trafficking charge unless you put finger on someone, the guy was a no good stool pigeon rat that got what he deserved, that smug piece of shit rat weasel even looks like a fucking rat.

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