Da Silva Junior is Dead – Nobody Saw, Nobody Knows

Da Silva Junior is Dead - Nobody Saw, Nobody Knows

“Nobody saw, nobody knows anything” – that was the conclusion of the preliminary investigation by the military policeman of the Police Guard Battalion (Batalhão de Polícia de Guarda) after they were called to the Loteamento São Caetano, in the neighborhood of Tabuleiro dos Martins, Maceió, Brazil.

18 year old José Pereira da Silva Junior was found dead in a pool of blood, his body riddled with gunshot and stab wounds. The only certainty at this time – according to the police – is that three men armed with handguns and knives arrived on foot and opened fire at the victim.

Mortally wounded, da Silva Junior still managed to run a few meters in a bid to hide in a nearby house because the door was open. But the attackers chased him and caught up with him in the kitchen where the victim collapsed. Unable to fight back, the attackers finished him off by stabbing him to death.

Relatives of the victim, who live in the Santos Dumont neighborhood, reported that da Silva Junior had left home to meet with some friends and insisted that he was not involved with drug dealers or other criminal activities.

Below is a video report on the murder by Emergencia 190 (in Brazilian Portuguese). Skip to the 0.21 seconds mark to skip the advertisement at the beginning of the video:

And a gallery of a few pictures. RIP da Silva:

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28 thoughts on “Da Silva Junior is Dead – Nobody Saw, Nobody Knows”

    1. I have to ask, What’s with all the da Silva killings?! I don’t know anything about this country but since I began first coming to this site I have seen SO many killings involving da Silva so with that being said I am quite curious on the topic

    1. For anyone who may not know you can download Youtube videos with an extension in Chrome or Opera if you want.

      I’m constantly amazed at just how much gory stuff actually gets hosted on Youtube for the amount of time it does. Daily submissions must be astronomical.

  1. You know, several things to question, like, what the fuck is that 1′ tall, big fucking concrete tripping block that you have to step over, and, how on earth is it cool that the media just walks through your fucking house (shit-shack) filming still-warm blood through out? I’m only 1/2 way through the video and had to hemorage these WTF’s out loud befor 20 more happen and I forget these ones…….more in a minute. Back to You Jose da Silva

  2. Wow, is that a tv news reporter? Isn’t that a crime scene? In this country, crime scene tape is put up, the media is not allowed anywhere near a crime scene until after pictures are taken, the coroner (meat wagon) takes the body away, etc., etc. When these guys were walking through the house with the camera focused on the blood drops, to my surprise the body was there! Oh, well … it’s Brazil (doing my best impression of the cop in “Chinatown” when speaking to Jack Nicholson’s character).

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