Da Silva Killed in Brazil

Da Silva Killed in Brazil

Hearing that someone named da Silva was murdered in Brazil is about as rare as seeing a murder without flip flops… Except that against all odds, this da Silva died with flip flops still on. Fuck! Can’t have it all.

This kid, named José Antonio da Silva was only 16 year old. José Antonio, who lived in the village of Boa Ventura in the state of Caruaru, Brazil was returning from a football game with his brother known as ‘Rafa’ and a cousin on Tuesday, December 13, 2011.

The three rode bicycles, but José Antonio later separated from the group and as he was riding down Juvêncio Figueiredo da Costa street in Lajes Caruaru, he was approached by two men on a Honda Biz motorcycle who fired at him twice from a 12 gauge shotgun. He was hit in the head, right behind his right ear, and dropped to the ground dead on the spot.

There goes another Brazilian da Silva. Caruaru seems to be a busy place with murders.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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12 thoughts on “Da Silva Killed in Brazil”

  1. Dear old Brazil what’s new. This poor kid was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He does not deserve this. But it seems to be the way of Brazil. Just kill as many as you want there is no law and order there. All good people should not be out after dark. What is the reason for so many deaths there. Is it just a bunch of junkies with nothing to do. Or is it the police going around killing innocents. Or is it the pirates. There has to be some reason. What is it?

    1. Man, the point is all you’d seen here were murder’s scenes of just one little part of my country. Caruaru and the cities you know are situated on the most poor region of Brasil, the northeast. As we all know, when there’s misery, people will be poor in education and be suffering with criminality. Brazil is a big country, and it’s not right saying ”more people, more crime”. There are cities like Curitiba or Porto Alegre where the welfare indicators are nice. All you see here, is a partial reality and a limited vision. But I agree that the cruelty existing on northeast is insane and still unpunished.

  2. Whatever this kid did or did not do, he’s not around to do anything else but rot. Like I said, this would be a great country to go and get yourself killed, especially if you went without any ID and wanted to completely disappear. Buy your one way ticket with cash, ditch your ID and piss off the wrong person. Goodbye you, hello missing person report. And they’d probably just bury you in some unmarked grave or feed you to the animals. No one would know who you were, and no one would care. Hell, just make your own ID card and put Pedro Da Silva on it, LOL!

  3. LOL, flip flops in every good gore pic, never fails. Dead crushed bodies…flip flops. Murdered, hacked up bodies….flip flops. Twisted, mangled, automobile metal with human guts?—–You got it, FLIP FLOPS ! Always standing nearby (in fact, the police in “flip flops” countries never seem to mind closeup on-lookers do they? They’re used to gore and death….In the states we have to shield our eyes from the cruel realities of the world

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