Da Silva Left as Bloody Mess in Agreste, Brazil

Da Silva Left as Bloody Mess in Agreste, Brazil

25 year old Francisco Vitorino da Silva was gunned down in front of a store in Agreste Zone of Brazil on October 2nd, 2015. The young Da Silva had just exited the store when two men on a motorcycle (anyone else seeing a pattern here?) rode up to him and immediately opened fire, hitting him in the head and killing him before he even had a chance to react. Needless to say, the two killers escaped and despite the murder taking place in front of a crowd of people, nobody knows anything. Snitches get stitches, yo!

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      1. @tas Its such a repetitive pattern .Most of the murders have similar themes where you will have a bike ridden with a duo seated atop feeling trigger happy ; firing nonchalantly.
        tas I do agree a video of the squirt; splatter and squirm would have been an icing on the cake

      1. Lol yeah you could always try that, personally I’ll stick with making sure I won’t run into the same two on the next street 😉 If you find that video sweety let me know I could use a good laugh today.

          1. @Judge thank you sweety!!! I can always count on you 🙂 About three times I was almost convinced he was going to wreck he was lucky. The way he takes off is comical but I don’t blame him one bit would have been great if he could have just kicked the other bike over.

          2. @Am0ur

            Yeah, you sure can babe. He sure got lucky and I thin he made the right choice lol. Pulling over wouldn’t be an option for me either.

        1. I was always reading shit on best gore about Brazil … I have an Idea.. Cuz I see it . I just want an honest opinion or advice .. I am from India .. We have crime but no way near compare to Brazil or Thailand .. What I want to say is that One of my Brazilian friend who I knew since 8 years recently became more than friends with me and now She loves me, she is 42 , I m 25 … She is coming to India very soon.. She wants me to be with her .. And live in Brazil .. I have some financial problems .. But may be she can get me to Brazil but I am really scared guys .. Criminals are like worse than demons and monster there .. .. I hope I can get a real advice , and please no joking or letting down .. Thankyou

          1. can’t tell if you’re serious, but i’m gonna give you some advice anyway. first; uprooting your entire life for some pussy is a very serious mistake. Never, ever make an important life decision solely on another male or female you have feelings for. you might lose more than your bank account.

            2nd; learn that language. this is my number one gripe with people who want to travel around and live in different countries. if you cannot make it around on your own without having your girl there to translate everything, you have no business being in that country. Learn the language.

            and 3rd; Brazil isn’t all bad. much of it is actually very developed. what we see here on BG is mostly from the poorer states of the North East. particularly Pernambuco and Rio de Janeiro.

            that’s my two cents. good luck.

  1. Considering almost every murder is introduced by the familiar sounds of their favourite transport, its a wonder they are even caught unprepared. They ought to all be trained to drop and hide when they hear a bike approaching by now.

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