Da Silva on a Motorcycle Assassinated with Safety Helmet On

Da Silva on a Motorcycle Assassinated with Safety Helmet On

Caruaru – homicide capital of Brazil claimed another victim. The crime happened on Tuesday September 25, 2012 at around 11:30 in Mata Negro (Black Forest), on an access road to Lagoa do Paulista (the Paulista Pond), which is behind the Sabra in Caruaru’s industrial district.

The victim was 45 year old ex-convict José Manoel da Silva from the suburb of Severino Alfonso in Caruaru. He was seen talking with another man and then gunshots were fired, that other man was seen running as Da Silva’s body leaned against the barb wire with a hole in his forehead.

The police said José Manoel was accused of having committed murder two years ago but they don’t know whether there is a connection.

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