Da Silva Stabbed to Death in Caruaru

Da Silva Stabbed to Death in Caruaru

I told you that by the time you were done reading this, another Da Silva will have been killed in Caruaru and here he is. This just in…

The murder happened at around 4:30 pm on Friday February 15, 2013 on the streets of Correia de Lima Irmão, the Severino Alfonso Allotment in Caruaru, Pernambuco, Brazil. The victim was identified as 28 year old Davson Alves da Silva of Palmares. He was killed by being stabbed at least 10 times with a short blade knife. The stabs were delivered to various parts of his body, including his head.

According to information from witnesses, the victim was riding a motorcycle and was chased by another man on a motorcycle who forced him to crash. The pursuer then attacked the victim with the knife and fled. Military police were on the scene within 5 minutes of the report but in spite of their efforts to catch the escapee, the murderer got away.

That’s Caruaru for you:

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  1. Well. Caruaru is located in nortwest region of Brazil and in this region, the public politic security is in some ways almost inexistent. the culture are poor, education either. I love My country, but i dont like almost of the brasilian people. the culture of carnaval, football, samba and cheaper sex is what make this country blind about all problems and corruption. there’s violence? Of course, sadly, but obviously not only that violence that are showing here, but i wish that this kinda news in bestgore where showed to every brazilian citizen so they can realize that this kind of behaviour (carnaval, samba, etc) is our fucking disgrace. and Da Silva is a comum name between the most poor people, and the violence (in every country) are higher in the favelas/ghetos, etc.

          1. @J3Z-Right?! Was thinking the same damn thing- then i realized he is an imposter anyhow!Lol. My question was meant for the real NOTDASILVA! Its ok, he couldn’t handle all this juicy-ness, if he tried! 😉

      1. Oh shit! I was Trippin off how the screen name wasn’t in all capitol letters, too!! Ok, @NotDaSilva- sorry, you’re off the hook, my bad!

        @NOTDASILVA-My post was for YOU! If I decide to come to Brazil and bring my flip-flops, can I stay with YOU??

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