Dancing Woman Shot Dead by Celebratory Fire at Wedding in Pakistan

Dancing Woman Shot Dead by Celebratory Fire at Wedding in Pakistan

Dancing Woman Shot Dead by Celebratory Fire at Wedding in Pakistan

29 year old dancer named Khwaja Sara was shot dead by celebratory gunfire while performing at a wedding In Mansehra, Pakistan.

Seriously? Firing live rounds at functions where often alcohol or other mind altering substances are consumed is still a thing? Do these people not watch Best Gore to learn a thing or two?

Props to Best Gore members @honkeykong and @african-angel for the video:

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  1. This was not a woman, but a eunuch. ‘According to Mansehra police, the victim was allegedly handed a Rs1,000 bill and asked for change so it could be “showered” on the transgenders invited to dance at the party”. The victim, who identified herself as female, did not have any change to give the man upon which she was shot in the forehead’:

    MANSEHRA: A man allegedly killed a transvestite over a petty issue at a marriage function in Kotkay area here.

    The members of the transgender community took to streets and blocked main road to traffic to demand the arrest of the accused.

    “Our community members are being killed without any reason in the entire province, but the police have failed to protect us,” said Maria Khan, the president of Shemale Association in Hazara, while talking to reporters. The members of the transgender community, who had assembled at the King Abdullah Teaching Hospital, where the body was taken for autopsy, were seen wailing.


    1. Alois thanks for the info, i feel sorry for the poor tranny, those same blokes that shoot them are the ones that also want to fuck them, bloody hypocrits, i hope he hangs for it

          1. It’s ok to talk to yourself … lots of people do that. It’s only when you start answering yourself, and carry on a conversation, that’s when the problem starts.

          2. @Deathdew @Asian Dong I’ve always done it since i was a little kid, i used to be locked alone in my room all day during the holidays. I think that’s when it started, worse thing was when i used to get caught, emabarrassing, after that i started whispering to myself

      1. Yeh. These sex-deprived mohammedans will do that.

        Reminds me of a rock concert held in afghanfucken land recently where the zionatayanquis tried to tell us that the place is Westernised and our tax dollars were well spent.

        Guess what? They had a riot! They had all these bearded fucks, horny as hell foaming at the mouth charging the sound stage because they saw an uncovered ankle! And these fucks were non isis types haha! Anyway ,the cops were caught off guard and they had to whip them with batons and used watercannon to get those curs to quit! You should have seen those sheepish nato/charity types hide their faces! Fuckers!


        1. @Hoping for Nemesis I didn’t use to realise how they literally hate us. It’ll either be war or they’ll take over , either way it’s not good

          1. It will have to be war. No muslim people have voluntarily left where they have settled. They had to be kicked out of Asia Minor repeatedly and then in Spain by fifteenth century, then mass kickout of them from Balkans in 1912-1913. So that is why the Balkans and Hungary etc scratch their heads in wonder on how we stupid other -Europeans bring in these pernicious-types voluntarily! A cursory look at the history books shows what these curs did over five hundred years in Europe! Nothing but blood and tears for Christian peoples! That explains why they have dumbed down education in european schools. Nice compliant thickheads!

        1. @xsookiex must admit I have clicked on your profile pic a few times all I can see are a couple of horses thats why I asked. I was just a little curious & wanted to get a closer look, at least I am being honest. When I see a girl who possibly owns horses breeding or gelding comes to mind, well depends how pretty the girl is. And I am not into bizzare animal porn

          1. I mean I’ll give you points for an awkward ice breaker and admitting multiple profile visits 😀 to answer your question I haven’t personally brandished the knife but I have been present during castrations lol

  2. I want to see these feminists from the West do activism in the East haha, it is very easy to make demonstrations by placing crosses on the intimate parts, I wanted to see one of them shitting on the Koran in any Arabic piece

  3. “We need a band for the big party. I know one guy who knows how to properly handle and choke a house cat just enough so that it A) makes that terrible noise and B) doesn’t escape his grasp for the duration of the show. He’s accompanied by his retarded cousin who rattles an old tin bucket with a piece of rebar. Together they make sounds as a ‘band’ and then a women will dance provocatively during the racket. Once things get going, we expect there to be random AK-47 gun fire because we’re brown weirdos in this shit hole part of the world celebrating with celebratory weapon discharges. What could go wrong? Especially with the weed and alcohol consumption.”

    – event organizer who’s brown

  4. I’m always amazed by how everyone keeps going about their business in these regions. It tells me that these things are so common that nobody really gives a crap. In America, everyone be all like, “Omg, omg, omg” running around, writing books on how they survived, and calling for bans and raising awareness for women’s rights.

  5. Firearms are man-made machines that shoot lead projectiles at supersonic speed. They’re not magical objects that kill people from a distance. You kind of have to use your brain when you operate one. Personally, I don’t think anyone should be allowed near a firearm unless they are able to fully disassemble and reassemble it on the first try. Responsibility to the responsible, folks. Then these things probably wouldn’t happen.

  6. R.I.P little innocent baby girl died doing what she did best. Entertainment entertainment entertainment. Sad sad video, poor girl, ought to bring tears to anyone’s eyes & if it doesn’t you don’t have a heart. Asshole

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