Dancing with the Devil – Documentary About the Favelas in Rio de Janeiro

Dancing with the Devil - Documentary About the Favelas in Rio de Janeiro

Dançando com o Diabo or Dancing with the Devil is a documentary about violence in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The documentary is both funny and informative and provides balanced perspective on the violence from both the standpoint of drug traffickers as well as the police who fight them. OK, maybe not all that balanced because the scale is tipped slightly in favor of the drug traffickers.

As the video says, Rio de Janeiro is a sprawling metropolis of 11.7 million people, 20% of whom live in the favelas, aka shantytowns. There are more than 600 favelas in Rio de Janeiro. Most of them are controlled by heavily armed drug traffickers or paramilitaries. The Dancing with the Devil documentary is the first to capture them on film without masks or other disguises. In their war on drug traffickers in the Rio favelas, Brazilian police kill more than 1,000 people a year.

Dancing with the Devil offers perspectives and personal experiences of a few key figures, including:

  • God’s Assembly Restoration Ministry pastor Dione “Johnny” dos Santos from Senador Camara from western Rio de Janeiro who tries to bring peace to war between drug traffickers and the police. He was framed by the cops once and decided that instead of dancing with the devil, he will walk with God
  • Drug Squad inspector with Rio de Janeiro Civil Police Leonardo “Joe” da Silva Torres – can’t have a film about Brazil without a Da Silva
  • Drug lord from Coreia in western Rio de Janeiro named Juarez “Spiderman” Mendes da Silva of Pure Third Command
  • Drug lord from Vila Kennedy in western Rio de Janeiro nicknamed “Nike” of Red Command, the largest faction of drug traffickers in the city
  • Drug lord from Vila Aliancia in western Rio de Janeiro named Marcio “Tola” da Silva Lima of Pure Third Command
  • Ana Lucia “Little China Woman” do Carmo – ex drug trafficker of Red Command from Jardim Catarina, Rio de Janeiro state. She lured gringos to the Copacabana beach where her partners would rob them at knife point
  • Former drug lord from Beira-Rio Wagner “Jack the Killer” do Nascimento Silva for Pure Third Command

Filmed by Jon Blair, Dancing with the Devil is a true story and an interesting hour and 40 minutes. Props to Best Gore member Brazilian_NOTDASILVA for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. Of course not silly. We have the Strength of Diversity, Don’t you know that we have millions of Negroids, an Illegal aliens, and Mutts and Mulattoes and Metizos all flooding into our cities, that’s Strength that’s going to help us build a better future, Right?
      Now, I know that all the Mongrel areas of America are shit holes… but thats because big bad Ebil YT, is holding them back… but once we make Dievershity work, it will be our greatest strength.

      1. Brazil has the strength of diversity too, not working out so well for them :).

        I personally think there is little hope for the USA. Their politicians sold their Country down the river, and with the overwhelming betrayal of their women, it’s pretty much on the fast track now.

        Town after town, city after city, state after state, the Caucasian Population falls, the crime-rate goes up, standard of living goes down, ghetto’s pop up, the decay and rot sets in, and that’s it.

        Hopefully the fall of the USA serves as a Warning for European Countries as-to what their future will be if they continue on their current path and keep letting their Politicians poison their lands and Countries with genocidal practices like multiCULTuralism, Diversity, Race-Mixing etc.

        Canada is hopeless.. As the USA falls, so-to shall my Country. Caucasians will probably flee in vast numbers up north, but like I said, Blacks will follow.. and the rot and decay will set in here, too. Already has, actually.

          1. Yes. It’ll probably be China and Russia.

            America will be one giant ghetto, with decaying towns and cities. Basically, like a third-world nation akin to Brazil but worse.

            Europe is letting in Africans and Muslims at an astounding rate into small Countries like Denmark, Sweden, Norway.. Those will be the first Countries gone. Then England. If they don’t wake up, that is. Europe has more fight in them than North Americans (Who will simply flee the problem, until there is no place left to flee).

            You could see armies of Anders Breivik born, which might be enough to stop it.

            Canada will hold on for awhile because of the massive immigration north by Caucasian Americans, but like I said, Blacks will follow like an infection and move from one rotting piece of flesh (The USA) to a relatively healthy piece of flesh (Canada) and make that rot, too. Add in the betrayers within our ranks (Women, mainly) and we won’t hold out forever.

            Add in my Countries Europe like problem with taking in tons of Muslim scum.. and well, not looking good.

          2. The collapse of America is because they are letting “minorities” decreasing the number of “caucasians”, you fucking nazi??

            From this standpoint I believe you’re a shitty white mama boy whose ideias are no better than those of ethnic cleansing. Ironically, that’s the lowest type of human being… good job!

          3. Err, no? East-Asians (Japanese, Korean etc.) immigrants are fine, so are Indian immigrants. These two groups integrate and pretty much don’t cause any issues (Canada has a lot of them)

            The problem is primarily Muslim immigrants, African immigrants and Hispanic immigrants (In regards to the USA).

            Every major shithole Town/City in the USA has a high degree of Hispanics and/or blacks, in Europe, it’s Blacks and Muslims.

            Detroit, Baltimore, Cleveland, Washington, Philadelphia, Oakland, Atlanta, New Orleans, Chicago, St. Louis, Miami, Buffalo etc. etc. I can go on and on. Trust me, the list is endless.

            The safest cities have a lot of Asians and Caucasians. That’s simple facts.

            Europe has the same issue with Blacks and Muslims. Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, England, Denmark, etc. All those Countries have massive African and/or Muslim immigration, and their standard of living goes down, their crime-rate goes up, and their Cities turn to dog shit.

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            Speaking purely about Religion:

            Russia has a problem with Islam.

            China has a problem with Islam.

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            Everybody has a problem with that Religion. No matter if their Buddhist, Christian, Non-Religious, Jewish, Hindu etc.

            Switch to Canada – Look at Toronto, Halifax, Montreal etc.

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            Blacks and Muslims are a global infestation/plague, that ruin and destroy Towns/Cities and Nations they flock to. They are a disease that is afflicting Caucasians because our weak, spineless Governments are suicidal, liberal infested and down-right puppets. Where we go, they follow. Why? Because these people are incapable of building anything on their own. They are leeches. As they move in, they ruin our Towns, or Cities and eventually our Nations. Like I said, look no further than the USA for a prime-example. Take a look and England (London in particular) or some places in Canada.

            The proof is staring you right in the face.

            Not debatable.

          4. When something is not debatable is because it’s hit the top of ones narrow minded conclusion and by the way you pointed out so easily… It tricks me how you turn outputs derived form economic matters (my view) to matters of religious and cultural (not ethnic) reasons. Not that they do not count, specially when religion is in the root of prejudice

          5. When something is not debatable is because it’s hit the top of ones narrow minded conclusion; and by the way you pointed out so easily… It tricks me how you turn outputs derived form economic matters (my view) to matters of religious and cultural (not ethnic) reasons. Not that they do not count, specially when religion is in the root of prejudice or asians’ cultural tendency to save money make them less economically vulnerable etc.

            Everything you put by your ethnic determinism and that you pointed out geographycally can be easily refuted by and historical perspective. Chinese, Korean, Indian and Japanese prejudice pos-WWII all existed. They had all come from a shithole and we all (I mean YOU all, I’m Brazilian…) must fight againt this big infection. Now the asian hate discourse and repulse has magically vanished as they came to be economically prosperous!!!

            When you relate economic prosperity and ethnic demography, have you capriciously forgotten the historical cultural and economic segregation and the father-to-son economic heritage. Have you ever thought that if your father were poor it would inflict you less oportunities in life and would possibly be in no better? Have you forgotten that immigration occurs historically because of the desire to better your economic situation, otherwise you wouldn’t be going to a different, possibly hostile your culture, society? That places with economic prosperity USA and Europe tend to receive immigrants due to it’s unequality in prosperity and welfare? Exactely where caucasians are! Wow that’s a coincidence…

            So we, white bastards should be around for ouselves… By your logic, being a white guy living in a calm, yet peripheryc part of Rio, which seems to be some kind of godless hell, in a neighborhood with majority of black/mesti?os and low income, should be shitting in my pants right now! Slaughtered somewhere. Dude, send me a ticket and help get out of here! Oh wait… it happens that I’m brazilian as well, so I can’t go to the US where an hostile culture will see me as a worthless Brazilian coming from God knows where to steal your jobs.

            You see, prosperity, immigration, inequality and violence walk side by side. Don’t be mistaken man, reality is not self-evident. Labels change as easily as economy and someday white guys could be asking immigration. Just remember how in the 20th century European immigrants came to Brazil and the U.S. escaping from violence and poverty before and after WWI…

            Very debatable.

  1. Had a friend who was sent down to Sao Paolo to do some work there. Needless to say I hipped her to Bestgore and the smorgasbord of violence that happens down there. She never left her hotel room other than to do her job and came back a week later scared shitless.

    True story…

  2. I’ll quote what Mr.baked said in 14 Year Old Girl Raped by Stepfather and Tied to a Tree to Slowly Die, “Brazil is badass.”
    Favela Brazil has got Drug Lords that ‘supposedly’ want to give the children and their community a chance for a better future, and they’ve got the Drug Squad and Paramilitaries that ‘supposedly’ want to save lives and restore order.
    Badass Brazil is also fucked up. As a Paraguayan I can not express enough how much I dislike most of those savages, specially their quasi-government.

      1. Your’e missing the point completely. Though I do agree that Paraguay is now as “shitty” as Brazil, it still does not change the fact that a shitty Paraguay despises an even more steamy dillberry like Brazil for what they did in 1864 and the atrocities that they continue to do the natives, if you do your research you’ll know why (I know best gore member Tulio_Hermil knows a lot about this). . . I won’t spoon feed ya, Braz -_-
        But if you want to talk about drug wars, lets talk about drug wars. Paraguay is the Fuck Hub for drug trafficking in S.A, why? It borders Bolivia (one of S.A main cocaine producers) and Brazil (which has become one of the world’s top consumers of illegal drugs), you don’t need to have a fucking PhD in Geology to know that. Although Paraguay’s political infrastructure is shaky at best, it has had a huge surge in the drug war effort under Federico Franco administration, and the S.E.N.A.D has proven to be very effective in confiscating drugs. But, there’s still some shady lack of information regarding other save havens bordering Paraguay, ex. Argentina and Uruguay.
        And I am not even mentioning the never ending war on the Ephedrine epidemic which, by the way, is sold legally in the United States without a prescription. Despite all this, Paraguay is not known for the atrocities like the Brazilians and Mexicans are; in the contrary we are the victims.
        All I got to say to you, Braz, is do a little research before sounding like a total ass.

    1. @wolf, welcome! We have doctors, nurses, paramedics, lawyers, police officers, teachers and alot of other professionals on here, as well as those who view it as an uncensored reality news site. Are all of these people sick in the head? Or, are your friends just too weak stomached to view reality, as alot of people (sheep) are?

        1. @PsychoActiveeeee, Thank you, it most certainly does fit better! And may I say, I totally agree with your statement below…well said!! I really shouldn’t attempt an answer to posts such as @wolf made, and leave it to people such as yourself and @baked who give much better replies! But I’ve gotten those same remarks (“sick in the head”) and it’s frustrating. Plus, I am impulsive… 🙂

        2. @wolf,
          yea I agree with baked, I never tell people I come on here, I don’t see any reason why I have to share everything with the people I know. Some people faint at the slightest amount of blood or they faint when they have an injection as the doctors office. It’s not thier fault but there is no way they will understand why we come to this site.

    2. I’m new here too… think I’ll take Baked’s advice. But if I had to explain I’d say gore is everywhere anyway. Movies, News, Youtube Fail vids etc. Its just dummed down and sanitized.

      Some unexpected benefits for me:
      * I drive a lot more carefully and think more defensively
      * I watch people in the street, particularly when walking near groups of youths. I am a lot more aware of assholes that don’t need a reason to fuck you over if you let them get too close.
      * I learned a lot about the upstream consequences of drug use, I never do drugs anyway but I’m better equipped to educate my kids about the consequences of drug use beyond frying a few brain cells.
      * I will be a lot more careful when visiting other countries.

      I also get to hear a lot of points of view that I don’t agree with but they make me think about what my values are and why I hold them.

      These benefits are largely due to the effort Mark puts into explaining the background stories. I’ve looked at other gore sites and they have none or stupid info and it gets boring pretty quick. There is a lot of shit talk on here but overall it is much more than gratuitous gore.

      Sorry for the long answer..

    3. There will always be people who dare not face the realities of this world… Those very people are weak enough that if they opened their eyes to what really happens in this cold world, Would be quickly tying noose’s for themselves… For admitting the world is truly this shitty would scare them deeply.

        1. I’ve been visiting and commenting on Bestgore now for about 6 months (Mark am I there yet?) with no intentions of leaving 🙂

          Wolf, BlueSheep and any other new members – firstly, Welcome, secondly it doesn’t matter what otheers think about you visiting the site; you do what you want to do as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else. In fact this site has made me a more conscientious person, but has done absolutely nothing for my spelling! 🙁

  3. That TOLA dude was seriously fucking scary, eyes too close together, couldn’t keep still, talking shit, and just all over the place, looked like a gimp as well. Would not want to piss him off at all.

  4. This film only serves as a reminder to me that I was born in the wrong century/nation… I tend to fail at proper human interactions… However guerrilla warfare would suit me much much better,, that I could flourish in.

    Anyone else ever feel they would have been far better off in medevil times or maybe as a Brazilian drug lord?

    At any rate my mother is Irish and my father Brazilian… Guess that’s a lethal combo in itself.

    1. I wish I was an important person prior to Slavery hitting America so I could stop it.

      All this shit isn’t worth being to lazy to pick our own Cotton.

      That single act set their Nation on a fast-track to destruction.

      Two recent things in recent time have put the Caucasian race on the chopping block:

      Hitler and the Nazi’s (Spawned Zionist hatred for Whites, their oppression of our Countries, their genocidal policies known as MultiRacism, Multiculturalism, Race-Mixing that is besieging every Caucasian country in the world)

      America and the Slave trade (Spawned the word Racism as a weapon against whites, Political Correctness, Affirmative Action, Race-Mixing, Racial Quotas, Decay and Destruction of American Towns and Cities, Oppression of Caucasians, Africans as a weapon against whites utilized by the Zionist)

    1. I don’t see why? Like going to Resorts to places like Jamaica etc., the Olympics won’t see the real face of Brazil.

      The only thing that the Olympics in Brazil will bring is more Caucasian women race-mixing.

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