David Barron Corona Death Photos and Doc on Logan Heights Assassins

David Barron Corona Death Photo from Tijuana, Mexico

David Barron Corona, nicknamed “D” was a top assassin for the Tijuana Cartel’s drug lord Ramon Arellano Felix. A career criminal, D committed his first murder when he was just 16 year old. For that, he was sent to prison but upon his release in 1989, he became a bodyguard and hitman for the Arellano-Felix brothers of the Tijuana Cartel.

While in the employ of the Tijuana Cartel, David Barron Corona underwent thorough paramilitary training which made him a proficient killer and kidnapper. He established himself as top assassin with the Barrio Logan Heights gang, an organized crime group from the predominantly Latino suburb of San Diego, California and recruited dozens of gang members for dirty work in Mexico.

On November 8, 1992 the Tijuana Cartel’s primary rivals – the Sinaloa Cartel with whom they were at war over drug smuggling routes through Tijuana to San Diego, struck out against the Tijuana Cartel top figures at a bar in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco killing 8 Tijuana Cartel sicarios, however thanks to David Barron Corona’s military training, he got himself and the Arellano-Félix brothers out safely.

In retaliation, on May 24, 1993 David Barron Corona along with several hired assassins from the Logan Heights Gang ambushed Chapo Guzman and his people at a Guadalajara airport. The attack claimed the lives of 6 civilians, including Roman Catholic Cardinal Juan Jesús Posadas Ocampo, but no members of the Sinaloa Cartel.

On November 27, 1997 David Barron Corona and a group of the Logan Heights gang henchmen attempted to assassinate renowned Mexican journalist Jesus Blancornelas for publishing a photo of the Tijuana Cartel drug lord Ramón Arellano Félix. The assassins ambushed Jesus Blancornelas as he was being driven to the airport by his bodyguard Luis Valero Elizalde.

Elizalde countered the attack and killed one of the assassins, but died having been hit 38 times while protecting the journalist. Jesus Blancornelas was shot four times and survived the assassination attempt, however complications from sustained wound burdened him for the rest of his life and contributed to his 2006 death from stomach cancer believed to have been caused by the embedded bullets he received in this attempt on his life.

But as for David Barron Corona who orchestrated the assassination attempt – things definitely didn’t wind up as planned for that fucker. As he was firing at the journalist’s car with the group of the hired Logan Heights gangsters, a bullet fired by one of the henchmen ricocheted and struck David Barron Corona in the eye, killing him instantly. Talk about epic fail – the mission was to kill the journalist, the journalist survived and instead, the orchestrator of the assassination attempt died. In this case, Ms. Instant Karma was at the right place.

Photos in the gallery below are of David Barron Corona after he was killed by the ricocheted bullet. But first, a documentary about the Logan Heights Assassins. It’s part of the series called Gangland:

Small gallery of David Barron Corona death photos:

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  1. The guy that killed David was called “pelon” I think and another guy they called “bats” from the Mexican mafia were with him. The pelon guy ended up getting killed himself by another Mexican mafia member and the bats dude ended up in jail over a meth bust. Oh and I’ve been reading bestgore for about 3 years and just barely logged in. So hi everyone.

  2. The guy that killed David was called “pelon” I think and another guy they called “bats” from the Mexican mafia were with him. The pelon guy ended up getting killed himself by another Mexican mafia member and the bats dude ended up in jail over a meth bust.

  3. I was raised in Logan Heights a block away from Chicano Park. I lived there during the 90’s. I was just a kid so I had no idea LH was dealing with the cartel until now lol. One time I got in a fight with a kid who wanted to steal my bike haha. Im glad we moved out of there. Now I live in SD again but not in that area.

  4. This guy was a ruthless, fearless, mass murderer for the brothers as well as a personal body guard. He proved his worth in a shoot out at a night club where the brothers were celebrating the agreement not to start a war with Guzman earlier that day. El Chapo set them up for what should have been an easy execution, but despite being vastly out numbered Barron was able to kill and then take a full auto rifle from the would be assassins which he used to successfully fend off the attack and saved the brothers lives. This made him a hero within the ranks of the cartel and secured his position as the top guy in the sicaro aspect of the cartel. He defines what it means to be a 1%’er, a true killer without fear of death nor the law. His fate was predestined the 1st time he killed. He would have never been taken alive,

  5. This series of shows drove me nuts. First, they treat the viewer like a retard. Worse is there is maybe 15 minutes of information while the rest is repeated over and over and over and over.
    Yeah, I think I figured out the fucking gangs name! Holy shit, how many times do they have to repeat it? Then they spend what feels like an eternity dwelling on the sub sects and their names and…yes I have figured out the numbers representing a letter thing.
    Finally, the narrator nails the coffin.

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