Dead Body on Google Maps, Near Railway Tracks in Richmond, CA

Dead Body on Google Maps, Near Railway Tracks in Richmond, CA

To see the dead body still live on Google Maps satellite view, click on this link asap, or go manually to this latitude and longitude: 37.951694, 122.360435. I’m sure Google will be swift to remove the capture as soon as the news reaches their ears that they have a dead body on there, so be quick if you want to see it live.

The dead body is next to a railway track near Sanford Avenue in the city of Richmond, California, USA. Police are on the scene, seemingly to investigate the homicide and collect evidence from the crime scene. But they also could have been the ones that shot the guy dead, which is not a far fetched theory given all the trigger happy cops out there. In 2009 Richmond was ranked 9th most dangerous city in America so who knows…

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  1. Been following BG and the community for a while but you know I had to make an account to comment as that is my hometown.

    I was born and raised in Richmond. I went to school there. That homicide is a few blocks from my home and not too far from the BART station. That image on Google Maps is on the tracks, close to North “Narf” Richmond. You know you’re in trouble when you cross those tracks. Always gotta stay steady watching your back. Glad I was able to get outta there a few years back and go on to study at a university. I still go there for the holidays and summer though and the feeling of knowing that I can be shot at for being at the wrong place and wrong time is, well, indescribable.
    BTW: the city is actually improving a lot and homicide is going down.

    ‘Good day all.

      1. I found a dirt napper when I was a kid at summer camp in Atlanta. We poked it in its gooey eyes with a stick. It was a bum that expired in the cinder block shit house. That was way back in 1975. Oh, fond childhood memories.

          1. Certainly, Spiderman.
            For two weeks every summer my mom would dump me off at this creepy, suck-ass summer camp called Mighty Mites on Clairemont Avenue in Decatur, a suburb of Atlanta. You didn?t sleep there; it was a daily thing, morning to night. It was a large expanse of land, with about half of it overgrown with Kudzu, a Japanese vine brought to the area by early farmers to feed cows, but the cows hated the stuff. Atlanta is famous for the shit. We weren?t permitted in the park area overgrown by Kudzu for safety reasons. Some older kids went exploring in the overgrown area and found a dead black (?) bum in the boy?s outdoor shitter, which was basically a cesspool with a cinderblock structure above it. I thought the bum was black because of the decomposition, but I guess he could have been any race. They came back to the pavilion to tell the rest of us what they had found, and we went to see for ourselves. The bum was sitting on a toilet leaning back against the wall. He/it was wearing a felt hat, a long sleeved work shirt and long pants and boots, kind of a strange wardrobe considering the summer Atlanta heat. Due to the bum?s decomp, the hat became part of the bum. Some of the older boys got the idea to poke at the bum?s gooey eyes with a stick. Shortly after the stick-poking, the creepy male adult camp counselor came up the hill with a couple DeKalb cops and the fun ceased. Some of the others at the pavilion didn?t join the older boys in exploring the gooey bum, instead they got the buttnut camp counselor. I was only able to look at the bum for a few minutes before the pigs cordoned it off. All of us were kept at the pavilion until our parents arrived to pick us up later that afternoon per schedule. I never had to go back to that disgusting shithole again, and I never to this day bothered to discuss any of it with my parents.

  2. Gosh, you cannot even die anymore without someone or something watching. Probably a future serial killer out there thinking: “Well, I could dump the body 10 miles off a road in the middle of nowhere, but shit, goggle may catch me”. This technology could really but a damper on honest killers everywhere.

    Side note: Too bad they didn’t die with their bare ass up in the air.

  3. I will give Google Earth some credit. There is a serial killer in the southwest. He would hide the bodies of the prostitutes he murdered in the desert. Because of the progression recorded on Google Earth, the ability to recover more bodies from his dump site. The murderer hasn’t been captured yet, but at least there is evidence that can be used once he’s been caught.

  4. I tried the coordinates and they take me to the Yellow Sea. The Google Maps link still works as of 11/20/13. I found out about this story on a news site, and quickly rushed to BG for the actual link or a copy of the pic.

  5. actually, i read up on this, it was 14 y/o kid named Kevin Barrera, i believe. the homicide took place in 2009. his dad barely found out that his son’s body is on google maps and requested that google take it down. google refuses because they have many requests for things to be taken down, so they find it easier to just say “no” to requests like that. the father of Kevin wants to take legal action against google. and its still up s of 12:39AM(PST) of 11/21/13

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