Dead Brazilian with Leaking Brain and Creepy Death Stare

Dead Brazilian with Leaking Brain and Creepy Death Stare

Only a single image here but worth a look. Another dos Santos killed with a single gun shot to the head. Reports indicate that a shotgun was used in the murder. Either way, we get some nice bit of brain leaking out of the hole in his skull and a respectably creepy death stare.

The victim was 17 year old Ademilson LourenΓ§o dos Santos, and he was found in Palmeirina, state of Pernambuco, Brazil. The incident occurred on Friday, February the 13th of all nights. His own parents claim he was a drug user who had committed several crimes within the community, so this may have been a retribution hit. No one has been arrested in connection with the homicide as of yet. Some folks don’t take kindly to being ripped off or robbed and some folks don’t mind showing you.

Mad props to Best Gore member DaSilvaFlipFlops for the story and image.

61 thoughts on “Dead Brazilian with Leaking Brain and Creepy Death Stare”

    1. Really?
      I personally know a fully qualified and well respected surgeon who works full time, is thought of very highly by his patients, lectures internationally and guess what…he uses cannabis and cocaine several times a month.

      1. It may be just a matter of time before his “self controlled” and “recreational” use of those drugs will impair his judgment just enough to cause irreperable damage to someone…there’s a jew somewhere salivating over a malpractice suit…

        1. @justice like the jew bit, their natural grasping nature no doubt helps.
          However, I’m making a serious point. Drugs are not a one way ticket to misery and death, safe recreational use is easily possible. This guy only uses on weekends off and only in a social setting. Over 15 years I’ve known him.

      1. I wouldn’t recommend drug taking, at least not in the long term. However, having experienced LSD in my younger days, I can categorically state that the benefits far outweighed the negatives.
        To say one’s view and interpretation of the world becomes far clearer after / while, under the influence of that substance, would be an understatement. It truly does open one’s mind in all sorts of ways.

        Moderation is the key. No need to go overboard, just nice and easy does it, then many benefits can be realised.

    2. @sakshiloveslions – I never seen good monsters turning into good human beings, only the oposite… πŸ˜† But there are “monsters” that can be misinterpreted, because other people makes them like that… i might be one of those cases though…

      1. Monsters can be good ever? They aren’t that’s why they are called by monster! But seriously they can turn into good! It depends on people n their surroundings! I v seen an animated movie recently I don’t remember the name that was about a monster character! I liked it!

          1. You’ve just described Mary Shelley’ s story “Frankenstein”. That’s fitting for BG. Man’s inhumanity towards its fellow man.

  1. I’m sure most of the victims we see here on BG that come out of Brasil, were some how involved in the drug trade. My sympathy doesn’t seem to show any hint of envoking for them!! You live by the sword, you certainly die by it as well.

  2. If you’re going to owe a drug dealer money, make sure you owe him big that way he can’t kill you. Don’t owe a drug dealer 20 bucks or some shit like Ademilson here did or else you’ll get whacked just to be made an example of. Buy drugs in bulk boys and girls.

  3. If the shot pattern in the sand is any indication, the shotgun theory is dead on accurate. A heavy bird shot, by the look of it. The back of his head must of looked like brain soup.

    Yet one more Brazilian assumes room temperature…

      1. That is true however, it is by nature that we criticize and point the mistakes of other people. I really forgot what exactly is it called but, it seems true to most.

        To further clarify my statement, allow me to illustrate an example. πŸ™‚ For example, I have in my hand a white hankerchief and I’ll ask you what you see. No doubt you’ll respond to me that you can see no more than a clean, white hankerchief. I, then, proceed to place a black dot in the middle of my white hankerchief and I’ll ask you what you are seeing. It is a perfectly normal response that you’re gonna tell me that you see a black dot in the white piece of cloth.

        That tells us the lesson that even though we do good 99% percent of the time, people are bound to remember us by the 1% bad deed that we did…except, of course, data manipulation takes in and erases the 1% error and make someone look divine. But that’s another topic. Lol. πŸ˜€ Anyway…

        Human nature works that way. No matter what we do, we are bound to get bitched at or criticized. For the life of me, I forgot the name of the theory, it is a social one, though I wish someone here knows it. (Maybe Brilliant Bugger, nasty persuasions or Empty soul do lol)

  4. Damn..seeing good looking females dead makes me pissed off. Being angry at anything in life is weakness.. to kill a female over anything is a weakness and in the end that dead female is the one who won the war.

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