Dead Children of Afghanistan

Dead Children of Afghanistan

Kenyan gets an erection each time an innocent child is raped or murdered by his minions. Meanwhile, the sheep thank the faggoty minions for their service. That’s why a news of any of those closeted faggots committing a suicide is a joyful news. MOAR dead child rapists, pls! And their whore mother pigs too!

These children are the outcome of Kenyan the bag of feces drooling each time he gets to order deaths of civilians in Afghanistan. They don’t have a place in hell for that repugnant sleaze. Abominates of his caliber get to rot in hell’s sewer.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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100 thoughts on “Dead Children of Afghanistan”

    1. Why must you make fun of other people’s misfortune? These are innocent helpless children here… Instead of trying to make a tasteless joke, why don’t you put yourself in there shoes, and try and feel there pain? You probably couldn’t though. You must be american… no feelings… no heart… Only jokes.

    2. Do you really think that these people of the “religion of peace” are crying because their kids are dead, or more so that their kids died and didn’t get to blow themselves up and take out US and/allied troops?
      Just look at all of the videos here and on other sites with muslims doing their dirty work. There’s a TON of it. And the liberal media always portrays it as a very small group of militant individuals, yada, yada, yada. They kill their own family members for crying out loud and call it a “mercy killing”. I have no sympathy for these animals and don’t trust ANY of them. Here in the US or anywhere else.
      The whole religion is based on deception and pleasing allah by deceiving another.

    1. Mwahaha.

      Although I have to disagree with you Tulio.

      If I was to conquer and subjugate a country… I would intentionally target Children. They are next years Warriors who would attempt to destabilise my Regime. Plus, nothing like the pictures of Dead kiddies to tell the natives who is boss.

      Not too mention that the filthy bastards would sooner do it to us of they had the capability.

      However. My appetite for foreign military excursions is lacking to say the least.

    2. It’s really easy for privileged white suburbanites to vilify other people in other positions you know nothing about. The hardest thing you’ve done is convince daddy to write you another check for something you don’t deserve

        1. @ jesus…you are matter what you might think about america, get real there is not a country on this planet that could stand up to our military..not one, china, russia, iran…i mean none

      1. I don’t want neither Obama nor Romney as president.

        I’m not voting. I tried to for the last election but there is a screw up in their books and my name is not in there as a registered voter. But I really am registered and the state seems to have no problem calling me for Jury Duty all the time ( more than is allowed ) yet they can’t fix this voter error? I guess my vote isn’t important!

        1. We here in Britain are a little better off than you Yanks.

          We get a multitude of Parties to vote for..

          Although the big three (Tory, Labour and Liberal) are exactly the same.

          If you want to see any change… The smaller three (UKIP, BNP and Green) are the only ones worth voting for.

        1. its your constitutional right to vote, and the fucktards have to fix it on the spot. You just can’t tell a citizen “sorry guy, you’re not in the books”, it is uber bananero..
          Well, that’s what they did in Argentina at the beginning of the XX century when the vote was not secret. And if the guy insisted on voting, they would call some party muscle to escort him out of the voting place…

          1. @Tulio – Exactly, the process is stupid. I had moved (still within Boston) and they said “maybe that’s the reason, because the books are split by districts”.. Which doesn’t make sense, I’m in the same city! I was told I can “use a phone in the back and call City Hall and then fill out this long form, blahblah”. I didn’t even bother, I think it’s their responsibility to fix the error. Also, people out of state can still vote but need to fill out this certain voters card or something. I don’t think they gave a fuck, they just wanted to move those long lines.. and I had no desire to vote after all that nonsense.

  1. This is so very sad. I’m lost for words, those pictures spark all sorts of emotions in me and I don’t even have any kids.

    In the first pic the boy on the left looks like he’s thinking about something.

    At least they are at peace now RIP little angels.

    1. True, they are very sad…

      As the nature of War is sad itself.

      I disagree with the War in Afghanistan because Geopolitically, Afghanistan is an irrelevance.

      We have no business with the people of Afghanistan.

  2. When Obama gives the American sheep that disgusting grin and reads off a teleprompt the sheeps baaahhhh in approval. Because thats how they are condition.
    Good men wear nice suits and speack softly like Obama.
    and Evil men are people that look like HITLER, Hitler was Evil we defeated EVIL.

    Fuck that bloody Kenyan…. God, no wonder they em drag behind trucks.

  3. What better topic to make my first post on, and guess what, I use an iphone. But if it wasnt or that I couldnt access all this need-to-know material so readily (thanks Mark your a legend!) . These kids too young too have jumped to save their girlfriends?

      1. no it doesn’t get tighter people need to see this.. everything Mark posts the media hide it a lot of sheep would change if they saw crude reality for example if someone showed a bloody aftermath of a drunk-driving accident at the driving schools there would be less casualties for sure

  4. Collateral Damage: Collateral damage occurs when something incidental to the intended target is damaged during an attack.

    The kids are innocent. They didn’t realize that their daddies (currently crying over their dead bodies) are most likely the intended targets.. Kenyan’s admin don’t know or care who they hurt in the process.

    1. Collateral Damage huh….

      I guess when Timonthy Mcveigh blew up the Oklahoma Federal Build and kill dozens of children in the day care inside…. was just collateral damage.

      He didn’t mean to kill those innocent children, he just wanted to make those FEd thugs pay for what they did at Waco.

      So when they say that Timonthy McVeigh was a monster who killed many children… I say no. McVeigh was out to punish the government for its crimes, and just like those Afghan children above… those children in the FED building were just…. COLLATERAL.

      1. I have no problems with the Children of other nations suffering…

        It is only the children of our OWN nations that we should care about.

        Timothy McVeigh would have done better by murdering himself a single politician than a whole host of American Kiddies.

        1. After reading a bit more into it… It appears he himself regretted the slaying of American kids…

          However, one has to look at this from afar… What did he accomplish in the long run?

          Bugger all.

          He could have achieved more by focusing his efforts upon a single, high ranking individual.

          The same goes for Anders Breivik. Although he has arguably damaged the far-Right movement. These sorts of attacks are going to become commonplace.

          1. YEah he may have damaged the far right movement but I thought the massacre was hilarious.

            He sets a bomb as a distraction and than goes to Utoya Island. Utoya Island was a Far leftist Multiculturism, race mixing, homo generancy, liberal disease indoctrination camp.

            When I saw all those dead kids on the shores lines of Utoya, I was sad, but than I realized what the Camp was, and I was just laughing.
            Now thats a hard liner.

            But yes, it would be better if Brevik use all that efforts to haunt/hunt/ assasinate Political leaders/traitors.

          2. Precisely Hawk.

            Although I reckon what Breivik did was brave… It has been counter-productive as instead the Sheep seeing the camp for what it actually was…

            Breeding the next generation of Political scum.

            All they seen was a bunch of dead kids… Not a good image.

            Breivik would have been much better placed to have marched into the Norwegian Parliament and committed his act of Patriotism.

  5. Ooh! Ooh! Over here! I have a plan!
    Let’s form our own nation!
    Mark can be president, Hawk in charge of immigrants and border patrol, Baked will be in charge of the military, Tulip will be diplomatic relations (he’s smart and knows lots big words-sorry, that was suppose to be “Tulio”!), and Trooper can just lay around looking sexy while I Peel him grapes, fan him when he gets hot and be his housework whore. Hey, we can’t all be leaders, you know. And no, I’m NOT ashamed at my blatant pass.
    So, what would we call our new nation?

      1. Um, Vicodin, morphine, robaxin, Xanax, and occasional shots of diloted or whatever else the hospital thinks will help me.
        So, would you like that served up in courses, my dear, or should I put it all in one bowl like stew? 🙂

    1. I put ?20 on the Euromillions last night… ?148,000,000. I won fuck all.

      But if I won.. I would buy an island in the Carribean where we could build our own nation.

      We shall call it… The Isle of MarkDonTigerTomTulioBakedHawkVicWillPamGemAndallGoregians…

      Quite catchy ey!

      Mmh… I shall enjoy having a Harem of horny BG beauties! Hahaha. I am quite a demanding guy!

    2. So, I’m in charge of Border Patrol and Immigrantion huh?

      First the require for Immigrants are…
      1.) You have to be European.
      2.) You must be self suffient and can’t get national benefit intill 50 years citizenship, meaning you have to work your ass off and then probably your children will reap the benefit of your hard labour.
      3.) No Portugese, if you don’t know why, research it.

      Border Patrol New S.O.P
      1.) Gather up all the current Border Patrol Officer, and Hang them, demonstrating that this is a ‘New Border Patrol’ that actually does it’s fucking Job.
      2.) All Fleshy Viruses attempting to cross our borders illegally, will be capture and shot on site.
      3.) We show the Mexicans and other border jumpers…. regarding SOP # 2, that WE MEAN IT.

      1. Sounds good to me Hawk.

        If I can make a suggestion? I suggest a comprehensive psychological examination and tests to vet every single prospective immigrant into our new nation.

        The economic model will be one of small holding areas of land… A model known as ‘Crofting’ in my Nation.

        Outside trade shall be limited… But necessary for medical supplies and emergency food in case of disaster.

        Gun Laws… There will be NO gun laws.

        1. No gun laws! Excellent! none of that restriction shit.
          I live in California, and I was about to get an AK 47 for my personal home defense. But than I realized that In California ll automatic weapons has to be Nerfed to semi auto.

          Meaning the AK 47 could only holds 10 rounds with its lower mag capacity. Semi-auto, and you cant swap mags quicky you have to use another bullet to detach the mag. Fuck that Northhollywood shooting.

          needless to say, I settled for a 400$ mossberg pump :/

          1. Haha!

            In all fairness Hawk… The shotgun is a lot more useful for home defence.

            Can you imagine using a Kalashnikov to waste some Negro burglar?

            The likelihood of the bullets passing through the assailant and into the home of your next door neighbours (across the street) is unacceptably high.

            Plus, their is nothing scarier then to be creeping through somebody’s house and to hear the ominous pump action of a shotgun…

  6. What a waste. Those kids could’ve come to live with me, and I could’ve trained them to be my staff. I need a staff. Like a black Diva. Get them to bring me a beer. Get them to perform circus tricks for my guests. Make them pose around me while I play dead with obviously fake wannabe ketchup blood for an awesome FD-got-killed-by-midget-terrorists fan sign for Best Gore. Ah, the possibilities…

        1. It’s horrible that they use children in these wars. My grandfather who was in the Korean war said the Koreans strapped bombs to little kids and when the kids would come running to you, crying asking for help, you had to shoot them in the head :/

    1. @vicetrooper – Yeah, it really fucked them up bad having to shoot children but they couldn’t take the chance. My grandfather was all fucked up anyways.. crazy bastard!

      Even nowadays with soldiers having returned from the war and suffering from PTSD and killing themselves or shooting up places.

  7. This really upsets me.

    Why was this done? I need to start learning what’s going on in the world and why. I have learned a lot thus far by being on BG but obviously I have a more to learn. This is awful

  8. Its the headshot picture that gets me the most as the shooter more than likely took aim at the child and fired,I know it could have been a result of bullet spray.but still it could have been a scope at work,

  9. Here’s proof that God is not watching over us. In fact there is no reasonable thinking God, because God does not have a brain to think with. Man is God over himself, because the God we were trained to believe in does not protect children. It is up to man to protect or kill children.

  10. You seem to be awfully harsh with your hyperboles, mark. “Kenyan” isn’t in Afghanistan holding his “minions” hand every step or bullet of the way. They make their own fateful decisions. They’re just dumbass kids that probably played too much call of duty and wanted to play bad boy waving guns in children’s faces. You give us good content, but these exaggerations are pretty unnecessary and even unrelated to the topic. I know, fuck me, right?

    1. And I do agree that there are some terrible, terrible people out there posing as soldiers. There are a few that spoil the rest. But that’s with any group of people. As sad as it is, we need them to protect us from the ACTUAL threatening snackbars.

  11. Humans killing humans, and for what?Politics, money, religion? Well I suppose if people didn’t kill each other the world would get too over crowded and then we would all be screwed, so go kill to your hearts content everyone it’s just popualtion control.

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