Dead da Silva May Have Had Involvement with Drug Trafficking

Dead da Silva May Have Had Involvement with Drug Trafficking

Would you believe it? Another dead da Silva. We must be going for the record here, guys. I swear I’m not just adding “da Silva” to these peoples’ names. It just so happens that this is the cursed name. It’s not death, it’s da Silva.

All joking aside, 21 year old Sheldon Viana da Silva was shot down in the Vila Sao Felix, in the Maceiรณ metropolitan area, state of Alagoas, Brazil. Looks like he was also attacked with a bladed weapon of some kind with all those marks on his head. The police have little to no information to go on at this time and the only help comes from relatives of the deceased and revealed that he was in with known drug dealers and may have been involved in drug trafficking himself. If true, this would certainly shed some light on his murder. Maybe shot dead by rivals or even his own “crew”. Cleaning up the streets, one way or another.

Mad props go out to Best Gore Member Infected Banana for the hook up.

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  1. Face down in a pool of blood, brutal. If you hadn’t mentioned it’s probably drug related @Obli, I’d think he was shot because of those shorts. 0_o
    As far as the marks on his head, those look like scars from a different encounter. He wasn’t as lucky this time.

  2. Why do people not understand, if you’re a resident of any south American country and have anything to do with drug trafficking this will be your fate. I can’t complain though, thanks for feeding my fascination with all things gore ๐Ÿ™‚ maybe that’s all da silvas are good for. Theres only one cure for stupidity.

    1. Really? Just south America? You must be from a town of a population of 83 and everyone is probably related to each other.
      I could have sworn Canada and the US has had mafia wars, biker wars, gang wars, nascar wars, and it’s been documented . crime does exist. Please Don’t be ignorant.

      1. @ELM

        Don’t they call this “The war on drugs?” They do here in the states anyway.

        This phrase always did worry me, because it creates a mindset with our local and state militia.

        The war has never been against drugs. It’s always been against the drug user.

        Christ, it scares me shitless, when I see a whole bunch of people get arrested for drug use/ possession. Then, at a moments notice, a half dozen cops get nailed for drug trafficking.

        …but then again, this wouldn’t be a good time to be naive, when many in this country have already witnessed these badge carrying lunatics killing our own, here in the states.

        1. I never understood why so many people don’t question this “war on drugs”. They have every kind of technology in land, sea and air to kill thousands of “terrorists” and innocent people. But they are having such a hard time controlling the borders from drugs coming in. They make it seem like an impossible task. I find it rather humorous.

        1. Prisons here in the US are filled with drug addicts that commit crimes because of their drug use.
          They finally passed a law here so if you get caught with weed you get a ticket instead of arrested. I think you can have up to an ounce on you…

          1. Dawn. If there was no drugs or if drugs were legal, there wouldn’t be as many or any people addicted to drugs in these privately owned prisons that make so much money from being over crowded (they are in the nasdaq stock market too).

      2. So you were able to deduce that from just a few sentences? Amazing. I won’t bother arguing your points, you strike me as the kind of guy that makes assumptions just for the sake of being argumentative. That’s your thing, it’s cool, I get it.

  3. It shouldn’t be that surprising. Da Silva is far and away the most common last name in Brazil. Over 20,000,000 da Silvas in Brazil. There are 1,000% more da Silvas is Brazil than there are Smiths in the United States.

      1. Lol yeah. At this rate, the da Silva bloodline will be extinct in less than a century. Oh well, obviously not a very upstanding surname in the community. The best thing they are good at is our entertainment.

  4. Another case of “cursed flipflops”.. any Da Silva, who will wear that cursed fliflops will die a gruesome death.. I wonder where is it now.. maybe passed on to the next target, guess another dead Da Silva will be featured here anytime from now..

  5. Wow this is nuts!!.. Another fucking da Silva!?!.. what the hell is going on with da silvas lately??… Anywhos great post Obli, thank you for all the work you do for this place!!

    Thank you for all these great photos infected banana!! You guys are awesome!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. we are not doing this flirting chat room nonsense. you want sexy avi that is fine, i love boobs as much as the next guy and a little bit flirting is ok and fun but this continuous, off topic sexual shit that extends across multiple posts is going to stop. it’s annoying and distracting, exchange emails with each other.

  6. The man driving the F1 car in my avi is Ayrton Senna da Silva. In brazil the names are subject to Portuguese Naming Customs, and Ayrton knew that da Silva was too common and went with Senna to stand out. He was the last man to die in F1. 1960 – 1994
    “Wealthy men can’t live in an island that is encircled by poverty. We all breathe the same air. We must give a chance to everyone, at least a basic chance.” Ayrton Senna

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