Dead Fetus Market in Asia

Dead Fetus Market in Asia

If you ever wondered if those rumors about dead fetus butcher’s shops in Asia are true, this video may once and for all answer the question. Though it’s not quite clear what exactly is going on.

I believe the video is from Thailand – where lack of unwanted fetuses has never been an issue. The only question is – were these fetuses found in landfills, on the side of a road, or floating in a pond, or is there an actual office opened for business with a “drop off” container for women to deposit their unwanted babies in?

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      1. Yeah………but where is the damn crushed ice……….
        And the ice pick to poke the eyes………in order… show
        How fresh…they are……!!!!!!……..

        Slaughtered from this morning…’s all good.!!!!!!
        Gotta convince the customer these days.

  1. That is just disturbing on every fucking level. Absolutely distgusting cunts that do and/or support this. Yes, I know the fetus is deceased, but come on – why eat the poor thing? Buy some chicken instead and make yourself some chicken noodle soup, sick fucks.

      1. I think they have raided an illegal abortion clinic and these are the aborted fetuses. The woman is washing them before they are properly buried in a very moving ceremony.
        That’s what I think.
        If I’m wrong I don’t want to know.
        There cannot be any country in the world which allows cannibalism.

    1. God.. Asian people disgust me so fucking much. They must be fucking aliens because no normal human being would see eating a fetus as normal.

    2. Oh come on – seriously? You are joking aren’t you? Well that’s what I’d like to think but something tells me you actually believe that aborted human fetus is for sale at the deli, like some ham? Fuck me, there really are some stupid and gullible people (and apologies to my Yankee mates, but I’ve got no doubt you people that are saying this are American, have probably never been outside of the USA, have NO idea where Thailand or even Asia is on a world map and actually believe you live in the best country……. OMG so fucking sad and only destined to become worse when you imbecile yanks vote in Donald Trump). God save us all……

    1. I enjoyed some golabki this evening. Yeah, you read that right. Food of the Gods. I think it was real beef. Delicious as always. I would send you some, but they never last long enough for packaging and shipping. πŸ˜›

          1. @DeadOhioSky

            Sorry, my bad. I was very drunk when I read your comment and that is why it all passed me by.

            I will be drunk again in about 4 hours time so if my comments seem a little strange by then you?ll know why.

    1. May not be fresh per se, but she’s doing her best by rubbing them down with “Fresh Baby” scented Johnson&Johnson baby soap. I’m sure it’s the no more tears version. Maybe she’ll even follow up with their brand of baby lotion, or just extra virgin olive oil.

      1. I’m pretty sure this is a morgue, and they are prepping them for autopsy. Probably pile the poor little things up in the cooler all week long after finding them hidden around like easter eggs, and autopsy them all at the end of the week.

  2. Capitalism 101, waste not want not.

    Come on people, we profit and tax people from cradle to grave so lets not take the moral ground. If death were not profitable we would rarely ever see war.

    All those adverts involving end of life care targeted towards old people, all those funeral advertisements ect, death is a profitable enterprise.

    You are only shocked about the sale of dead babies because you have not yet been convinced of their economic value, give it time and you will be singing it?s praise.

    1. Haha! On the head, as usual. Anybody like veal? Would you kill the calf for it? I wouldn’t think so. So people should stop complaining about this and just enjoy those awesome beautifying facial creams and the refreshing taste of Pepsi without batting an eye over these hard working folks, fighting to corner the market. They gotta close the gap that China created in the market with aborted fetus sales.

      By the way, I wouldn’t ever kill a baby, but you can be damn sure I would sledgehammer that calf for a nice cut of meat to be washed down with a tall glass of natural hawaiian spring water. All void of baby by-products by moral choice.

    1. @grimcompanion I have heard it compared to veal or very tender filet mignon. Have you also heard of cheese made with breast milk? Or how about using human semen and serving it like oyster shooters? Now, I know I commonly come up with some wacky and fucked up ideas, but this is not made up. Real humans do this shit. You know…because fuck regular food, right?

    2. It’s actually a thing now for women to eat their placenta, I’ve only seen them made into pills or tea,though. That cookbook doesn’t surprise me, what did was the videos showing how to make your newborn a “leather” placenta doll.

  3. While the typical ignorant racist bumpkins in this forum are hilarious I think most of you are off the mark on this video. It looks like some sort of medical school that is preparing deceased infants. Some look like late term abortions. The infant mortality rates in this part of the world differ significantly from North America. I don?t think anything nefarious is going on. I hope that some of the conclusions being made are simply for fun.

    1. you dont think ? that means you cant be entirely sure what is going on. so by stating that what has been said by other members as ‘having fun’ in their conclusions then that gives me the exact same right to scoff and degrade what you have just said. if you havent got cold hard facts as to what is going on then dont so be so fast to lay judgement on others opinions/comments on the above video. truth is strangert than fiction sometimes. there is a chance, a possibility that these fetuses were found as said in the video description. so you cannot rule anything out, and you cant lowball someone elses comment.

  4. Can anyone tell me if the pic of the chick roasting on the spit at the top of all the BG pages is real, and if so, where can I read the info about it. Anyone, anyone? Please and thank you.

      1. Well, it’s not something you see everyday. I was just interested in the background information (ie where, and why). It sorta reminds me of this really old movie that’s been banned in several different countries called Cannibal Holocaust. Ever heard of it?

  5. PA System: Now serving number 32.
    Benihana chef: I got number 32. I’ll take two of the negro babies, 3 of those fat Thailand kids and 4 of those skinny ones. Can you also throw in a couple of pounds of entrails.
    Do you also have some toes and fingers, I need them for my soup.
    I will now share with you one of my favorite recipe for a cold California evening.

    “Oven Roasted Dead Babies Fillets with Tomatoes, Onions and Mushrooms.”

    Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F and line a baking sheet with parchment paper.

    Combine the tomatoes, basil, onions, and olives in a bowl. Season with salt and pepper, to taste.

    Season both sides of the babies with 1 teaspoon salt, 1/2 teaspoon pepper, and Essence.

    Arrange the babies on the baking sheet, followed by the tomato mixture and then the lemon slices. Drizzle 1 tablespoon of olive oil over each baby.

    Bake for 15 to 20 minutes, or until the babies are cooked through.

    To serve, place a portion of Rice Pilaf on an entree plate. Use a spatula to remove the babies, along with the tomatoes, onions and lemons from the baking sheet and place over the Rice Pilaf. Drizzle with tomato water, if desired, and garnish each baby with cilantro.

    Enjoy. Red wine goes well with this plate.

    1. Ah, I would omit the lemon slices and olives in the baking process and finish the dish with freshly grated lemon zest right before serving. The mushrooms, I would stuff with a pancetta/blue cheese filling and bake as the side dish on a bed of wilted arugula I would also set the fetus meat aside and deglaze the baking pan along with the tomatoes and onions, which will be transferred into a sauepan where it will be fortified with roasted placenta trimmings, a few cups of veal stock, half a bottle of the red wine you would serve the dish with, stewed raspberries and a few sprigs of thyme. Bring the contents to a simmer, then reduce heat and allow sauce to reduce by three quarters, skimming the fat from the surface. Remove placenta and thyme sprigs, blend until smooth and then set aside. Then plate as you described, finishing with a generous ladle of the sauce and the fresh lemon zest. After I’m done doing all that, I would personally step back, admire my work and then punch myself in the face as hard as I can for using my talent for something so morbid. Lol.

  6. This strikes me as more of a training / class session than a marketplace. Perhaps a group of young medical students about to do their first human dissections? I’d imagine that the maskless girl is a teacher’s aide that got saddled with the chore of prepping and handing out aborted babies. (Meh, this is nothing, wait ’til these pansies see what they have to do next year!) Did anyone else notice what appear to be cleft lips and other deformations on some of the bodies?

  7. Does anyone remember the pictures of the chinese man eating the grilled or baked baby on But these babies cant be for eating, or has anyone ever seen an asian selling meat while wearing gloves?! πŸ˜‰ Much too hygienic for a butchery.

  8. Showed this to my Thai wife and she explained what is most likely going on (the speaking in video was inconclusive).

    She said a few years ago there was a scandal in which some dudes were performing illegal abortions and hiding the remains in the back of some temple where people are normally cremated.

    When the authorities found out, they were then tasked with the job of cleaning up the remains and giving proper cremation rites.

    It is definitely NOT a market. πŸ™‚

  9. Hmmm..maybe? Baby fetus seven ways ..I wouldn’t be surprised they do eat cats and dogs china”.to us here we look at them as famliy members..they look at them as the other white meat..the crispy” the
    Pork roast with crispy skin

    1. Asian’s Skinning and boiling dogs alive is the most disturbing thing iv ever seen online. i still get flashbacks from it (2 years after the fact) id like to skin and boil me some slant-eyed motherfuckers see how they like it.

          1. Haha, I was jkn mate.
            There are two things I won’t/can’t watch on sites like this, kids and animals getting killed or tortured. I’ll pass.

      1. i never seen that,i wouldnt watch it either,i seen the muslims killing the dogs with acid and that stayed with me for awhile..i dont like watching dogs suffer,but humans dont bother me,what the fuck does that say about us,well,male humans,i dont like seeing women or children suffer either or white males,i feel nothin for other races,thats as racist as it gets.

        1. I know FI i have no problem watching humans die too but innocent animals fucking riles me.
          Its cruel as fuck, they dont kill em first because they say it makes the meat tough. iv got the image of one dog burned into my mind. its lay on the floor after being skinned looking up at the camera, the only thing left on it was it eyelashes.
          Fuckin inhumane chinky tw@s.

          1. dogs and dolphins man,thats my hatred for that side of the world,they kill the ones that are closest to us on this planet,watch the docum, killing cove japan,i cryed watching it,i signed up for an anti killing petition group after i watched it and they are still bombarding my email with different petitions.

          2. @FightingIrish16
            I know mate iv seen it horrible ain’t it.
            id massacre their friends-family-work colleagues-and everyone they ever knew if i had it my way.

  10. I remember a new s report about over 1k fetus’s was found near a temple,so no wow here.
    There’s also a market for good-bad ghost child (kumantong) for believer to welcome back in their home or to be worn as charm or do you deeds like make your partner love you or riches and fortune.The master or si-fu will somehow shrink the fetus and chant some versus that cost higfher hundreds or thousand if the master is ‘powerful’ if you know what I mean…,search it its very popular.

    1. Quality not quantity.
      Sweet sweet baby meat.
      Finger licking good
      Does anyone remember that South Park episode with Christopher Reeves consuming babys to become superman (again).
      Funny as fuck.

  11. They seem to be at too many different rates of decomposition to be for the food market. The hot girl with out the face mask might be a buyer from one of the expensive shampoo manufacturers that use dead babies as an ingredient for fuller richer hair. She will be able to tell if it is beyond the over ripe stage.

    1. Experiments have been done with older weaker mice have been given the blood and cells of their own baby mice and HEY PRESTO they become stronger and healthier, maybe it’s got something to do with that.?? All I know is that these aborted fetus’s (feti) look fkn tragic, laid out like bits of meat.

  12. I looked up dead fetus’ in Thailand and found a bunch of videos of authorities finding tons of fetus’ at illegal abortion clinics. One had over 700 bodies hidden behind a wall! I wish someone would explain what this video is actually about. Maybe they are simply preparing the bodies for burial or cremation? Its hard to know but this has to be one of the most strange and bizarre videos on this website when you really think about it. Does anyone really know what this is all about?

    1. They are sorting out the ones that appear to be the plumpest, note that the skinny shrunken ones are ignored. Feti are considered a gourmet item in many Eastern countries, sell for up to $1,000 for a large one (at least 5 lbs). The hair and nails are the only parts discarded.

  13. Ship these Dead Babies to ISRAEL. They now can eat more that the newborns foreskin,,, they, like money, can now have it all, balls & all!. You can see them preparing those “The KOSHER WAY” πŸ™ cunts!!!

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