Dead Filipino Baby Found Inside Bag in Manila

Dead Filipino Baby Found in Bag in Manila

A dead Filipino baby was found inside a bag in the nation’s capital city of Manila. It was reported that the mother of the child was raped by an addict. Too scared to get an abortion (abortion is illegal in the Philippines), the mother decided to give birth, and dump the baby. The mother was arrested soon afterwards.

Fun Fact: Notice the “Duterte” wristband worn by the man on the right. Rody Duterte, as reported earlier, is the newly elected president of the Philippines, who during his previous tenure as the mayor of the city of Davao, directly ordered, or indirectly supported extrajudicial assassinations of criminals. More about it HERE.

Props to Best Gore member @takeobayon for the video:

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    1. All they had to do,was to call me and I would’ve taken this baby boy home with me,I have everything this baby would’ve needed ,a great home and a great dad( me)I’ve two sons and my g-f one son.sorry ass fuck who raped her if that’s the true storey.

      1. You’re so sweet, @danielray I would have taken the little one too. Philippine babies are so damn adorable!

        I wonder if that woman knew that she could have simply left the child alive at the police, or fire station? I mean at least here in the US women can do that legally and the stations will help find a good home for abandoned babies…or at least put them in the right direction.

          1. Awe! I’d love to take in an alien baby! I’m so wierdly open-minded that I actually would too, haha. Like how cool would that be? <3 I'd probably have to keep you private from most other haman beings to prevent you from being tested and disected though but I promise to take you to Disneyland in disguise. 😀

  1. To be honest we cant give a damn about that dead baby. People “adults” die everyday why the hell do these parasites always make such a fuss over something that only lived for a fue moments but walk pass a dieing man without batting a eye……..these parasites are….Wonderful! 🙂

    1. @ oroboros Difference is that a adult least had a life weather it 10 year / 20 year what ever least they lived had good times etc this baby had nothing was born then dumped and died a slow death so there you go that’s the fukin difference .. NUM NUTS ……

      1. A parasite speaking for the parasites are you all soft in the head or something baby’s are like a newly bought hard drive they cant even understand what happening in fact baby’s dont even fear death or appreciate life on the other hand for a parasite that as lived for more than a couple decades they will feel all the label ed emotions that make a parasite a parasite….do you all understand now. For I’m not cruel or kind, loving or hateful I’m just oroboros

        1. You really just compare a baby life to a new hard drive you complete FUCK TARD ? Get the fuck outa here you should of been put in a bag and left to die a slow death as a innocent baby would of saved us having to listen to the absolute shit that you speak ….

          1. Hahaha man you all really know how to make us laugh your all sooo emotional makes us kinda sick but what you gonna do par are par’s we mean the only reason We’re doing this right now is to get a laugh on behalf of all your “we are the world bullshit”

    2. Horrible statement probably from an horrible person, you are at the same level of the mother who was that cold and heartless to let her own son, her own flesh and bones die slowly , why would anyone do that even if she was broke, in trouble, or whatever the situation was, the baby deserved a chance to live his life…horrible, but this is BG, it shows you the worst side of humans

      1. …I didn’t read well the reason of why she dumped the baby before , my smartphone wasn’t showing the whole intro, so she was raped …and? That’s not a reason to kill your own baby, you bitch…give him to an institution where they could find someone for adoption. .was it too much of a headache? ?

        1. Shut the fuck up this is not redcross parasites like you really annoy us saying things that you dont mean acting like a saint we’re guessing you smiled when you saw this stop hiding behind your moral like a child that hides behind it mother.Throw away what was drilled into when you were young for that is not you your just lieing to your self now be the parasite you want to be and maybe if you do you can be like me lets walk in a sea of crimson

          1. Why don’t you shut the fuck up, @oroboros!
            I can obviously tell you don’t want to have children, which is a good thing for us all.
            You’re the fucking parasitic asshole that should’ve been expunged by your piece of shit parents.

            You’re a waste of flesh and oxygen.

          2. Well first your Mother should have done this to you, you are really the parasite here. And you keep talking about “us” “we” are you bipolar?! You are a disgrace And worthless pice of shit.

          3. You can tell this is where Orabora lost it. Sentence structure went all to shit. Probably smashed it’s phone in a fit of rage after not getting back in to edit the mistakes in time.

          4. Any of you want a good laugh, go to oroboros introduction on the forum, I laughed my ass off, you will too, and discover his reasons for referring to himself as “we, or us,”. It all makes sense now…

          5. You can say whatever you want, by I stand by what I say and why would I pretend to say things I don’t mean? I am a father of 2 kids, I was there to welcome them to this world , they even recognized my voice right away when the nurse hand them to me, I know we already have a conscious mind when we are born, we aren’t like dummies coming out from our mother womb, I don’t even insult you back because you are pathetic, hopefully you will understand one day

          6. I am confused , which one of the 8 different people I answered to? Here it’s only me, there is help for schizophrenia , medications, doctors, psychiatrists…

  2. The human race is such a fucking parasite..not only do we fuck up mother nature.. but we choose to ignor inbreeding..
    To allow this whole ecosystem to exist we allow mankind to make choices..its a concern that its illegal to stop a pregnancy..but thats their dumb fucked up really I see it as a blessing …one less inbreeded to take the place of an inbreed paracite..

    1. @Devileena If you are going to advocate the killing of babies that do not meet your standards, you have to create the impression that you are at the top of the chain. You spelled “parasite” two different ways in the same comment. There is built in spell check in the comments section that must have had the last sentence of your comment glowing. You are better than that.

  3. I understand why a woman would want to abort a child from rape or incest but if you had to carry it to term, why couldn’t she just put it up for adoption?

    I guess the murder of this child is justified.


    1. I think leaving it for adoption is also a hard decision to do, specially in a situation like hers. Just letting it live is hard enough, who knows how much hatred she had for the rapist and the creature that could spawn from him. Maybe she didn’t want to hurt her body by trying to abort it by the illegal methods available, so she waited till the baby was out of her. Or maybe she planned on having it and letting it live, but once she actually saw it out of her, she had an unexpected reaction. Anyways, who knows, but that poor little guy is probably better off now than having stayed here.

  4. when does life begin? In my humble opinion when egg meets sperm. Some think there is a line of souls, new & old, waiting their turn to be born as a fleshy virus. When aborted, or like this ‘abandoned’, the soul just gets back in line to wait again. Sounds reasonable, but, I just can’t wait to find out which one, or both, is true.

  5. That poor baby did not have to suffer in a bag, in the blistering heat, because the Mother was raped by an addict. For fuck sakes,,, tell the authorities, or give it to an orphanage,,, but fuck man, that is too cruel.

  6. I do not give a fuck how bad your life is, there is no justifying this. As a Mother myself, I really struggle to know how another Mother is capable of this.

    Hope the cunt gets what is coming to her.

    RiP little one!

  7. In most of the world’s shitholes this would be considered a mercy killing. The FV larvae was not really aware of anything and has now been moved along to whatever comes next which is probably nothing. Better to be killed at birth than a lifetime of suffering in a shithole. Now the FV is “sleeping.”

  8. –Really didnt want to see this one. I noticed ppl kept commenting.. then I read the “wristband” article and really got curious to see what that meant… but yeah, even the people in the video sounded shocked.

  9. He got a lucky break.
    Yesterday he was just wasted sperm.
    Today he is the “Honored Dead”.

    This baby has achieved more than anyone of you will ever achieve in your lifetime.

    He got his 15 minutes of fame. What have you ever gotten? Has your lifeless body ever been posted in Bestgore? This baby willed himself to appear in Bestgore. He set out to achieve his dream and he was successful.

    Next time you see a dead baby on Bestgore, ask yourself a question “what have I ever done that will top what this baby has achieved?” You will find the answer to be “nothing”, because you are a boring sloth.

    Go jump from a building and film it and surpass the fame that this baby has achieved.

      1. Hey thanks. How is the petition coming along? I am hoping that I get my own little page. Keep in mind that I have already petitioned the mythical God to put me in a giant food processor, turn the switch on, film it and send it to BestGore. As of this moment, sadly, it has not happened.

  10. I was hoping the Baby would show signs of being alive . Alas but it was not to be .
    The bag the baby was dumped with was more than a coffin .
    She could have easily spared this life by bringing the baby up ,
    Its disgusting how some people think its in their hands to end an innocent life.
    RIP little angel

  11. …never get to fall in love, never get to be cool…

    wait….don’t the gooks eat those things there? they eat everything else why not a perfectly good source of protein? you could feed a family of 20 with that.

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