Dead Rival Gets Heart Ripped Out Chest by Favela Gang

Dead Rival Gets Heart Ripped Out Chest by Favela Gang

A dull machete is put to good use slicing into dead rival’s chest cavity. The criminal faction from a Brazil favela removes the corpse’s still beating heart; some have not been as lucky. The victim shows signs of having no head and broken ligaments by the time video starts. Gang members flash their gang sign and prove they are not to be designated as organ harvesters.

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      1. The heart can carry on “beating” for a while after death – even when it’s not inside the body (there’s a “beating” heart on the road video somewhere…). Besides which, the description says “victim shows signs of having no head”.

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  1. Just think, the mainstream media attacked the president for calling these places ‘shit holes’ – which is the biggest understatement ever.

    Places into context how delusional and insidious the vast majority of the media are.

    1. I was thinking of purchasing the body parts, machete and flip flops, and stapling the various bits to my oil change mat. This collage would have made a bold statement about the madness of Brazil if just for Halloween night.

      Then I read about some Brit’s report about the various upcoming bodily ejections that were going to improve the torso. Unfortunately, that stuff is illegal in the township. Damn. I guess I’ll just have to settle for the usual decorations from Ed’s Broadway in neighboring Lake Orion.

  2. l’importante è che si ammazzano fra di loro, a me personalmente non me ne fotte un emerito cazzo. Allegria!!! siate felici!!
    google translate:
    the important thing is that they kill each other, I personally do not give a fucking emeritus. Joy !!! be happy!!

  3. I advocate for the importation of these beaners to Israel.

    The Jews in Israel could really use some diversity and these chest cutting faggots would fit right in over there. You can teach them to suck Jew baby cock.

  4. saw a yoot run from the feds today in my area, just walking around when school kiddos have finished school… looked like he was carrying a machete sheath… could be wrong but the fact he was running for his life made me think Stabbing… wasnt a theft this was definitely more…. we like it……….

    this was like 4pm, 3 hours ago… so wont be on the news yet… i’ll post it up if it makes the news.

    copper was running like a faggot, and undercover female cop was exposed… lol

  5. Such incompetence. Fumbling around like you’ve got your hand up your mom’s blouse on prom night trying to find a tit.

    With all the money the drugs earn for some of these cartels and the time they waste filming their pathetically underlit piece of shit ‘commercials’ like this, they could at least send one—ONE—kid to a medical school at least long enough to get a little anatomy background then drop out and come back to really properly vivisect a few unlucky contestants.

    Or get Paolo to call up his cousin who has experience as a fluffer for coked out bareback Haitian man-on-man porn up in Vegas to fly down one weekend a month to put some real lighting and camera work on this shit.

    So fucking tired of grainy, poorly lit, portrait oriented iPhone videos that look like a public access ad for this Halloween’s latest retard Jaycee bargain basement haunted house. What the fuck is he chopping at? Looks like an almost talented reproduction of a torso made out of a twenty pound sack of slaughterhouse leftovers dressed in madras shorts.

    Fuck that. At least the Middle Eastern videos have soundtrack. Editing. Multiple angles. Good lighting. Okay there’s forty-odd minutes of Allah-polesmoking propaganda you gotta cut out so you can get right to seeing some towelwipers fellate the business end of a serrated cleaver, but it’s worth it when you get there. You get to see some seriously fucked derpa-derpa choppa-choppa happening. You see a guy have his asshole crammed with five reels of det-cord and blown to 72 different virgin chunks, you know you’ve seen guys you wouldn’t to get caught by.

    These cartels gotta stop looking like they’re just a bunch of Four Loko ass-chugging frat bros from Rio de Anus trying to make a Dollar General budget splatterpunk video.

    Buy some fuckin’ lights, get a tripod. A third-hand Canon XL. Show at least as much pride and investment to do the fucking thing right as you want us to be awed and shocked and intimidated. I’d be more scared of getting tetanus than these guys. I’ve gotten bigger shock-boners watching “Scarface” on rectally administered molly.

      1. Given that you ‘compete’ via hack jobs like this (pun intended), that would seem to emphasize even more that you have to stand out.

        Fuck, even the Yakuza have cool tats and chop fingers as a sign of shame.

        And honestly I’ve never had my coke dealer offer me a discount on the basis that he showed me a video of him chopping a guy’s nuts off and feeding them to him. “See? You know how I can cut you this sweet offer? Volume. Wow, check how wide that guy’s cheeks got as I made him eat his own spunk-junk.”

  6. Once again, The Brazilians show themselves to be raging fag pussy whipped fairies compared to the Mexicans. If this were a Mexican cartel making this video, they would’ve made it where the guy was still alive whilst they chopped him up and took out his heart.
    Come on Brazilians, either step your game up or stick to waxing filthy vaginas.

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