Deadly Shooting at Grande Mosquée de Québec

Deadly Shooting at Grande Mosquée de Québec

On January 29, 2017, several shooters opened fire at worshipers in a mosque at the Islamic Cultural Center on Sainte-Foy Street in Quebec City, Canada, killing at least six people, and wounding another 18.

Scores of people were at the Grande Mosquée de Québec for evening prayers, when shooting erupted. Canadian authorities arrested two men, and said they were not looking for anyone else in connection with the deadly attack, even though eye witness reports suggest at least three gunmen wearing ski masks entered the mosque and opened fire.

Justin “Canada will always have Israel’s back” Trudeau, prime minister of Canada, and son of Pierre Trudeau who initiated the transition of what used to be a free nation into a police state by destroying its constitution and replacing it with the charter inspired by Josef Stalin, said the shooting was an act of terrorism.

Not surprisingly, just a couple days ago, the same Justin Trudeau responded to Donald Trump’s phoney immigration ban by saying refugees are welcome in Canada:

To those fleeing persecution, terror and war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is our strength #WelcomeToCanada

Meanwhile, Canadian bloggers whose opinions don’t math the opinion of the government are prosecuted, as the government wages wars and terror attacks on children at the behest of Israel.

The two arrested perpetrators of the attack have been identified as Alexandre Bissonnette and Mohamed Khadir. The former is French Canadian, whereas the latter is from Morocco. Both are in their twenties, and both said to be students at Université Laval, which now stepped up security on the campus so Canadians get used to, and start loving living in a police state. Reportedly, they shouted “Allahu Akbar” during the attack, which is a staple signature of Mossad orchestrated false flag attacks.

As always when attacks like this happen, the question to ask is – Cui bono? Who benefits? Once you have the answer, you are a step closer to understanding why false flag attacks happen and who hides behind the mask of radical Islam.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the pics and video:

Gallery of pics – I got a bunch of them as all related to the shooting, but some depict white men with guns, and I’m not too sure they are truly related. If you can identify wrong pics, help me weed them out:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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      1. Shouting Alahu Akbar is also a staple of every single actual Muslim we see on these pages when they commit actual acts of violence or incompetence, unless of course you would have us believe there is in fact no such thing as an actual Muslim, only Jews dressed up as Arabs to give them a bad name. Everything is Israel’s fault…

    1. Exactly what I was thinking. Shame they weren’t very good at what they did, as the body count is quite small, but a step in the right direction. Now they know how it feels. Would have really liked to see some muzzies being offed though, or at least a few of these sub-humans breathing their last. Alan’s snackbar!!!

  1. Hey Mark or anybody else, I have a stupid question that’s been bugging me. I can’t seem to find it on the web but where and when or even how did Israel become the source of problems with U.S./Canada/ E.U. etc. and why have these regions pledged allegiance to Israel? I am being serious and open minded as I am curious because most of the websites are basically hateful and biased when I never discovered why.

      1. is precisely their behaviour that had them expelled from EVERY country/state/city since 19AD. Treason, pedophilia. pimping, usury, infiltration of every part of governments, justice, military and banking and lot more besides.
        Why have the Jews repeatedly been expelled and “persecuted”?
        Now, let’s hazard a guess. Would being treacherous, deceitful, thieving, murderous, greedy, extortionist, loan sharking, profiteering, conniving, racist and discriminatory, perverse and degenerate, child abusing (including murder and molestation), human sacrifice (holocaust means burnt offering, i.e. trowing sacrifice into burning pitch pit), self centered, fraudulent, antagonistic, egotistic, hateful, bigoted, subversive, vindictive, fear-mongering, deviant control freaks who want it all and believe they are better than anybody else (after all they do call us GOYIM – CATTLE)… (have I forgotten anything? – probably), be any reason for treatment received?
        Detailed expulsions list:

        19AD ——- Rome (Tiberius)
        70 ———- Jerusalem
        250 ——— Carthage
        415 ——— Alexandria
        554 ——— Diocese of Clement (France)
        561 ——— Diocese of Uzzes (France)
        612 ——— Visigoth Spain
        642 ——— Visigoth Empire
        855 ——— Italy
        876 ——— Sens
        1012 ———- Mainz
        1182 ———- France
        1182 ———- Germany
        1276 ———- Upper Bavaria
        1290 ———- England
        1306 ———- France
        1322 ———- France (again)
        1348 ———- Switzerland
        1349 ———- Hielbronn (Germany)
        1349 ———- Saxony
        1349 ———- Hungary
        1360 ———- Hungary
        1370 ———- Belgium
        1380 ———- Slovakia
        1388 ———- Strasbourg
        1394 ———- Germany
        1394 ———- France
        1420 ———- Lyons
        1421 ———- Austria
        1424 ———- Fribourg
        1424 ———- Zurich
        1424 ———- Cologne
        1432 ———- Savoy
        1438 ———- Mainz
        1439 ———- Augsburg
        1442 ———- Netherlands
        1444 ———- Netherlands
        1446 ———- Bavaria
        1453 ———- France
        1453 ———- Breslau
        1454 ———- Wurzburg
        1462 ———- Mainz
        1483 ———- Mainz
        1484 ———- Warsaw
        1485 ———- Vincenza (Italy)
        1492 ———- Spain
        1492 ———- Italy
        1495 ———- Lithuania
        1496 ———- Naples
        1496 ———- Portugal
        1498 ———- Nuremberg
        1498 ———- Navarre
        1510 ———- Brandenberg
        1510 ———- Prussia
        1514 ———- Strasbourg
        1515 ———- Genoa
        1519 ———- Regensburg
        1533 ———- Naples
        1541 ———- Naples
        1542 ———- Prague & Bohemia
        1550 ———- Genoa
        1551 ———- Bavaria
        1555 ———- Pesaro
        1557 ———- Prague
        1559 ———- Austria
        1561 ———- Prague
        1567 ———- Wurzburg
        1569 ———- Papal States
        1571 ———- Brandenburg
        1582 ———- Netherlands
        1582 ———- Hungary
        1593 ———- Brandenburg, Austria
        1597 ———- Cremona, Pavia & Lodi
        1614 ———- Frankfort
        1615 ———- Worms
        1619 ———- Kiev
        1648 ———- Ukraine
        1648 ———- Poland
        1649 ———- Hamburg
        1654 ———- Little Russia (Beylorus)
        1656 ———- Lithuania
        1669 ———- Oran (North Africa)
        1669 ———- Vienna
        1670 ———- Vienna
        1689 ———- France (Louis XIV – Black Code)
        1689 ———- French region of North America
        1712 ———- Sandomir
        1727 ———- Russia
        1738 ———- Wurtemburg
        1740 ———- Little Russia (Beylorus)
        1744 ———- Prague, Bohemia
        1744 ———- Slovakia
        1744 ———- Livonia
        1745 ———- Moravia
        1753 ———- Kovad (Lithuania)
        1761 ———- Bordeaux
        1772 ———- Pale of Settlement (Poland/Russia)
        1775 ———- Warsaw
        1789 ———- Alcace
        1804 ———- Villages in Russia
        1808 ———- Villages & Countrysides (Russia)
        1815 ———- Lubeck & Bremen
        1815 ———- Franconia, Swabia & Bavaria
        1820 ———- Bremen
        1843 ———- Russian Border Austria & Prussia
        1855 ———- Coro, Venezuela
        1862 ———- U.S. Area under Grant’s Jurisdiction
        1866 ———- Galatz, Romania
        1880s ———-Russia
        1891 ———- Moscow
        1907 ———- Vladivostok, Russia
        1919 ———- Bavaria (foreign born Jews)
        1938-45——–Nazi Controlled Areas
        1948 ———- Arab Countries
        1969 ———- Poland
        1965-1989 — Romania (Ceausescu “sale of jews”)

    1. I am on my way out for a bit, so if no one answers that for you in the meantime, I will answer it when I’ve returned. In brief, there is 5,000 years of documented history of Jews killing and enslaving others to suck them dry like leeches. This is not a question of when or how, as it’s always been like that.

      1. I agree with you as it has always been that way, but what really put the ‘Jew on the pedestal’ so to speak? How did the Jews become the overlords? Also thank you for taking your time to answer as my curiosity gets the best of me.

        1. “Well in the words of Chomsky.
          Israel makes peace agreements.
          Then they break the peace agreements.
          By committing massacres.
          On people they made the truce with.
          Then those people retaliate.
          On Israel.
          Then the U.S. backs Israel.
          By sending them funds and arms.
          Chomsky said to stay out of it.
          And try to encourage the peace.
          And send humanitarian aid.
          But the U.S. keeps picking a side.
          And I just saw a documentary.
          Of how Israel,
          stole land from the Palestinians.
          And persecute and keep them out of it.
          When it is the Palestinian’s land.
          Much of what Israel does seems evil.
          And I am not antisemitic.
          But that is the little that I know.
          And by the way good afternoon dude.”
          @Goofy Goober

          1. Thanks for the info bro, but it seems to me that there’s more to it than that, right? If it’s just Israel using the superpowers such as the U.S. to manage the Zionist agenda to survive and thrive, but the way Mark and others have commented on was that it seemed to me that Zionism affects the entire globe. Correct me if I’m wrong.

          2. Thank you again for telling me all you know, but I’ll wait for Mark or somebody else to elaborate on the subject. Unless if you’re an expert, you secret agent man lol. But yea I’m really curious because it would explain some things.

          3. “There are others here who know much more.
            About Zionism and the Jews.
            It’s just hard to find unbiased facts.
            Much of what I found out I got from here.
            Seeing the harsh reality of it.
            Of all this religion based violence.
            And asking myself why this happened?
            I don’t know if it is empathy…
            Or if it is curiosity…
            the war in the middle east intrigued me.

            There’s a man who leads a life of danger,
            To everyone he meets he stays a stranger,
            With every move he makes another chance he takes,
            You’re a secret agent man,
            A secret agent man.
            Johnny Rivers.
            Ace Ventura.”
            @Goofy Goober

        2. In their Torah they repeat a-lot of shit over and over making affirmations of them you could say and these affirmations create reality. A lot of it also has to do with their programs of Xtianity and Pisslam: when one prays to to Jewhova or Allah (who is in reality Yahweh with Yahweh being the Jooish people as a collective) that prayer energy goes out into the astral and to the Jooish race itself to which the rabbis then turn that prayer energy around to be used against the gentiles. Xtians and Muslims literally pray for their own death and enslavement. There are verses in the Buybull also which were placed in it to help the Joos in their aims of world power (talking about how no nation will be successful against them etc). The gentiles read this drivel and believe this drivel and because thoughts create reality those verses crystallize in the third dimension and thus take effect creating the Joos a pedestal.

          1. “I don’t know about Zionism.
            But I love the subject of mind control.
            If you want to see it in action.
            Look up a People’s Temple sermon.
            It’s a black and white YouTube video.
            The Reverend was the best there was at it.
            If you can just listen to his words.
            And people’s temple deals with that shit.
            All of that crazy MK ultra shit.
            Of which the Unabomber took part of.
            And I’ll close this with a word from Jim Jones.
            We want no condescending saviors.
            To rule us from the judgment hall.
            We workers ask not for their favors.”

          2. @trust me, yea bro I spent 2 months or so just researching about Jim Jones, Unibomber, and numerous of other cults and cult mentality. It is pretty interesting shit especially learning what the human psyche is capable of. Thanks for reminding me of that.

          3. “Yeah as a writer I like cults.
            I still research the Peoples Temple.
            The thing that struck me was how he preached.
            He had an understanding of music.
            And how to use it in his preaching.
            As if he was reciting poetry.
            His choir was an example of it.
            Hear the song Walk a mile in my shoes.
            Was made by the Peoples Temple choir.
            All of the lyrics are propaganda.
            Though I don’t doubt the artist believed them.
            He and Hitler had the strongest cults.”

          4. It’s interesting how cults use songs, as these seem to soften our reason, bypassing it, often times with messages in between the lyrics. For instance, if you get to a girl out of the blue and say may I fuck your bum she will be probably alarmed (even the whores), but there may be a song playing which tells the girl to get fucked in the bum, and she may be dancing to it and singing along.

          5. “Songs are a whole other can of worms.
            It depends on how catchy it is.
            The song will have to be an ear worm.
            Ear worms are songs that get stuck in your head.
            You tell a girl may I fuck your bum.
            They’re gonna pull the pepper spray out.
            Or if you make a song of the same name.
            And it turns out to be an ear worm.
            And the girl is singing the lyrics.
            And the song gets stuck in her head.
            She still likely won’t want to date you.
            Songs need structure verses and a hook.
            And you will need some catchy lyrics.
            Which you have to be a writer to make.
            Or very lucky to just create.
            And when it comes to cult leaders.
            My I tell you this one little phrase.
            The greatest trick the devil ever pulled,
            Convincing the world he didn’t exist.
            Are folks likely to follow a tyrant?
            Or a tyrant in a saints clothing?”

          6. @EnxeneHex555.

            Yeah, right, we are willing the Jews to their pedestal… got it. Thanx for the laugh…. that’s gotta be one of the best… that will go down in history.

            Christians have a duty to convert Gentiles, and correct those who err in Scripture, or in life itself.

            Book of Rev… NEW Testament… “And the seventh angel sounded, and there were voices in Heaven saying the kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of the Lord and of his Christ and he shall reign forever and ever.”

            Make your difference between The Torah and The “Buybul”… the Bible includes Old AND New “Testaments”.

            Like Paul (Saul) said somewhere… “Do you not no Christians will rule the world?!”

            There are “verses in the Bible placed in it to help” give Jesus- ie. the Messiah, the Saviour, the King of kings, the Lord of Lords, the Holy Spirit- in His aim of world power and saving souls.

            More Jews have killed other Jews than anyone… the Bible is full of it.. Old Testament. The real Jews need to weed out the false pretenders and convert to Christianity… there are “Jewish-Christians”… the real Jews know Isreal of today is but a mirage… vapour… a house of cards built by gold bars… nothing to do with the full complete Bible other than a strong warning about them and others….

        3. They simply claim that israel is the promised/chosen land for the jews by god/jesus.
          Just search for it on youtube or anywhere and listen to the interviews yourself.

          Because of this they think they stand above everyone else.

          It’s not rocket science, it’s called religion! This is simply how it works.

          1. Nowhere in the New Testament does Jesus say anything about Israel being the promised/chosen land for Jews.

            Search youtube, listen to the interviews, whatever…

            Read the Bible yourself if you want the truth… whoever was interviewed on jewtube was twisting things if they said that.

        1. What I think I know is (or at least part of what I think I know), there’s a Greater Israel project and the project of a NWO with the Zionists as rulers. To accomplish the Greater Israel project it’s necessary to take land from Israel’s neighbours bit by bit, with settlements and the destruction of neighbouring countries. To accomplish the single world government, it’s necessary to push for globalism with a divide and conquer strategy, hence the EU and immigration to erase national loyalties, with the creation of conflicts and emergencies that justify the surrendering of freedoms (to justify the world dictatorship). Distractions in the media help to dumb down the public (so it won’t think of politics that much and won’t be critical); replacement of gold with Rothschilds’ FIAT currency (coupled with incentives for consumerism and not saving) diminish people’s real purchasing power and make it easier to manipulate the money supply and speculate (which can trigger crisis) and result in the enslavement of nations by debt; control of politicians (as the hand that gives is always above the hand that receives, and the hand that gives are the Zionists that control banking), in all political spectrum, and freemasonry are also strategies alluded to in the protocols.

          1. Interesting, the way you worded it sounds like the 12 families hypothesis that control the world. My favorite teacher ever was in college and she actually believes in that. So basically they, the Zionists, maneuver and control what countries that they do control to their liking? That would explain why the U.S. is so embedded with Middle Eastern affairs. I don’t know much about the subject so feel free to enlighten me on it because I’m all ears.

          2. You have the AIPEC in the US, a lobby for a foreign government to which both candidates in the American election had to make a pledge that they would benefit the most when in office…

        2. You all shouldn’t forget that in 1967, The Israelis attacked the USS Liberty that was stationed in the Mediterranean monitoring the Israeli 6 day war. america told Israel “we had their backs”, but when Israel was murdering innocent Arabic people in the Gaza strip, they mustve known they were wrongly exterminating (I can’t say genocide since only Jews can use that term for their own cause) for their own goals and the USS was a witness to it.
          Israel then did a fly-by of the ship with all of the American markings on it, made another pass but this time with guns and missiles flying. Israel then sent out PT boats which shot torpedoes at the USS heavily damaging it.
          When it was all said and done, Israel denied the attack but when evidence surfaced they changed their story and said the ship wasnt correctly identified as American but men on the ship told the OSS that the pilot “waved”to them during the fly-by.
          This is just one instance in history of the Jewish treachery.

          1. That’s a good one, the USS Liberty, I heard a theory that Jim Morrison was assassinated by the Mossad because he knew too much since his father was the admiral who was in command of a fleet that was quite close to the USS Liberty and apparently he wanted to intervene, but he was denied permission by one of his superiors (or something like that). Since we’re on the subject let’s remember other attacks, The King David Hotel Bombing in which the attackers disguised themselves as Arabs and exploded the part of the hotel that housed the office of the British secretary for Palestine (or something like that, well, basically the British head of Palestine), if I can remember well to try and burn some incriminatory papers, attacks with the use of barrel bombs both in a British police station in Haifa and in crowds (in bus stops, for instance) of Arabs in Jerusalem or the Lavon affair, a false flag attack in which they tried to blame muslims for the bombs they planted etc.

    2. I’m trying to understand too, I can understand Mossad false-flag attacks, but who TF is stupid enough to sacrifice their freedom, and go to prison for these attacks. I can see if no one was caught.

    3. Goober – This is not a great answer but it is honestly what a lot of Christian Americans believe. They believe that the Jews are God’s Chosen People and therefore, the U.S. being a nation “under God” are obligated to support the Jews. I know that’s not the deep, real answer. But it is the trick that’s worked very effectively on American old-school Christians for a long time. This is a deep-held belief by many Christians here.

      1. @dethbyplaster. That’s the stupidest fucking thing I ever heard….. in fact, it so stupid I had to use the F word to describe it as the stupidest thing.

        Speak for yourself. There isn’t a Christian alive whom believes the Jews are God’s chosen people…. and if they believe that, they haven’t read the New Testament.

        “The name of God is blasphemed around the world because of the behaviour of the Jews.” ~Christianity 101

        But I like your opening line to @goofball when you said “This is not a great answer…” YOU GOT THAT right, grrrlfrennd. Who commissioned you to speak on behalf of what you think “Christian-Americans” think?!

        1. Actually you may mak3 some sense, @dethbaby, but clarify whom you consider to be American Christians…. Roman Catholics?? Protestants?? Because the Protestants broke free from the cursed RC choker, and the RC’s had broke free (in a sense) from the cursed wandering Jews.

          But just don’t give the “not a great answer” to @Gobs and not give “the deep, real answer”… ie. United States sold their soul and nation for the jew buck years ago.

          “You cannot worship God and money…. you will love one and hate the other, you will cling to one and despise the other.”

          “The love of money is the root of all evil.”

          1. “And I saw 3 unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and the beast, and the false prophet, for they are the spirits of devils working miracles which go forth unto the kings of the earth and whole world to gather them together to battle of the great day of God Almighty.” ~from Revelations

            The dragon, the beast, the false prophet = Jews, Roman Catholic, Mohammedans….

            What you say, @dethbyplaster, by the word “trick” is what the words “working miracles” means in Rev. Smoke and mirrors.

      2. “I know the blasphemy of those that say they are Jews and are not, but do lie, but are (worthy to be called) the Synagogue of Satan.”

        “Your father is the Devil, he is a liar and the father of lies.”

        The Bible is ripe full of warnings about the Jews, spoken by God himself, to beware of their leaven, that bread’s got worms.

      3. @dethmybunny

        This @goofygoober guy should read the Bible see what Jesus has to say about the bastards, in His opinion there isn’t one good thing to say… nor about mankind in general… they are all controlled by Satan, The Devil, the Evil Spirit, while only through the Lord Jesus can you receive the Holy Spirit.

  2. It’s logical than after canadization people tend to ommit the c, but not everybody will change math by match and anadians by canadians.

    Remember, all the pointers aim to UK. What is Canada than a UK dependency? After the traition in two acts, UK triggered the jew puppet to feed the unstabilization project.

  3. Hi, I’m sorry but I didnt understand what you wrote. You are against the goverment that let everybody in like muslims and but then you say it a zionist scame, so anyone can clearify this for me, i realy am interested.

    P.S. the moment i heard about it i told myself- what a better way to envoce chaos in a relaxed nation…

    1. Yeah, we are so touched by the various world leaders “expressing their condolences to Canada on behalf of their nations….”…. Oh, gee, time to pull out the old script again…. insert country name here →_______←…. insert world leader name here →_______← …. insert victim country here →_______← …. send message to world, the moon and Mars….

      Hold the Presses!!! Does this say Canada…??? Is this a typo…. Check the source…

    1. OK, this explains the discrepancy that they claimed the perpetrator shouted allahu akbar and the guy (Sam) had a Trump’s shirt on. If the attack was really perpetrated by Islamic extremists (or at least that they claim so), it comes at a great moment for Trump, specially after Trudeau condemned Trump in his policies, maybe the zionists have decided that it’s time for the west to hate muslims, and not welcome them anymore.

      1. Gee, the translation of the letter really indicates it was an ”anti-muslim” attack, so maybe it’s someone who really felt emboldened by Trump or someone decided it’s not the time to shut borders, or perhaps the time to really start a war against muslims…

  4. Dialectics at work. The wooly backs need only a little persuasion to take on board “New Measures” for ” Their own” safety. As long as the dumbed down masses remain so, nothing will alter, ever. Tricks like this have served governments well for centuries.

  5. What a brain dead moron. First, they concluded that there is only one shooter, the Quebecor. Second, it’s 8 wounded, not 18. Third, the lone wolf had absolutely nothing to do with Israel he’s just a fucking lunatic.

    Stop seeing Israel behind everything -and god knows I don’t like Israel- but you keep talking about how people are brainwashed, but look at you. You knock your pinky toe on the shelf and think it’s Israelis fault lol get a life dude.

  6. Hi all, Long time lurker, first time logging on. I created an account because of the pictures of the “perp” He is Sam Hyde, a 4Chan meme who is always responsible for any mass shooting anywhere in the world. The blonde with the AK is not the shooter, he was a TV show host.

  7. I would like to see a terrorist attack before my very eyes. I want to see fear, blood, and death. I want to see what I would do in that situation. A few people in this shooting tried to tackle and chase the suspect and got injured while doing so. I believe I would succeed in disarming or possibly even end up killing the shooter with my bare hands. Or perhaps I would smile, laugh and enjoy the scenery.

    1. Why on earth would you even say you would try and stop someone from doing on to Muslims as Muslims have been doing on to others for a long time? I’d say it’s about time they get a taste of their own medicine. In a war between Muslims and Jews, I say take them both out of the picture.

  8. kinda interesting reading all comment about jew.. but maybe most of jew doing never seem harmless to human in each country (not knowing been control by them) by rules by laws by money from just paper that can buy gold and silver.. where forever they will stay rich.. until the time people noticing they have been fooled. for century p

  9. Here they go again, for Fuck Sakes. Creating more false flags, but now in Canada, in order to fulfill their greater worldwide agenda of global Marshal-Law & of a one world Government. So get ready, my Canadian Brothers & Sisters, as the Zionist secreted Shit, is starting to hit the fan! These false flags will continue, and the Sheeple will cry, like Blind and Indoctrinated little Bitches, for more Police & Security, while they kiss what little privacy, and free speech that they now have… Good-Bye!!!

  10. Israel or no Israel dead ragheads is always a good thing! The world could stop supporting Israel this afternoon and these filthy Muslimes will still continue to attack the rest of us. Muslimes are like cockroaches and Islime is just another fucking bullshit religion like any other!

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