4 thoughts on “Hate Letter Sent to Islamic Cultural Center”

  1. I will try to translate to no frog people :
    What is the worst : a pig head or a genocide ?

    Like we hear in the medias , a pig head has been place in the night if 18 or 19 last june , near entrance of the Grande Mosquée du Québec ” Mosquée de la capitale ” or ” Centre Culturel Islamique de québec ”.

    We don’t know who did this , qualified as bad joke by Montréal Journal .
    The person responsible of the mosquée show the incindent with Scarf-and show themself like ”poor victime ” In their eyes this look like a Crime for Humanity .

    Most of journalist cheerfuly relay the complain of the Responsible of the mosquée* But if they were doing there job , journalist should be inform the public for the link between Grande Mosquée (w/other names ) and Muslim Brother .

    Muslim brother exist since 1928 ; they commit and still commit number of crimes against humanity , by exemple , the political regime by there member Omar-el-Béchir , the brother muslim are responsible of a genocide who , since 20 years , strike the christian black people of South Soudan , this Genocide since now caused a millions of death .

    When they were in power in Egypt , in 2012-2013 the Brother Muslim , under the Direction of they member Mohamed Morsi , process of the start of a Genocide agains’t the coptic christian in minority. The egyptian writer Ala el-aswany , has written the Brother Muslic as a ”fascist and deceptive force ” Another history , the Brother Muslic and their alliance with nazism of Adolf Hitler , this is not the proof of a peacefull organisation and with good intention .

    ( I’m not really 100% sure about translate my english is good but no perfect so sorry and if you wanna just correct me , say i’m sorry my lord but.. and i will not cut your veins . Good day everyone . )

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