Dead Syrian Child with Huge Gunshot Wound in the Chest

Dead Syrian Child with Huge Gunshot Wound in the Chest

I think this is an exit wound. It tore good chunk of ribcage off and with it everything it protected, including the heart and lungs. Sunnis usually shoot children in the head or smite their throats, but for whatever reason made an exception with this one. Though I have no doubt the propaganda narration says otherwise. You can tell it’s the propaganda video by the terrorists’ logo in the top left:

Plus a bonus video of a child dead from trauma to the head. Hillary the Obtuse approves:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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        1. Miss you too Sharon my dear. :-).

          I am sure all the ‘Golden Oldies’ will be back.

          PLEASE… I beg everybody. DO NOT WATCH the remake of The Thing.

          It made me violently ill.

          Horror movies today are just loaded with CGI and cheap shocks.

          Kurt Russell… If I were gay.

  1. I rember hearing a saying a long time ago. “War is never about who’s right. It’s only about who’s left. I’m certanly no peace-utopia hippie, but seeing the pics of small children on this site always hits me the hardest.

    1. @uniballer we are not safe in this fucked up place called earth -.- we all die eventually I’m not a goth or an emo I’m a realist I know in going to die one day Jesus isn’t going to save me if I get captured by the enemy if I go to war those fuckers arnt going to give a shit every man for himself if you get captured or get lost in enemy territory you don’t need spiritual guidance you just need a brain and alot of balls

      1. I was in the first gulf war…not anything nearly as bad as what our guys are dealing with now. At least back then we fought a uniformed enemy, and we were able to laser guide and carpet bomb the shit out of them first. I bring this all up, because I’ve been to war, and I know what went through my mind, and those of my friends and family. I also like to think that I have honor, and regardless of if you agree or disagree with why we were over there, I can at least hold my head high and say I never shot innocents, and in fact several times put our own lives in greater danger to avoid civilian casualties. Right and easy are usually at opposite ends of the spectrum.

  2. There as always been war and there as always been death resulting from war, I believe that much of our written history is fabricated because it is the winners who are left to write history. Only large scale wars are probably historically correct as these can be cross reverenced from multiple sources.

    I wonder how this latest episode of war in our long history of violence will be written, will we support the freedom fighters against the evil Syrian government or will we support the Syrian government against the evil terrorists.

    I wish I could feel some sense of anguish regarding this dead child however compassion as long since departed from the prison of my mind, all that is left is a room full of regret and anger.

  3. I don’t know anything about gun shot wounds. Does a star fish wound in the first child indicate the gun was pressed against his chest when it was fired? I hope some gunsnackbar Best Gore member can answer this question.

  4. I am only bothered by the fact that I have children that young and I would not want to see them in that condition. Other than that, sucks they live in a fucked up country. Obviously in a better place now than this world..

  5. These dead child posts kill me, for I have a son of my own, but most of the posts made about the FSA, and Hillary, have enlightened me, for which I am grateful. May they soon be pushing daisies, so a fucked up world can purge itself if only for a brief moment.

  6. YES another one down!!!!! winning!! why do you feel sorry for this kid. This poor kid you say wtf are you talking about? this little one is so much better off its not funny Im happy for you little guy you fought the good fight now die like the rest of your kind….. The End

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