Dead Syrian Child with Severe Head Trauma

Dead Syrian Child with Severe Head Trauma

Just because we haven’t had many videos from Syria posted in the last few days, it doesn’t mean Fake Syrian Army turned less productive killing civilians and using their slain bodies for propaganda videos. Contrary, they are forced to intensify their campaign cause their sponsors are getting restless. Good old tactics of using civilians as human shields while turning their homes into forts from which to attack legitimate security forces is proving to be a solid plan for Takfiri Jihad so their tactics seem to be turning that way.

Despite Syrian government’s initiative to instill Annan Peace Plan in the country, Fake Syrian Army (FSA) is refusing to accept ceasefire and continues to massacre civilians. They want jihad and sharia law. They could care less about peace of ceasefire. They’ve been killing practitioners of other religions in the region ever since they came to be so why stop now? Fraudulent Arab Spring was just a great excuse to turn public opinion (aka sheep opinion) in their favor.

Anyway, here’s a video of a child who died from severe head trauma because Fake Syrian Army refuses to lay down weapons and talk about peace. Heed the dead child warning if such images upset you. Be angry at Fake Syrian Army – it’s because of them that this child was killed:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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52 thoughts on “Dead Syrian Child with Severe Head Trauma”

          1. “Do the voices in My head bother You?”

            I have discovered that, in having conversations with myself, it’s the only time that EVERYONE INVOLVED is up to speed with what the hell I’m trying to say

  1. The real Syrian army can stand up and pretend they are going to convert to jihad and sharia law. Then when the (FSA) put down their guns The real Syrian army can gather them up in the middle of the night. This baby killing is terrible anyway you look at it! Fucking savages!!! “look ma no brains” is something one would say if she was stoned.

      1. @drccoco, that murdered child got to me that’s all. so sad to see the length of inhumanity people go just for a belief. grrr. I need to watch “Glee” or “Americas got talent” after seeing this crud. lol

      1. (Jehovah’s Witnesses) are the only religion it seems that actually ACT like humans are “supposed” to act….kind, respectful, tolerant to others, even though others aren’t so tolerant to them….kinda like the Amish, but witnesses drive cars and use DVD’s.

        Only thing is though, is, like with EVERY SINGLE RELIGION ON THE PLANET, when you get sooooo far into it that you are screwed if you change your mind….what if you begin to disagree with your own belief?

        What if you say “this just, IS NOT Me”

        I like to steer clear from it all.

        i’ve learned a bit about it, even tried reading the bible.

        It may be true, it may not be. I just know that, for Me, I HATE the human race, and I DO NOT want to see it continued on, because it has never been earned, and we simply do NOT learn how NOT to suck.

        If god’s plan was to have things just so, and for humans to not suck, then WHY instill curiosity, and to put something that they will eventually fuck with?



        If “Satan’ was so bitchin’ of an angle (apparently 1 of 6-7 that were in god’s little high-ranking circle) and he just BECAME egotistical, then whats to say it won’t all just happen again, even after “armageddon”?

        there are so many different arguments about this shit, and it’s always rooted in the most popular way to die in history…death due to religious issues.

        For me, NO THANK YOU.

        Go knock on someone else’s door. I don’t want to hear it.

  2. Mark how can you ask us to care about Syria and at the same time have the naked pic of the day right next to us?? Its like I try really hard to care about the lybia or Syria fsnarmy or something but caa’maann!!! Im all like awww poor little ki… Oh man check out that ass! I would lick that shit all day! *fapfapfapfap*

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