Dead Syrian Man Eaten by Wildlife Down to the Bone

Dead Syrian Man Eaten by Wildlife Down to the Bone

I actually don’t know for sure whether it was wildlife that munched on his flesh, but what else could it be? This corpse was discovered in the field. Head and lower legs were vastly untouched, but upper legs and entire torso were stripped of all flesh, only the skeleton remained.

Propaganda spreaders jumped on the video claiming that this is a body of a martyr tortured by Bashar al-Assad’s regime who dipped him in acid. Kind of strange acid that melts all flesh but leaves bloody bones.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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57 thoughts on “Dead Syrian Man Eaten by Wildlife Down to the Bone”

  1. I would def say that is not acid related. Although, I’m sure we have all seen some mutilated people from acid attacks that survived. I don’t know about this one. I wish they would learn how to hold a steady camera.

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  2. i`d say cannibals got his guy ,the face and head are entirely left intact,with all the soft tissue there you would think the animals would of eaten that as well,or maybe they were grossed out by the ugly looks…

  3. this seems to be fake. If it were animal related, it wouldnt be stripped so well. animals cannot get every parcel from the person. and acid as said would not leave bloody bones, nor would it have left his feet intact.

      1. the acid would have turned into a red mush after eating through the flesh and its feasible that if it were acid used and it made red mush that it would stain the bone as it began to eat at it given that bone is very porous. if the body was discovered only a few hours after placement of if the concentration of the acid were to low then the bones would b left and stained red.

  4. its possibly i guess that the man could of been in a 50 gallon barrel bent in half wit some acid but not full. then his head and feet would of been above the acid and thus not affected by it. but never know none of us were there.

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