Dead Thieves Publicly Hanged Upside Down in Farah Province, Afghanistan

Dead Thieves Publicly Hanged Upside Down in Farah Province, Afghanistan

On January 2, 2004 the forces of new Afghani government killed two alleged thieves, wounded another and arrested two more in the province of Farah in western Afghanistan. The following morning, Farah government officials decided to hang the bodies of the dead thieves upside down in two different public locations in the city of Farah as a warning to would be thieves.

The bodies were left there hanging in broad daylight and full view of everyone, including children like it was still middle ages. I guess it still is, in some parts of the world.

Props to Best Gore member Jafoooly for the lead. There are two pictures, one of each body and two short videos, likewise one of each body. Notice the children up close and personal with fresh corpses:


Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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49 thoughts on “Dead Thieves Publicly Hanged Upside Down in Farah Province, Afghanistan”

      1. It’s what humans have been doing forever, now that it barbaric we wont do it anymore, and look how much more criminal people have become, we learn by example, so let them see when their young enough so they can keep lives on a good path.

  1. I wanna see someone hung by their balls, literally. As they start to decompose the weight of the body will slowly stretch the body away from the balls until it snaps. That shit would be funny. And I’m drinkin’ a couple of beers for you bastards tonite! Steel reserve 211 high gravity lager, these things fuck ya up pretty good! Saturday VODKA!!!

    1. @Lunatic- I once picked up a dead rat by its ear, then its ear fell off. My sister screamed for a fucking hour whilst vomiting.

      Its Saturday where you are at? Or are you announcing that you will be drinking vodka Saturday. Its Thursday where I am at. Most of you guys are in the future I think. =(

  2. I have to say pic of the day looks like a fu— tranny man. Hindu’s dont fuck around man. steal their gf and get youre dick chopped off. steal a salad and get hanged upside down…..

    1. It wouldn’t be that interesting to watch. It would probably take a while but eventually if hung over an extended period of time a person would probably just die of a stroke or hemorrhage since blood would be pooling in the blood vessels surrounding the brain.

      Although it would be funny watching someone’s face turning different shades of purple and crimson.

      1. Think about the good time! Start it off, get a few chairs and a cooler of brew. After a good buzz gets goin the guys start yelling in pain and struggling, colorchanging. Taking bets on time of death.

        I’d live to see what it looks like after 24 hours, even 48 and so on. The heads slowly getting mishapen as they decomp while hangin.. Muahahahhaaa

  3. I agree that thieves should be put down, same as thugs, rapists, and murderers… but their has to be a division between guilty and not guilty, they didn’t even try these people, they just used them as examples…

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