Deadly Shooting Between Miami Dade Police and Growhouse Suspect

Deadly Shooting Between Miami Dade Police and Growhouse Suspect

Miami-Dade narcotics detectives were investigating a marijuana growhouse when they were surprised by a suspect who had just arrived on his BMW. Shootout that ended with one detective wounded and the suspect dead was captured on the growhouse’s many, audio equipped CCTV cameras.

Detective John Saavedra was wounded with three bullets to the gut. Suspected marijuana trafficker Gerardo Delgado was heavily outmanned and outgunned but fought bravely till his last breath. He took cover behind a tree but was hit by Detective Jorge Milan. Still, he continued to fight back until a headshot put an end to the standoff. At that point, the gun flew out of his hand and the suspected trafficker crumbled to the ground, writhing in pain and moaning loudly.

After the shooting, the police arrested Gerardo Delgado’s cohort – 60 year old Luis Estevanell. 60 year old chap involved with alleged drug trafficking – fuck yeah! Although just how much is Marijuana a drug is disputable. But it’s a good means to keep the privately owned prisons to capacity so the crooked owners can stuff their pockets full of tax payers’ money while at the same time assisting the big pharma guys to get theirs – when it’s illegal for people to cure themselves with natural herbs that can be grown in their backyard, people are stuck having to buy expensive pills that have side effects and thus keep them sick and dependent on the big pharma products until their untimely death.

Inside the suspected growhouse police found 80 pounds of Marijuana. Luis Estevanell was charged with possession of cocaine, trafficking of marijuana and second-degree felony murder. Because of the way the Florida laws are written, Luis Estevanell can be held responsible for murder of Gerardo Delgado, even though it was the cops that murdered him.

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52 thoughts on “Deadly Shooting Between Miami Dade Police and Growhouse Suspect”

    1. That’s the best first post you got?!!!! Shit man I wanted to write something for like an hour now, but I think writing something bad about the po-nine somehow violates my probation…dammit where’s my batmobile!

      1. Ya ,,especially when the windows are dark tinted,,,wow,,it looked exactly like in the movies, when a close shoot out happens..! I guess this was kinda like the ” Gun fight at the O.K. corral.” !! lol….but the 2013 version,,,,, note ,,the nice head-shot kill…..for a minute there, I thought the black dude was trying to dry hump the tree,,,,lol…

    1. Sure MisterSix, I suppose if the guy from said left of the screen whipped out a lollipop and started sucking on it like a teenage nipple, instead of a FUCKING HAND CANON leveling a well manicured yard populated with COPS… all causalities would have been avoided.

      1. But the guy that started shooting also came out of the growhouse and sat in his car. I would think immediately arresting everyone at the growhouse would eliminate almost all chances of that sort of thing happening

  1. I just wonder if in his pea-brain he actually thought to himself- I’m going to die right now. I mean did he really think that himself and a tree could get out alive in that situation?! The tree did, but he would’ve went down no matter what. Backup would’ve been there eventually. It was a no-win for him! He totally should’ve snuck out the car! He probably would’ve gotten away!!

    1. I disagree, sweetie. They already made a perimeter & backup was coming. They are there to serve a warrant and take the place apart. Those oinkers will not let a car drive away until they are good and ready. He got out of the car the stand up for his partner or his Pop’s? Not sure the relation, but he just reacted. The only way for him to escape, was to sneak out the passenger side, and hide in the neighbor’s shrub for a few hours, or just blend in and walk away. He could not drive away. Hell no. But it was crazy how his head sprayed like that.

    2. oops, my bad, I mean i totally agree. he should have just tried to let his attorney plea bargain or win on paper or in the courtroom. you have better odds than fighting the professionals . yup. peebrained.

  2. It looks like they werent even aware the brave gun man was in the car when they pulled up. They just walked right on past him sitting in his car. Honestly, when are they going to make this stupid substance legal? Such a waste of tax payer money and time going after such a dumb harmless substance.

  3. So you’re telling me that they’re going to charge him for murder because his dead friend shot at the police?? I gotta get the fuck out of America this shit has just reached a whole new level of full retard.

  4. Mark, Your right on about the role pharmas have in all this.

    That’s just one of the reasons why I personally feel federally, trees could NEVER become legal. So that our crooked government could pick & choose who they want to prosecute. Regardless of their effort they’ll ALWAYS have people like me with “modest little crops” that they’ll never be able to get to due to a lack of resources, my spring crop is drying as we speak!

  5. He didn’t die because of marijuana. He died because he pulled a gun on the police. That’s a sure ride to the morgue. But, really, how many people must die because of their need to smoke a weed? Death for a weed. Only in our USA.

    1. Thank you right? Fuckin losers I’ve seen it start fights. People kill each other over it brothers get in fist fights over it its fucking stupid if you depend on it that much and its so valuable to you you are a loser lol

  6. the best part was when the “0fficer” on the right was a dumbass, just stood there without taking cover, and took 3 to the gut from this cowboy weed slinger and fell down to the right . nice shot from this crazy nut, typical bmw driver, impetuous but dead as a doornail.

  7. In Australia they’ve started to put up anti-weed ads for Crime Stoppers. So now people are more likely to anonymously call in and report suspected weed growers. They included a whole bunch of different things to indicate whether people may be growing inside. Fucking cunts. I wish there were posters so I can just rip them down and shit on them.

  8. What’s the law is the law fuckem shoot em down police you guys cry and say fuck the police blah blah then you’ll cry when you have someone rob you or kill someone you love then you’ll be a puss and say where were the police haha

  9. I was literally a few blocks away where it happened. I swear to God I think I was smoking my blunt while the whole thing was happening. It’s crazy how this happened in West Kendall. For the ones that don’t know, West Kendall is usually quiet and a nice area of Miami to live in. Also it happened next to the high school I went to.

    1. Yeah, especially the surrounding areas, it’s mostly middle-class to upper-class. I don’t know why their camera’s were bad quality.

      I also seen some of the cops there in person as well lol. It’s funny how they didn’t take cover as quick, especially the one that got hit.

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