Deadly Bombing Near Banex Plaza Shopping Complex in Wuse District, Abuja, Nigeria

Deadly Bombing Near Banex Plaza Shopping Complex in Wuse District, Abuja, Nigeria

On Wednesday June 25, 2014 a deadly bomb attack at Emab plaza, near a busy Banex Plaza Shopping Complex in Wuse District, in Nigeria’s capital city of Abuja has killed at least 21 people. Additional 52 were reported injured, many of them seriously. No group has claimed responsibility for the bombing, but the corporate media wasted no time establishing the much needed fear of Boko Haram in the minds of the public. Kenyan did not invest Β£200 Million to turn RAF Croughton Air Force bases into the largest intelligence hubs outside the mainland United States for nothing. RAF Croughton will have 1,250 staff and will cover US AFRICOM (Africa Command) operations in Africa.

Abuja’s Wuse 2 upscale district is popular with wealthy Nigerians and foreigners. Nigerian soldiers reportedly shot and killed one suspect as he tried to escape on a bike and police detained a second suspect.

Best Gore member Southern Cross, who’s from Nigeria explains:

I’ve been on BestGore for years now, way before it became the “popular” site it has now become, right from when it was paralleled by (which is apparently now extinct). You guys, the new admin, are doing a really good job. I can say if Mark was able to see the site now, he’d be damn proud.

I am from Nigeria and while I’ve seen the craziness of humans (mostly thanks to BG) I have never seen the madness actually extend to my country. Bombings, tribalist killings, beheadings… All these things were never a part of our country – until around the time of the Arab Spring.

Somehow, the ZOG always shows up in all these countries. And somehow, we are all oil or mineral producing countries that suddenly turn maniacal. It doesn’t take Einstein to realize that the ZOG leaders have a hand in all this turmoil.

The world needs to realize that most of these extremists are controlled and manipulated by key figures. It may not affect your country today, but you never know what you have that the Zionists will want tomorrow. We better wake up, create more awareness about this new “wave of extremism” and act. And act soon.

As we reported at Best Gore two months ago, Abuja was also rocked by a deadly attack in April of this year.

Many thanks to Southern Cross for the video of the Banex Plaza bombing aftermath:

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  1. It just never amazes me that people are capable of causes pain to others like you see. From this to all over the Middle East, Ukraine etc. I come here mainly to see what man is willing to do to his fellow man.

    If I could decide the fate of men who commit such atrocities (rape, murder, mass murder etc) I would make each one drown in a septic tank. That way, the last experience they have in life will be drowning in shit and piss.

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  2. It,s nice to see people risk their own lives to help others in need. Kudos to those brave men for their unselfish, heroic actions that surely resulted in many lives saved! πŸ™‚

  3. “Many and sharp the num’rous ills
    Inwoven with our frame!
    More pointed still we make ourselves
    Regret, remorse, and shame!
    And man, whose heav’n-erected face
    The smiles of love adorn, –
    Man’s inhumanity to man
    Makes countless thousands mourn!”

  4. Hmmm at first I thought I was watching enigma’s return to innocence video what with all the cars driving in reverse. Hey Nigeria at least you made the cut for the next round in fifa. Rejoice. …

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  6. In further developments, a mad chicken, hell bent on revenge, has claimed responsibility for the attack. His accomplis, a watermelon, also had an organisational involvement. The victims apparently brutally killed and ate members of both attackers families last week.
    According to the chicken’s attorney, his client expressed remorse for his actions by releasing a statement: “after seeing my mother and father on the dinner plate, I just snapped”.
    The watermelon was less sympathetic, “screw em, better them than me.” We will follow up with this story as more information becomes available.

  7. I turned off the volume and pretended it was that McDonalds lady that beat the woman in front of the little boy, that they dragged across the street by the head towards the end of the video. You know they had her skirt up in the back of the ambulance.

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