Death of Chris Stevens – US Ambassador in Benghazi, Libya

Death of Chris Stevens - US Ambassador in Benghazi, Libya

Ain’t Karma a hot bitch? I just want to go down on her and lick her moldy pussy raw. One moment you bomb Jihadists to victory, the next they stab you in the back. Let’s hope Hillary the Obtuse and Benshitface Netanyahu are next. Seriously, what did our friends the war criminals from Washington DC think they’d achieve by overthrowing a government that puts people first and replacing it with a bunch of cutthroat Wahabbis and Salafis? Death of Chris Stevens was justice perfectly served and timing could not have been more significant.

Looks like a lot has happened while I was gone. I thought I was only gonna withdraw for a few days, but I walked upon a disaster scene when I reached my wilderness cache and had to act on it. I was not stocked for 7 days of heavy manual labor and it took its toll, but because temperatures were significantly lower than they had been the last 3 times I went, the number of biting mosquitoes was significantly reduced. At least when it came to daytime biters, since nighttime biters were as plentiful and as aggressive as ever.

I suppose you all know I give the events of September 11, 2001 the lowly significance they deserve, so it hadn’t occurred to me that I’d be gone during the day when many a sheep mourn the dead. These are the same sheep who come back to the street to rejoice when other human beings are killed. Bunch of disgusting pigs. Still, who would have thought our friends the NATO Rats would execute the assassination of a US Ambassador to Libya by storming the U.S. consulate in Benghazi with military precision to commemorate the event on the exact day of the anniversary.

We all know what fine human beings the NATO Rats are – we can just look at racist torture of black people, rape of French journalist or desecration of Christian cemetery – among scores of other similar evens perpetrated by the Jihadists (just search for “Libya” on Best Gore to get an idea, if you’re new). Hillary the Obtuse, Benshitface Netanyahu and their friends from the Axis of Evil – Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar support the same JihadistsWahhabis and Salafis in Syria. Let us pray that similar fate also meets US diplomats in Syria after they bombed the cutthroats to victory there. I’ll lick Karmas moldy asshole if she delivers, like she ought to. Nothing makes me happier than when war criminals get a bit of their own medicine…

I wasn’t around to see it, but did the sheep go out to rejoice over the death of Chris Stevens like they did when Kenyan fooled them with a fairytale about the assassination of long dead Osama bin Laden? I can’t think of anything more noble a bunch of sheep would do. At least in this case they’d have a real death to cheer over.

When the West supported the terrorists in Libya, I spoke against it. Now that the tides have turned, I’m in support of the terrorists too. Please Hillary, send them more RPGs and more money so they can kill more Americans. And let them not stop at Americans. Canada, UK, France and many other countries launched attacks on Libya just the same. May the terror you created bite you in the backside hard. Go Jihad! Send more of these supporters of terrorism to hell where they’ll have their way with them. Hopefully a Canadian Ambassador is next.

BTW – it really feels weird to be sitting in an actual chair. I’m also about to take shower in warm water. SPoils of modern world… I have over 3,000 emails to go through which I will try to do in the next few days. Not sure yet if anybody missed my ass or not yet, hehe.

Props to Best Gore member IveGotYouUnderMySkin for the pics. Unless otherwise stated, credit for photos goes to Reuters photographer Esam Omran Al-Fetori and EPA:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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96 thoughts on “Death of Chris Stevens – US Ambassador in Benghazi, Libya”

    1. oh oh, I got another reaction to Chris Stevens corpse…
      “Trying getting a reservation at Citronelle now you Stupid fucking Bastard! You! Fucking! Prick!!!!”

      Hahaha, once again Justice is Served.

      (Note: Citronelle is a very popular and exclusive restaurant in DC for all those Ambassadors and poltiicians and lobbist etc) >:D

    1. Hey Death Ripper, whatever shit hole you are from, just keep in mind that we are still by far the strongest country out there despite the last 8 yrs we have had under a libtard president. (Which won’t be the case come January). Some of you POS morons over seas don’t realize that we actually assist a fuck load of y’alls military. So you might want to say “fuck us” but just remember the ratio that we are discussing here. They take out a mere handful of us while we take out fuck loads of the trash that are terrorizing the vast majority of countries, including many high profile terrorists.

  1. finally an update. Aladeen is pleased. thx for your support for our jihadi cause. as an honor to you mark, aladeen will behead you first when we get to canada. my personal guards will then proceed to ass rape you and post it for al jazeera tv. allahu akbar.

    1. Happy belated birthday to you to lunatic! whats with all these sob’s birthdays recently we need to make a sob party happen somehow, international gore day where we all get together and party like true s.o.b’s, yes this wine has gone to my head lol!

  2. Yay you’re back, You were so missed, all these obsessed gore fans checking the site three times a day, yes sad but true, it was like a dog waiting at the window for his master to return, lol not quite, but it felt like an eternity!!

  3. Alright! Welcome back Mark!
    Posting more inconvient truth and making sheeps uneasy with political incorrectness. I love how the sheep are all crying and mourning the death of 4 people they never even knew because it promoted by the MSM.

    I didn’t give fuck when I say the news at my Gym, I continue running on that Treadmill and Laughed a big laugther! HAHAHAHA “Justice Served”

    You returned right on time for my Birthday too September 14, I thought you weren’t gonna return in time from your battle with the Ice sasquatch.

      1. PS @Vincit Omnia Veritas (Mark) -I spoke w/a woman at work today about this story. It was textbook: her only impression of these events came from what she saw on tv, while I had the BG facts! I was gentle, though, as it can be too much for those under a “sheep induced” state of mind. Don’t know that I’ve recruited a new BG fan. However, by waking her to alternate news sources out side of the “idiot box”, I believe that I’ve done well to serve Vincit Omnia Vertis! (pss- welcome back… sorry the world’s still so fucked up, mate.)

  4. We missed all of you Mark… especially your ass!

    And what about that piece of shit ‘movie’ that caused this?
    I was pissed off after watching it too… what a piece of crap.
    But seriously, do this because of a stupid movie? Any excuse to kill I guess.

    1. Your guess is correct,this has always been their way…..also an efficient means of control
      over the uneducated masses by the politically motivated religous elite,this religously
      inspired fervor shows their dedication and gives respectability to an otherwise meaningless
      mundane life.

  5. Let the whites and the snackbarists destroy eachother so that the Indians can finally rule the world and convert the whole world into the kamasutraland in all its glory! like the way India was before the muslims and europeans invaded her.! those were the good old glorious days of Indian history.
    BTW: why is the naked pic of the day not updated???

  6. Welcome back, Mark. I, too, was getting worried about you cuz you said you’d be gone (I had thought) for a long weekend. Anyhoo, I had to resort to a Mexican gore site for my fix, although what I didn’t like about the site is they include animal abuse, which you don’t feature (except for those brats who beat up that little dog with a stick). I should’ve know better since the descriptions of said videos included the words “perro” (dog) or “gato” (cat) AND I CLICKED ON THEM ANYWAY!!! Boy, did I beat the shit out of myself up for that!!! Again, WELCOME BACK, DUDE!

  7. I like how the United States has Ambassadors all over the world. Especially in turbulent regions. It’s like when I walk into a room full of other drunks, and I’m the nicest intoxicated guy in the room (Which sums our human nature up perfectly. Crazy, insane…), but one of the other bastards with a belligerent chip on his shoulder can’t help but pick a fight with me out of some kind of (most likely believed-imagined) spiteful reason. Just goes to show me that my ways triggered an insecurity in them, and that they need to find a behavior that’s better suited to dealing with customs other than their own. I’m evolved. You’re a savage. Stop drinking (AKA trying to be a human being) until you can correct the error of your ways. Foreign policy is little different than that. “Hey! We’re your friends! What do ya need?” “NO! Go away! We hate you for reasons that our closed up, locked up generation-by-generation-inbred rusted minds won’t allow us to understand!” *BANG BLAM KABOOM POW* (War ensues…)

    1. Well put, @Future Days (I think I get you on that). I’m no expert on foreign relations, but it always seemed disingenuous to have embassies in nations the US is supposedly in a hot/cold war (or “at odds”) with. That in mind, I have to say that incidents like this are apparently Necessary to wake people up from whatever media-induced delusion they had about the Middle East (“Arab Spring”?) & the US true involvement there.

      1. Holy freaking god I was so drunk last night. I could’ve swore I’d have at least one of those bottles of Coors left over for tonight before I opened up the Buds. My post was written on about Coors #11, and I’m glad it (sort of) made sense to someone.

        Anyway, let me respond properly to you since you took the time to read my gibberish. 🙂

        “I?m no expert on foreign relations, but it always seemed disingenuous to have embassies in nations the US is supposedly in a hot/cold war (or ?at odds?) with.”

        That’s a healthy suspicion to have. In sticking with my intoxicated theme above, I’ll say that I’ve always thought about nosy foreign policies like this: It’s like a thugged out black guy who has gold teeth and saggin’ pants frequenting a biker/redneck bar for a drink. He can come in, sit down, and ask for whatever the bar has on tap, but he’ll always be hip deep in the uncomfortable you-don’t-belong-here tension atmosphere naturally created by the regulars. Which begs the question like you asked “Why in the hell are you drinking here when you know there’s hundreds of other bars out there for people like you to drink at?”

        It’s selfish. There’s gotta be something in it for the people involved. Maybe the black guy wants to try to buy the biker/redneck bar, so he can reinvent the place into his own image. Start stocking Colt 45, and other nasty malt liquors that his kinfolk’ll like. Why else would he frequent a place where he’s in constant danger of getting his ass kicked?

        I don’t know. Sometimes people just need to keep to themselves. You don’t have to be friends with everybody, and not everybody wants to be your friend, anyway. Same thing between countries. Not every culture on this planet arose from generations of good and bad experiences and differing schools of thought to click together with the rest of humanity like our species is supposed to be a fuckin’ rainbow.

        The U.S. sure does have its fingers in a lot of pies, though, and I wish (keyword because this won’t come true) that our government would be clearer with us citizens as to exactly why we’re putting ourselves out there so much for these other nations. Especially the ones with cultures that just want to see us all dead, gone, and forgotten. Like, of course, the Middle East. Must… Resist… Urge… To bring up… O… I… L… AH!!! I can’t! I won’t! Anyway, I’m sick of that Nanny-of-the-World image that America has achieved throughout the years. Only the countries WORTH taking care of should be helped. Countries that can help us when we need it. The rest can kill each other off like dogs for all I care.

        I don’t even know what else to say. I am definitely rambled out now.

  8. The whole thing smells of a Black Flag Mossad Op.

    Very opportune, too. That way whoever “wins” the pupper show called American elections, has to do so on a platform that includes further use of troops to “protect America” (read: “protect Israel”).

  9. Welcome back Mark 🙂

    We all know you needed and deserved a break, but i’ve taken to biting my nails waiting for my daily dose of gore – I was about to create some of my own. Whew glad you appeared, just in time 😉

  10. 1 very important question that I have about this attack…where the fuck were the armed Marines who were suppose to be protecting the place? I doubt a marine would just abandon his post and there are always suppose to be on duty so wtf happend?!?

  11. The jews are the kings of social engineering.
    First they put islamists (the jew’s useful idiots) in control of Lybia, then they make a video they know will piss off the Islamists, the jews then pay some idiots to burn the american embassy to piss of the americans, now the jews will watch with amusement muslims and americans kill each other while sitting somewhere in New York or Israel to count the money they made with the situation.

  12. Dear mark, I have agreed with all your opinions and remarks on everything you’ve posted and said. As well as some on this post but not all of it. Firstly the death of Chris Stevens. He was an ambassador to relay messages and regrettably he supported the fake rebels. But he was a diplomat. Why haven’t the Muslims attacked British diplomats etc. .and the 9/11 remark of the lowly significance. Thousands lost their lives. And I realize hundreds of thousands more died as result. Neither side is right. Truth is always the first, FIRST, casualty of war. But most of these were sheep. Some were not sheep. Either way no one deserves to die unless they COMMIT a heinous crime.(I realize it’s a loose term). Such as those who kill for religeon. Religeon has absolutely NO place in this world. It causes death and more death. Religeon should be banned everywhere. Especially in government. And I’ve seen the video(“innocense of muzzies) To me, in my opinion, it seemed very accurate other than part about him(mohammed) being gay. And the child rape part(which is despicable and should be punishable extremely severely) which I may be wrong about and would not surprise me if I was. I may have left something out or did not clarify on something and I apologize. Let me know if I did please. Thank you

  13. You shouldn’t care if anyone missed your ass, Mark.
    If I were you I would delete all the 3000 incoming emails. Vacations are sacred! Why the sheeps can’t respect that?
    On addition, this is why I don?t email you anymore. This and the evading donation manouvers.

  14. See mark, this is why you are so awesome. Your views give me a totally new viewpoint to see things from. Here in the us we will never really hear the ruff nitty gritty. I love it and have been anticipating this post.
    Phone went kaput and had to get a newer better one!!! Aw yeah!!!

  15. When you strip away all of the politics and conspiracy theories, the fact remains that the Arab Islamic animals are now in conflict with civilization. The Arabs wouldn’t be of much more concern than say, the Africans, except for the huge amounts of wealth being transferred from the civilized world to them – because of something which comes out of the ground, not anything they do.

    They must be defeated/controlled. You are all English speaking Westerners benefiting from the great Western creation of the internet. How could you ever celebrate the death of one of us at the hands of these animals?

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