Death of Chris Stevens – US Ambassador in Benghazi, Libya

Death of Chris Stevens - US Ambassador in Benghazi, Libya

Ain’t Karma a hot bitch? I just want to go down on her and lick her moldy pussy raw. One moment you bomb Jihadists to victory, the next they stab you in the back. Let’s hope Hillary the Obtuse and Benshitface Netanyahu are next. Seriously, what did our friends the war criminals from Washington DC think they’d achieve by overthrowing a government that puts people first and replacing it with a bunch of cutthroat Wahabbis and Salafis? Death of Chris Stevens was justice perfectly served and timing could not have been more significant.

Looks like a lot has happened while I was gone. I thought I was only gonna withdraw for a few days, but I walked upon a disaster scene when I reached my wilderness cache and had to act on it. I was not stocked for 7 days of heavy manual labor and it took its toll, but because temperatures were significantly lower than they had been the last 3 times I went, the number of biting mosquitoes was significantly reduced. At least when it came to daytime biters, since nighttime biters were as plentiful and as aggressive as ever.

I suppose you all know I give the events of September 11, 2001 the lowly significance they deserve, so it hadn’t occurred to me that I’d be gone during the day when many a sheep mourn the dead. These are the same sheep who come back to the street to rejoice when other human beings are killed. Bunch of disgusting pigs. Still, who would have thought our friends the NATO Rats would execute the assassination of a US Ambassador to Libya by storming the U.S. consulate in Benghazi with military precision to commemorate the event on the exact day of the anniversary.

We all know what fine human beings the NATO Rats are – we can just look at racist torture of black people, rape of French journalist or desecration of Christian cemetery – among scores of other similar evens perpetrated by the Jihadists (just search for “Libya” on Best Gore to get an idea, if you’re new). Hillary the Obtuse, Benshitface Netanyahu and their friends from the Axis of Evil – Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar support the same JihadistsWahhabis and Salafis in Syria. Let us pray that similar fate also meets US diplomats in Syria after they bombed the cutthroats to victory there. I’ll lick Karmas moldy asshole if she delivers, like she ought to. Nothing makes me happier than when war criminals get a bit of their own medicine…

I wasn’t around to see it, but did the sheep go out to rejoice over the death of Chris Stevens like they did when Kenyan fooled them with a fairytale about the assassination of long dead Osama bin Laden? I can’t think of anything more noble a bunch of sheep would do. At least in this case they’d have a real death to cheer over.

When the West supported the terrorists in Libya, I spoke against it. Now that the tides have turned, I’m in support of the terrorists too. Please Hillary, send them more RPGs and more money so they can kill more Americans. And let them not stop at Americans. Canada, UK, France and many other countries launched attacks on Libya just the same. May the terror you created bite you in the backside hard. Go Jihad! Send more of these supporters of terrorism to hell where they’ll have their way with them. Hopefully a Canadian Ambassador is next.

BTW – it really feels weird to be sitting in an actual chair. I’m also about to take shower in warm water. SPoils of modern world… I have over 3,000 emails to go through which I will try to do in the next few days. Not sure yet if anybody missed my ass or not yet, hehe.

Props to Best Gore member IveGotYouUnderMySkin for the pics. Unless otherwise stated, credit for photos goes to Reuters photographer Esam Omran Al-Fetori and EPA:

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