Death in Sarajevo, 1993, The World is Still the Same

Gunned Down as they Fled their Besieged City

In May 1993, Sarajevo, the once beautiful capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, a breakaway territory of Yugoslavia, was a year into what would be a four year siege with the beleaguered population living without amenities and with critically limited supplies. Civilians were targeted by snipers, and large parts of the city could not be traversed without coming under fire. Bosnian Serbs backed by the Yugoslav Government tried to subdue the population and prevent independence, and the Bosniaks inexplicably used the same tactic against the population in enforcing their declared independence, albeit against Serb controlled areas.

Much has been made of the religious and ethnic backgrounds of Admira Ismić (a Christian Serb) and Boško Brkić (a Muslim Bosniak) in what was portrayed by western media as a largely racial and religiously based war. But given this unfairly oversimplifies the conflict and ignores the stupidity of western leaders after World War II in the setting up of the boundaries of Yugoslavia, I’ll instead focus on the fact that this couple were 25 year olds, loved each other and were willing to risk their lives to flee a war zone where the civilians were designated as legitimate targets.

Their escape route took them across Vrbanja Bridge which exposed them to a sniper kill zone. According to reports of the day the couple had used contacts each had between the two main sides to negotiate safe passage across the bridge. Unfortunately though, someone apparently didn’t get the memo. As the couple stepped onto the bridge a shot was heard and Boško Brkić fell dead. Admira Ismić was struck by a bullet immediately after and mortally wounded. Admira crawled the short distance to Boško’s body and hug him as she wailed, before eventually succumbing to her wound.

It was eight days before their bodies were recovered. But even before there bodies were cold, the world media machine had wasted no time in profiteering from their unfortunate demise, dubbing them the Romeo and Juliet of Sarajevo and holding them as a symbol of the plight of the population. To this day no one knows who was actually responsible for the killing, however western media subtly suggested it was a Serb, of course without evidence or motive.

The targeting of civilians in any conflict is murder. Whether with a rifle, a missile or a bomb, collateral damage is murder. Whether it is political, racial or reactionary, it is murder. Whether it is justifiable in textbooks today or tomorrow, whether a man, woman or a child, or whether the sick, old or dying, it is murder.

Admira Ismić and Boško Brkić were two of over 5,000 civilians killed in the siege of Sarajevo. Without NATO interference the conflict would not have drawn on as long and many of these casualties may have been avoided. But as is the way of the world, conflict draws conflict and the only beneficiaries are those who sell the weaponry.

When a section of a nationalised community is geologically and socially isolated from their nation, what benefits exist for the retention of union?

Where the people decide they wish to secede, is this not a matter for the people wanting to go it alone? If the nation from which they are separating chooses to resist and armed conflict ensues, is this not a matter for them?

I resent the foreign relations exercises of our governments that follow internal disputes. The turning of blind eyes to the atrocities of one and highlighting of the atrocities of the other is a blatant propaganda exercise in mind control of you the gullible (or so it is believed). Conflicts as these are always extremely personal, complicated and historically rooted. The good guy, bad guy artistry of politicians makes us all dumber, when the reality is that there are no good guys or bad guys, just differences in opinion, perspective, and ideology.

We have a native pigeon in Australia (not like those flying rats from Europe) called a crested pigeon. They generally hang out in pairs and a few years ago I saw a pigeon which had been hit by a car. I’m actually surprised the species isn’t extinct given they are complete retards when it comes to vehicles, and show no urgency in getting out of the way when on the road in front of you.

This particular pigeon’s mate seemed quite distressed, and I felt sorry for it as it stumbled around, not knowing what to do with itself. It’s friend (presumably with benefits) lay dead, head squished and crop opened, wings splayed and feathers at the mercy of the breeze.

The only thing that seemed to distract the pigeon from it’s apparent grief were scattered seeds and grains that had spilled from the dead bird’s crop. Every few steps it seemed to forget itself and gobble down some of its buddy’s last meal before returning to its distressed state. It was a bizarre contradiction of instinct and higher order empathy.

Just like the pigeon, our national leaders bobble around cooing about the dramas that occur, and to the casual observer it may appear they are genuinely interested in the welfare of whomever they are in a flutter over. But in reality they always have one eye open for whatever loot they can help themselves to.

As Ukraine and Russia dance on the brink of war it is easy to get whipped up in the frenzy of media opinion seeding. But your opinion is yours to make alone, based on the facts. The ever obsequious US has admitted funding protestors and rioters in support of the Ukrainian coup, and now the media is completely ignoring the wishes of Crimea to be separate from Ukraine. The eastern provinces likewise wish to separate from Ukraine and there are cultural, ethnic and historical reasons why they would wish to do this.

Whether it is right or wrong for Russian to support the secession is different to whether the provinces have a right to seek autonomy, and separate again to whether they want to join Russia.

Take a breath and think of it from the perspective of the people living in the areas which are at the heart of the dispute. Ultimately shouldn’t it be their wish that is the priority?

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          It comes down to interest. For example some people reading the news paper will read the first 5 pages of news, others will flip over and read the last five pages of sport, and others still (I’m guessing this is you) pulls out the comic section and grabs their crayon out and does that crazy maze that looks the same each week. It is great to have diversity for a diverse audience.

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  1. The Hooked noses want to control the entire planet, therefore they must control every government through their puppets. No on is allowed independence. Nations who rebel will be attacked. How long will the people of the world put up with this?

      1. Very true @PD , because many people do care . I couldn’t give a damn personally but it always amuses me but at the same time angers me that people read the Anti Semitic bull shit and take it to heart . People are so gullible sometimes !

        1. those who think you’re “anit-semetic” will ruin your image but at the same time expressing your personal truth will be meaningless. They have to wake themselves up if they want to talk to me about what being anti-semetic is like.

    1. What we have now that are prsddcessors didn’t is access to information other than sourced by the corporate media. I think as people get to see who is behind it, the discontent will grow. At some point the pot will boil over and spill out.

    2. sometimes the only way out is through – swamp thing (paraphrase).
      life is messy and imperfect: we know this from our own. there’s no reason nor logic to support the ideal of safe and peaceful resolution when the very borders of a nation are at stake. the best people outside can do is inform each other and make all sides aware they are being monitored

  2. Good to see you back @McTreblar. Great article as always. It’s like reading a professional editorial in a high gloss magazine. Although I don’t think Ukraine and Russia are dancing to the drums of war. I don’t think either wants war or any further escalation. It’s people who threw roosters content with each own’s trash pile in each other’s face by mixing the piles up.

  3. I made several trips to Sarajevo during the siege years and despite the underlying religious and ethnic reasons stated for the conflict, most of what I saw was due to money. There was, and still is, a huge criminal empire in operation there and most of the armed factions I came into contact with were nothing more than bandits. These groups controlled areas, towns, parts of towns or even just one building but overall their main interests were drugs, prostitution, fraud and anything else they could make easy money from instead of working. During and after the conflict, UN staff were quick to take advantage of this same situation and I personally saw young women being “bought” by members of the so called peacekeeping force for as little as a few hundred Euros. The Baltic states have always been a mess held together largely by force and fear. Undoubtedly though outside interference made it worse instead of better.

  4. Certain people get rich via war . That reason alone is a sure indication that as long as humans exist , wars will be faught . Religious beliefs too ,but those beliefs , when boiled down , are mostly dictated by greed .

  5. see what I mean? this overrated case called the holocaust totally overshadows events that took place elsewhere and in different times and were more brutal but less “documented” than WW2. It’s riduculous how public schools force children to constantly be drilled in the heads that oh, Anne Frank died in a closet, million+ jews died by the Nazis, when so many other atrocities of war took place. For example, I’ve only heard of the Armenian Genocide, The Killing of America, I Pet Goat II, Chris Dorner, Children of Beslan after discovering BG and that was maybe back in 2011. Such amazing but terrifying issues I learned so much about than in any school and they won’t be the last of them….

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