Dying Inmate Repeatedly Stabbed in Brazilian Prison

Dying Inmate Repeatedly Stabbed in Brazilian Prison

Video from prison in the city of Recife, the capital of the state of Pernambuco in Brazil, shows a dying inmate lying in a pool of blood, surrounded by a group of hostile inmates (presumably rival gang members). He’s flipped on his back, and repeatedly stabbed by a few inmates armed with knives.

To Best Gore regulars, a scene like this one would be fairly familiar, as we’ve seen numerous videos of inmates being brutally stabbed in Brazilian prisons.

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    1. I live in the UK and have a few acquaintances that have served time in jail. On quite a few occasions I’ve had calls from them with jail phones (not legitimate prison phones but the ones you can fit in your asshole) so if it’s possible here it’s a certainty that is possible in a shithole like the Brazilian prisons. Although I’m not sure how there getting them in now in the UK as they’ve created a special toilet that looks up your ass to see if you’ve got one of them phones the size of a car key fob stuffed in your brown eye. I guess if there’s a will there’s a way… Not to mention the corrupt screws that will bring stuff in for a few quid.

      1. Same here too I noticed……..nice shoes for a prison in brasil…..Definitely the boss……..or
        His” girlfriend”……
        Ps: he is one of the executors….
        Everything……most of the time Always make sens.!

  1. sadistic people i dont care for un needed brutality the guy was already dieing. it shows how hopeless people are. that doesnt mean im weak i faught for money and titles as a teen but even if you loose you shake hands most are friends who fight. such cruel acts id die helping i hate that. look around see who would aid you if you were attacked very few its sad i got to walk around damned cruel

    1. Melissa, you mean the ghetto motherfuckers. Detroit and Chicago are soo civilized. You probably live in well fed America suburbia. Guess what, in the good cities and neighborhoods in Brazil ppl have 10 times more money and education than your broke ignorant ass.

  2. After a bit of a shitty few weeks, these last few pages of posts have cheered me up to no end. Goodness knows how I would fare without a frequent dose of blood, guts and violence. Big thank you to Brazil, Thailand, Indonesia, Africa, Terrorists, suicidal people, the lovely people who take the time to post this content on this wonderful site, and anyone else who has cheered me up 🙂

  3. In my opinion, this is behavior that is not human! The only time I could kill some is in self defense But i could not viciously kill someone in this manner. Wow!! Unless it was a situation where I was fighting for my life! This stabbing and slashing is crazy!!! Jeez!!! Wtf? I may need to take a break from BG. This is just to much!! Vicious!!! Horrible!!! What is it about Brazil that makes these people so vile and sick??

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