Dying Man Reacts Strangely to Being Shot in Head

Dying Man Reacts Strangely to Being Shot in Head

A man had his skull opened and brain exposed with a gun shot in the head. As he was dying on the pavement, he kept tapping himself on the chest with a palm of his hand.

I wonder if he was doing it consciously, or his lights were out, but the damaged brain kept sending impulses to the limb that reacted the way it did. truly bizarre:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. Your right just plain fukn weird. I’ve only seen this one other time, and it was when I was young. Seen a guy mangled in a train accident, but he was laying there all fukd up smacking his crotch, like he was wanking off. Needless to say I had nightmares for days after I seen that shit as a young man.

  1. The brain is such an amazing intricate piece of wetware that even when it messes up it is interesting to watch. Was it a triggered memory or reflex? Amazing that this squishy pink organ in my head is what is allowing me to compose this message, type it, and send it.

  2. Maybe he was re-enacting the scene one last time from Wolf of Wall Street where Matt McConaughey was snorting coke and thumping his chest while talking to Leo DiCaprio at the restaurant. “Hmm mmm mmm … (thump, thump)”.

    1. Right! Like I thought you die instantly after you get shot in the head ! This would fucking suck, he probably didn’t even know what he was doing, I think he was just in a deep helucination(however you spell it)

  3. Those slaps seem too fast last too long too be the Lazarus effect.. Because the damage is at the very top of the brain its like a short circuit sending odd signals as it dies. .. Could’ve swore I saw a tear in the corner of his eye..pretty wretched way to go.

  4. This reminds me of an odd story of a man who was axed in the head over a dozen times but was still able to function on autopilot.


    It’s hard to tell but looks possible this wasn’t a direct hit but more of a skid along the top right half of his head. Since the odds of surviving a headshot are higher if only one hemisphere of your brain is damaged and it’s possible the shot only grazed the outermost part of his brain, I could see it being entirely feasible he has some level of awareness left. He might even be able to survive if help could arrive somewhat timely.

  5. What’s so unusual is the lack of spasticity in his movements – his fingers are together, his wrist is fluid, movements coordinated. I would’ve expected more rigidity like in decorticate/decerebrate reactions. Above poster is correct, too fast and repetitive (also too one-sided) to be lazarus sign. Ipsolateral to the wound may be further indication of continued contralateral hemisphere functionality – control blood loss and ICPs, could potentially live? So coolly weird – thank you!

    1. Ooh, update! Yay science! Probably a “Complex Partial Seizure” – starts in frontal or temporal lobes, generates weird rhythmic motions that make no sense (picking or slapping chest, pedaling legs, pelvic thrusts) called automatisms. Because of this, lights look ‘on’ but, no, no one’s home. Usually progress to more generalized clonic-tonic type seizures.

  6. He seems to have been shot on the right side of his skull so the right hemisphere of his brain is already dead and the left hemisphere (which controls the right side of the body) is doing these agonal jerks out of reflex, it’s a sign that the nerve tissue is running out of blood and oxygen and thus synapses are firing off chaotically.

    1. I have no idea if that’s even possible but this is my favorite theory nonetheless. Autonomic impulses being sent to the wrong place (or two places at once). This movement is almost as weird as the biker whose heart (among other things) flew out and was still beating away merrily in the dirt twenty or thirty feet away.

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