Death of Michael Eligon – Toronto Police Shot Dead Mentally Ill Man

Death of Michael Eligon - Toronto Police Shot Dead Mentally Ill Man

On February 3, 2012, Michael Eligon of Toronto, Ontario, Canada escaped from Toronto East General Hospital where he was being treated for depression and delusions. Toronto Police received reports that 29 year old Michael Eligon, who had been involuntarily admitted to the mental hospital under the Mental Health Act, had stolen two pairs of scissors from a convenience store and stabbed the shopkeeper in the hand.

The cops found Michael Eligon on Milverton Boulevard in the east end of Toronto. There, the mentally ill man wearing a hospital gown walked toward a group of officers who ordered him to “drop it” and “back up”.

Const. Louie Cerqua, one of the officers on the scene said he was scared for his life when he saw the man coming toward him brandishing two pairs of scissors and fired three shots, causing Michael Eligon fatal wounds:

With the high stress situation like that, you’re going to resort to your firearm, it’s the only real option you have. I shot him because he was closing in on me and he wasn’t stopping.

The shoot to kill tactics of Canadian police are frightening. It would be nice to see the cops trying to de-escalate tense situations with calm discussion for once. An emotionally disturbed man could actually appreciate someone talking to him and listening to what he had to say (preferably someone who did not study psychology cause psychologists have no idea what they talk about).

Michael Eligon relatives said themselves that something along the lines of ‘Michael, wait a second, Michael let’s talk about this…‘ could have made a world of difference. Certainly, at the very least, it could have been worth a try instead of being bossy and going for the kill. And if gunfire is inevitable, how about trying to shoot the suspect in the leg first?

Ontario’s police watchdog “The Special Investigations Unit” has cleared authorities of wrongdoing in Michael Eligon’s death. If they are anything akin to the Edmonton Police Commission (Edmonton’s police watchdog), then the clearing is not surprising. The Edmonton Police Commission appears to be nothing more than a buffer used to protect abusive cops from the public under a guise of acting as police watchdogs – as proven by their handling of Mark’s complaint whereby the director exhausted all available avenues to ensure the complaint is not processed.

An inquest into the death of Michael Eligon is also probing the police shooting deaths of Reyal Jardine-Douglas and Sylvia Klibingaitis. Nothing more than possible recommendations at preventing similar deaths is expected to come out of the inquest.

Video of Michael Eligon’s death is below:

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      1. there’s like 15 cops there..Fear?,that guy was prob freaking the fuck out. the way the cops handled that was PISS POOR. and he shot 3 shot would have done fine,and your right why go rambo they could have shot him in the leg. This is bullshit cop brutality.

    1. This clearly would not have happened in England. We deal with this sort of thing with words, maybe a ground tackle and a “mental health act section” but definitely no fatal violence. There is no perfect way to manage a mentally ill person but killing them is not justifiable option. This man could have been helped but obviously not any more. Very sad.

        1. A man can run 20 ft in one second , and if drugs are involved first shots may not take him down , he wanted to die probably, what ever he was warned many times , would you let a mental dude get that close to you with wheapons in both hands

    2. I think its pretty well known that all police are taught from their first day of hire, you never ever fire a warning shot at a person, in the air or at the ground…and you only shoot to incapacitate. If shot one, and two have happened, and the man was still coming toward the cop, then shot three will always be justified. I understand the police state comments, but i don’t think you can blame someone for resorting back to their training.

      1. Agreed but still, he was down on the first shot and there was no reason to keep shooting. He may have lived if shot two and three hadn’t been fired depending on where shot one hit the man. Sure, I get that they had to shoot the guy, I guess, but even so he didn’t have to shoot him more than once. He went straight down after the first shot and also all shot’s fired were at close range so it’s not like the cop thought he may have “missed”. The cop that shot him wanted him dead and that’s why he fired more than one shot at the man.

    3. Officers wait to seize the moment to shoot someone as they carry their firearm day in and day out just hoping and wishing a civilian will come at them in such a manner. They thrive for that one moment that will be plausible to give them a reason to pull the trigger. I personally think its a secret desire, not all, but the majority have that dwells within them.

  1. Members of the police force get taught in training no doubt that when the media and or public ask questions about their actions that they are always to answer with “I was scared for my life”, followed by “I had a split second to act” with the end conclusion always being that “lessons will be learned”.

    The above is universal and is seen to be used in police forces in most western “democratic” countries, it is often also used in politics and governments and comes under the expression “semantic cop-out”.

    The irony is that if the general public were to use the above as a self defence for their actions in front of the police and courts they would not get very far and so the end conclusion seems to be that, for the most part, the police, the politicians and the government are above the law.

    My views on this particular case, a group of armed officers and one man with a pair of scissors and the officer was scared for his life, complete and utter bullshit, if they had to shoot him then why not shoot to the leg or arm?, why shoot to kill?.

  2. 10 armed cops vs 1 man with scissors apparently forged in the fires of Mount Doom. I mean really, what other explanation can there be as to the way they were running, duckin’, dodgin’, and shrieking??
    And of course I agree with the shoot in legs comments and the where were the tasers questions, but fuck, this could’ve even been diffused with just 1 well thrown stone!!

        1. Really? If I was stabbing you with scissors and you had a gun you wouldn’t pop me? I guess different people react differently to being attacked. If someone stabbed me with scissors and I had a gun he would be getting at least one shot in him.

  3. Milverton is only a block away from the hospital. He didn’t go far. But apparently he was walking through peoples houses. Not taking anything. Looking for people, according to the neibour. So i can understand a certain amount of fear dealing with this person. Shooting three times seems like the cop did seems to be an act of impulse, not thinking, just reacting. I’m certainly not condoning his actions, but I’ve punched someone for trying to scare me, sometimes that split second you panic can make you do something you’ll regret.

    1. #1) Why am I not surprised you were the 1st one to comment on the Lord/Rings reference? My little geek buddy! 😀
      #2) Yeah, I’ve also done the split second punch a few times, but it wasn’t like he snuck up outta nowhere ya know.

      1. #1) Couldn’t help it. I am a bit of a geek. Absolutely nothing wrong with that. Always be proud of who you are 😀
        #2) That’s a good point. He was moving very slow. I can’t help but wonder if this was racially motivated, can’t tell from the video, but he was black. The newspaper here is doing a 3 part editorial on the racism in the police force. Speculation tho, we’ll never know what we was actually thinking when he shot

  4. I mean, a knee shot would incapacitate that man, and he would live. Shooting a mentally ill man tree times.. I hope the police officer who killed him gets a cronic depression and spends all his money on shrinks and antidepressants because of this.

        1. The mentally ill have as many rights to go berserk as any of us, including you Obli. That doesn’t mean they have to die at the hands of some unprepared dipshit. As for euthanasia? I guess one can always jump into a train. I’m not going to throw you in front of one because you have ailments of any kind. I thought the healthy and strong were to care for sick and weak and those who cannot care for themselves, but I digress.

          Maybe the guy was just trying to find something sharp enough to cut through the food at the hospital. That plastic shit just don’t cut it!

  5. LOL! That first cop that came into the screen from the left was definitely terrified. He was really booking it down the street when he suddenly seemed to remember he was a cop. Oh that was hilarious, ha, ha, ha! The best part of this video. People, please, if you see something like this, don’t call the cops, call animal control. Those guys carry tranquilizer guns. Those things even work on bears in trees. What the hell? This poor guy needed a tranquilizer not three bullets to the chest. Cops should carry tranquilizer guns, the more the bear/psychiatric patient exerts himself/herself the faster it works. Just my two cents worth, putting it out there.

    1. Some crazed people can be immune to tasers and oc spray. Frank guns might work but isn’t that usually based on the subjects weight? Too little they’d just get high , to little they’d die. Might be hard to get a one size fits all dose or fumble around with a right sized dose ” dart ” or whatever.

  6. 911, send the animal control guys right away!!! And have the cops come by after with coffee and dounts. Bad jokes aside, its not a bad idea to tell them to bring a taser or tranquilizer of some kind, maybe if they here it they’ll remember to bring one, buti think if you called animal control they would contact the cops as soon as they hung up

    1. Probably from all the pills they fed this poor fucker……thinking from the deceased point of view, maybe he knew what he was doing……….suicide by cop…believers best choice of suicide….plead your case to saint peter maybe??..who knows..all i know id these cops are douchebags or just poorly trained…. =/

  7. I watched this video before I read the description above and this is what I was thinking.. Mentally ill person. Wow three shots! How about just one shot maybe in the leg. Could of tased him maybe. How many cops with guns? They could have handled this situation way differently.

  8. Sweet little baby Jesus he had some scissors, and all we have are tasers, guns, and fifty people. Cops are pussies. I wonder if Canadian Police are fat and cut their hair like bull dikes like they do here in America.

  9. He needs help, quick, shoot him! High stress situation? If you can’t react well to a scissor wielding man strolling at a mere 3 km/h, then you are just the candidate to be on “Family Feud”.
    In the officers defense though he did kind of look like a zombie. Forget the double tap, triple that cripple!

  10. this lil piggy went to market ..
    and this lil piggy went home …
    and this Lil piggy had woast beef
    and this lil piggy blew
    open scissor psycho’s hole

    pay attention to 1;05 thru 1;10

    cops set him up for the shot( in manner they wont be any police reprimand

    2 cops back up purposely TO and AGAINST truck flatbed and come to full STOP against vehicular impedimentt as patient moves in on 2 cops….giving the hoard in blue the right to shot patient as he is now deemed a viable armed threat to the two cops.

        1. @Protocols.
          wiping with police donuts

          *scholar dont pay attention to press junket statement lol…
          sheik hassan nassrallah from syria last night after his live speech immediately dispatched hezbollah into baalbek to `collect`al the Ahrar al sunna brigade boys living there

  11. To all the people saying shoot him in the legs/knees, that isn’t really how it works in reality. Under such pressure plus adrenaline (shaky, sweaty) your accuracy is very low (probably around 10-20%) which is why police are trained to aim for center mass. Police do not shoot to maim, just to end the threat. You can see they backed up a lot, so they atleast tried not shooting the man for a while. I am not agreeing with the shooting of him by any means also. I think while the knee cap comments are invalid, a taser (which I believe they might be issuing to most constables soon, not just sergeants) would have ended this easily enough.

    1. Ok, they are trained to handle all types of threats and they are taught to shoot straight under pressure. I can almost guarantee at least one or two of them had a taser and knew full well they could use it. If that guy was an escapee from a mental hospital they would have known what kind of precautions to take because their dispatch would have told all units the developing situation. They knew what they were dealing with. That son of a bitch shot him to put a body on his service pistol.

  12. Poor guy could have been subdued with some construction paper, glitter and glue. He looked like he just wanted to make Nurse Ratchet a totally awesome holiday card with his shiny new scissors. : (

  13. If they can’t perform under pressure then they shouldn’t put on the badge. I understand a civilian being in the cops position and not knowing what else to do but shoot him down, but when you are a “trained professional” and you have as many hours of procedural training as they are required to have, you should know what to do as fast as it happens. They do go through rigorous training to be able to react properly to all situations and not use excessive force. This is the EXACT situation they have tasers for, a man with a knife being incompliant.

  14. This looks like a case of the cops doing what they had to do. I would challenge any of you to react calmly when an escaped mental patient is coming at you with two pairs of scissors. “Waingro: I had to get it on. He was making a move. *I had to get it on.* – Heat

  15. BULLSHIT!!! Asshole had a gun and he was scared of scissors! There was ZERO need to shoot to kill. He could have been tazered if he was that scary. Or a disabling shot to an arm or leg. What effing douchebags.

  16. They show us on TelEvilSion how they can put even elephant in deep sleep in few minutes with medical arrow but they can’t do it with a mentally ill man?

    This pig should be ashamed for life but not:
    He will(like Mark says once) came to his family, dinner time, smiles, kissing his children before go to bad, fucking his wife without any remorse.
    Hi is empty shell.
    They live.

  17. Shoot him in the arm or leg? What do you think this is Rambo or some other police movie? The gun is meant to shoot to kill. A regular trained officer has enough trouble trying to hit the chest and you people want them to shoot him in the arm? Too much TV. If a crazy guy is coming at me with a knife and I’m carrying he’s dead meat.

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