Death of Eric Garner by NYPD Chokehold – Different Angle Video

Murder of Eric Garner by NYPD

Just before he was murdered by NYPD, father of six Eric Garner, of Staten Island, whose only crime was that he sold untaxed cigarettes, uttered the following words:

Every time you see me, you want to mess with me. I’m tired of it. It stops today. I’m minding my business, please just leave me alone.

NYPD put Eric Garner in a chokehold and jammed his face into the sidewalk. He repeatedly plead for his life, claiming that he couldn’t breathe, but the cops did not loosen the grip until he breathed no more. They literally just turned up on a street corner and murdered a nonviolent man with their bare hands. In broad daylight.

What happened then is even more shocking than murder itself – the cops never even tried to perform CPR. They were too worried about getting the people filming away to cover their asses, than trying to save the life. Every second counted, but they never made the slightest attempt to resuscitate the man.

It is sickening that we the civilians have no one to protect us against these domestic terrorists. No one. This is what happens when you call the cops. They are the hunters and we are the hunted.

Below is a different angle video of the incident which shows what happened after Eric Garner was choked to death. At 5:57 you can see plain clothes officer Daniel Pantaleo waving at the camera as deceased Eric Garner is being taken away. Daniel Panteleo was the one who murdered Eric Garner by placing him in the choke-hold just minutes earlier.

Also notice how medics sided with the cops. They didn’t check to see if the guy was breathing, they didn’t use a stethoscope, they didn’t put an air bag, or an oxygen line, or any type of thing that would have made an attempt to save his life, on him. He was blue in the face and they knew he was dead. Standard procedure would also have been to put an unconscious person that fell forcefully to the ground in a C-collar for transport. Yet they still played it off for bystanders and cameras. Disgusting:

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  1. Where’s Chris Dorner when you need him?

    Someone should go Dexter on cops who get away with murder.
    Seriously, imagine the change in police behavior when they all start seeing news reports of murderous cops getting their comeuppance. 1 or 2 and they’ll be saying “Cop killer on the loose!” then 3 or 4 and someone’s gonna be like “Hey guys, these are all cops who killed people… I think this guy has an agenda.”

          1. If you guys search furthermore about this incident you will read that he had asthma… He used pump every time he would lose air in his daily life, though the fat might mix things a little bit he actually was killed by the brute force cops use in NY and his awesome emo disease.

    1. So complete this this sentence. Its ok to murder somebody when they are a (blank) a)cop b)Jew c) ect. If that’s what you really believe that someone should start murdering others than go do it. Practice what you preach. Go ahead and look someone in the eyes before you kill them and hear them beg for mercy. Try an start a ‘revolution’ see how far that will get you. So in other words what you say is it would be cool if someone started murdering cops. Cops aren’t the problem! Ill admit there are a lot of jerk cops out there but goes the same with people in general. The problem is hatred that people have in their heart for one another. There’s no denying that.

      1. The cop thing in the US of A. Should it be fire with fire ? , what should the people do ?.
        The whole gun thing makes it all too easy to take a life, although those cops can manage it without firearms as we’ve seen.
        All I’d say about the gun issue is … if a person were to give another person a mobile/cell phone , would the recipient not be more likely to make a phone call !? , or if one was to give a person a bicycle, would that person not be more likely to ride it !?.

        But getting to your point. The main problem is the people at the top of the hierarchy of positions of power , who are self serving, greedy and corrupt, which has, since the web age, become clear to the people more than ever.
        But it’s difficult to start a revolution when the guns of the enemy are bigger than your guns , hence revolutionary ideals will remain but a pipe dream in the US.
        Apologies for rambling, I am nissed as a pewt. !

        1. Good analogys. The solution to all this mayhem is pretty simple though. I know that you would not agree with me though. For how can you agree with something you dont even believe exists? As for your solution, if we took out the people in power than more would take their place and probably 10x worse than their predecessors. There are some things that are written in stone that must take place if you know what I mean. And dont worry your not the only one who goes on rants here haha

  2. The police look like total amatuers standing around like their warehouse operatives waiting to be told what to do.

    I have a lot of sympathy for big people like that. In the natural order no one should mess with them, but with the bits of paper we worship little dudes with shrivelled dicks (and women) can boss them around.

  3. @Havoc and @Empty soul
    Thank you for the welcoming and kind words. I am very open minded and I see things from different perspectives.
    I also open myself to reality, so that is why I ended up on Best Gore. As you grow older, you start to realize that things are complicated and confusing. It’s not like a children’s cartoon, where there is a “good guy” and a “bad guy”.
    Understanding all this global chaos might be painful, but it’s way better than hiding in propaganda’s pseudo wonderland.

    1. @dennytheaws
      No problem, but I must be the latest response I have ever seen ANYWHERE!

      This was in reply to a few days ago and on a completely different topic… or you read the future and know that I am going to post something like

      Welcome to BG. Glad to have someone here with a very open mind and who sees things from different perspectives.

      1. well, life is busy in north-east asia,
        not to mention I don’t have my own bedroom and the only computer in the house is in the living room.
        AND Bestgore is not safe for work so……… you know what I mean, I can only check out BG like once in two weeks, so that late repsonse was awkward. I just wanted to give Mark some support, so I logged in, if it wasn’t for that “One year detention post” I probably would never have logged in. I’ll do my best to check out BG as often as possible. Hopefully, my family is not going to be around in a few weeks, so hehe.

  4. @Boozer
    Thanks for the reply. I’m not black, I’m a north-east asian living in asia.
    I am very sorry about what happened to your brother. I am also sorry for making you recall that awful memory. I wasn’t expecting such a tragic past. I don’t blame you at all for you hatred after what you’ve been through.
    I do have have a distant relative who was robbed and murdered by a nig when he was studying abroad, but he was a relative I didn’t even know I had, so I literally felt nothing. Having a close one stolen from you in such a manner must have been hard to endure. You’re one tough badass for getting through that AND SURVIVING TWO SHOTS. Respect.
    By the way, you seem to have misunderstood my question. Of course I knew you hate nigs, and I didn’t need to know why
    (most of us on Bestgore feel the same way,especially whites). What I wanted to know was if you would still hate a particular black folk after you got to know him, and he’s a respectable, decent man(assuming it’s true). So that’s why I reacted like throwing a fit after reading your reply on Ip-config’s comment.
    And I’m guessing your issue with jews are different from the ones with nigs(violence, guns, ect). It’s probably picked up after entering the WN world and learning about their acrocities.
    Yup, those devils are at it again, bombing Palestinians and covering it up by manipulating the media. Disgusting kikes.

    1. @dennytheaws I made a Reply above before reading this one, was to fast again.
      Like I already said, there are good and bad in every race. I just don’t get along with niggers nor jews! This is all I’m going to say about this point blank.

  5. In England we have a think called the recovery position. Its designed to free up the breathing tracts as much as possible. Im not sure wearing handcuffs and lting on his side was helping much.

    The sad thing is he didnt take anyone them out with him. He just died in a passive way.

  6. That’s just pathetic that they stood around, not knowing what the hell to do next after the killed a man over some stupid bullshit. They’re trained to hurt and kill but not to save. They have to wait for the EMT for that. Oh wait, the EMT came and didn’t try to save the man. How can you go home and feel ok about yourself when this is your job? NYC has WAAAAY more pressing issues on the street than harassing some guy who sometimes sold untaxed cigs, but had none on him that day. Just broke up a fight and was asking to be left alone. Even when they came after him, his actions were defensive and he didn’t try to hurt any of them. My hope is that his death will bring some kind of change. Does DeBlasio want to see his son in this position? A random cop may not make his son’s afro out from anyone else’s.

  7. I was told by a cop when I was young that if you make a citizens arrest, that you are responsible for the safety of the person you detain. He recommended against ever making a citizens arrest for that reason. If you arrest someone and they run in front of a car and die, you are 100% responsible.

    It will be interesting to see how this plays out. The other video angles are so much better to show how compliant he was. Went down, with open palms , arms out. Total show of not threat.


  8. I’ve never felt so threatened as I do lately living in the good ‘ol USof A. Fucking police state creeping ever so closer to my front door. Nothing makes my blood boil quite as much as seeing paid murderers committing atrocities such as this.

  9. No sympathy here. First of all he was doing something illegal, second, if he had cooperated from the get-go there would have been no reason to put him in a neck hold. Of course negro’s won’t see it that way because they
    never ever take responsibility for their actions and they believe that they can do whatever they want to, whenever. Negro’s truly believe they are above the law because of slavery. Go back to Africa where you belong. And take Obama-lama-ding-dong with you!!!

        1. Me too, but UK cops are pretty darn good compared to these loons.
          From what I’ve seen, you need to be very careful when getting the cops involved with anything in the states. It’s been proven that a person can go from caller / victim , to perp / victimised, by US cops at the drop of a hat.
          Something I’m glad to say doesn’t happen here.

    1. It’s true, they think they are above the law. They hate taking orders of a white person. Then call it racist, even if there was no evidence of racism maybe just a little to much force from the cops they don’t care. They don’t care about police brutality , They still wanna make it a black vs white thing. All those stupid faggot white liberals that you see at them protests are worse. Are they purposely shit stirring or are so fucking dumb they are siding with the criminals? It seems this police thing is just another why blacks can have the upper hand, just what they’ve done with the word nigger. They control white people with that word. So are al these protests for making cops look racist so then the outcome will be , don’t approach black people so then they are free to do their crimes? Another way to control white people. This fat fuck was arrested over 30 times! Don’t tell me he was a loving, honest, hard working man! Look at the fat unhealthy cunt. Scam deserve to die, I don’t care if you are Mexican, white trailer park trash or black! Get the fuck off this earth. It’s fat bastards like him that give America a bad name. Not the police. Also those cunt white liberals on those matches are the first pussies to call the police and beg for protecting when a thug tries to steal from them or does them wrong.

  10. Disgusted with those fucking pieces of shit. The poor bloke pleaded to be left the fuck alone , in a far less angry manner than I am typing. Poor guy exhibited passiveness and was choked to death for it .


  11. NYPD should be choking out all the store owners selling those things for $12 a pack, that’s what’s criminal. Thanks for hooking us up all those years Eric, retail is for suckers.

  12. I live. Right in this Neighborhood. Staten Island, that area is Bay Street it is across from-manhattan
    Haha. Funny to see the street And corner i drive down all the time, becoming popular on the Internet Staten Island never gets much press

  13. He had a family too, FFS. That is just devastating (and at the same time; sickening). I hope the murdering bastards didn’t just get away with it. Regardless of their job, an innocent man died because of what they did; and should face judgement for it. Though nothing could ever compensate that family for their loss, no matter what the outcome. But those pigs still took a life that wasn’t theirs to take, so I hope justice was done…

  14. This is fake?obviously. They don’t even show the alleged choking to death. It’s just the good ol’ jews trying to make everybody fight each other?and they’re doing a goddamned good job! You Americans are so fucking out of it.

    P.S.: The monkey should’ve gone: “That nigga dead!”.

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