Death Pilfers Two Thieves, Vigilante Hammers Head of One into Pavement

Death Pilfers Two Thieves, Vigilante Hammers Head of One into Pavement

Two alleged thieves were caught red handed in Mexico. A crowd of vigilantes form and deliver concrete jungle justice to the accused.

Mob members donate free chest and head kicks to the bounded men. Signs of life are still visible throughout lynching.

Vigilante shown in the middle is overstimulated and lost, doesn’t seem to know which thief to beat. The vigilante to his left grabs incapacitated thief, begins forceful head hammering into pavement. Blood pools around head after receiving severe trauma, his life is pilfered by Death.

Friendly Reminder: Don’t ever steal! If you can’t avoid it, don’t ever get caught!

171 thoughts on “Death Pilfers Two Thieves, Vigilante Hammers Head of One into Pavement”

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          1. No way Jorge !!thats not called capitalism what you described. Because at least real capitalism will let your ass owe them with interest fees. What you have there is just some poor motherfuckers who never will pay their fucking bills. As most of us no that’s a black brown trait. And so do those Mexican’t hospitals.

          2. In America, you can get half-assed treatment for big money and if you can’t pay, don’t worry, we’ll still print up more money regardless of our, I mean your debt.

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    1. Sweet. I think we all know someone whose head we’d like to smash into the pavement repeatedly just like that over and over and over and over again.

      From the original description I thought they were literally hitting the guy in the head with a hammer. No, they were trying to break the concrete with his head. LoL

      Poor bastard, no more burritos for him.

  1. All I see are my countrymen acting like 5th world Brasileiro chimps without flip flops and 8th world Ugandan apes smashing everything without remorse. They are a disgrace, they should have tied those mutherfukers up and whacked them like piñatas until intestines and brain matter came out then shot a few rounds into them until only dangling pieces of meat are left and protruding bones.

  2. In it crazy how you can get lynched to death just for stealing in some parts of the world. If a mob lynched someone to death in the UK everyone who took part would get life.

    1. @joejoe7842 , Shows how pussy whipped the UK is, thieving little shits especially when thieving from fellow poor people deserve death, the only reason most rodants are allowed to draw breath and continue causing trouble far into the future of their waster lives deterring others lively hoods, is thanks to the police protecting them so god damn well, just think, if people were to take justice into their own hands and dish out retribution instead of subserviently relying on false moral teachings / corrupted laws made not for gentile but for the protection of the wealthy the world would be a better place.

        1. I was hoping not to hear that reference. I mean, this is beyond a curb stomp anyways. This is just breaking concrete with some motherfucker’s head. Which is more entertaining and satisfying anyways by far and by a long shot. Why curb stomp a motherfucker when you can just slam their motherfucking head into another hard object repeatably?

  3. I always wondered why spics are always stealing tools. I suppose it’s because they don’t have any in Mexico. See how old Raymundo’s head is used as a jackhammer?

  4. Move on , move on , just a beating . What is wrong with society that it comes to mob rule on the streets? I mean put them in prison , safe behind bars maybe ? No open casket for him kissing the road anyway

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