Death of Swedish Photographer Martin Adler in Mogadishu, Somalia

Death of Swedish Photographer Martin Adler in Mogadishu, Somalia

Swedish journalist, photographer and videographer Martin Adler was killed on Friday June 23, 2006 in Mogadishu, Somalia after an unknown gunman shot him in the chest at a rally held by the Islamic Courts Union to celebrate a peace agreement between the Islamic Courts and the Somali TFG signed in Sudan on Thursday June 22, 2006. A spokesperson for the Islamic Union hinted that only an enemy of the Union would kill a person at their gathering. The gunman shot Martin Adler in the left side of his chest, hitting the heart, killing the photographer on the spot.

Martin Adler had a dangerous job – covering events in war zones. He was a freelancer and this is how he made a living. If he wasn’t killed at a celebratory gathering, it could be speculated that someone may have mistaken the camera for a weapon, but picking on a Caucasian man at a peace rally is more of a message to be sent than anything – me thinks. Reports of his death also state that he was shot at close range but the gunman disappeared into the crowd so nobody could tell who he was.

I could tell you all about why being a “journalist” also means being a “target” cause I have just become one myself. And it’s not only private thugs who don’t like it when reality is exposed, it’s also the governments and that makes life of honest reporters hard.

I don’t think there is any chance for peace in Somalia. They’ve been at war with neighbors or among themselves for as long as the memory goes and by now it’s their second nature. RIP Martin Adler.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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82 thoughts on “Death of Swedish Photographer Martin Adler in Mogadishu, Somalia”

  1. That sucks. We need journalists out there, so we can be all up in each other’s business. I remember when I was a child in the early 90s my class in elementary school was forced to learn about Somalia, and why the U.S. should help the people there. They were starving. We got to see pictures of hungry black skeleton humans. As a child, I felt sorry for them. I WANTED to help them… Now that I’m an adult, I just see another group of worthless human beings. They don’t need any help. They just need to be left to their own savage devices. Fuck ’em. I wish I could call them niggers, but they’re not black Americans, and that’s who I reserve that most favored word for. Anyway, these people have done themselves a disservice here. Maybe if they would let their story be told, they could fool another generation into caring about them for a few years. Could’ve gotten them something… Something better than what they’ve got right now. Fools.

    1. I would give a shit…

      Had we still had the Empire. They were our responsibility, and we should have helped them to help themselves.

      Yet because of ‘dat Racismz’. They wanted us ‘evil oppressors’ out.

      Look at them now!

      Pictures of health and prosperity now that they got rid of those evil, greedy imperialists that held them back with ‘dat racismz’.

      They are reaping the seeds they sew.

      NOT our problem anymore.

      1. Fuckin’ A, Trooper. Right on the money. They whine and cry with their hands held out saying, “Gimme gimme” then you “give’em, give’em” and they demand, “Get out oppressors! But please come back when we want more freebies”.

        1. What’s funny Toodles?

          If it weren’t for American meddling in both of the World Wars. It is plausible that the empire would have mutated into some Imperial Federation.

          With a Central senate electing representatives from each of the dominions. Kind of like the USA.

          It was a plausible scenario. With plans to make it a reality. But along with a lot of revolutionary legislation… Was thrown on the back burner because of the Great War.

        2. a good deal of the shit in these akbur crapholes are a result of the meddling of british fat inbred fucks playing empire building and inventing countries like irak, iran, siria, pakistan, etc like if they were drawing shit on a map.

          1. We did create a lot of trouble I the world…

            But only AFTER the empire collapsed.

            And the nations you mentioned above Sir (with the exception of Pakistan). Existed for thousands of years before we ever came to that troubled area.

            Iran was Persia… And Persia has never been directly annexed by any modern Imperial power. I believe the last empire to do so… Was the Mongol.

            Iraq was previously known as Mesopotamia. And we took it off of the Ottomans. But Iraq has existed since before Christ. When it was known as the Kingdom of Ur.

            The story of Syria is roughly the same as Iraq’s.

            Pakistan and Bangladesh were created at the insistence of Mahatma Gandhi and Jinnah. In order to segregate the Muslims from the Hindus and Sikhs. Which were (and still are) notorious for kicking seven different shades of shit out of each other.

            The only bugger up I reckon our empire did. Was the Irish disaster. Along with not managing to kill Washington at the Battle of Long Island.

    2. I agree with you well hung gentlemen above.

      Mr.adler is very brave for shedding light on the dark parts of the world, But the information he will gather will be used by mass media corps (most likely) and cut down into a source that can only be agreeable by the herds.
      In other words he wasted his time pointing that electrical image capturing device at a bunch of mantis looking negroids.
      Also swedes are very nice people.

    3. @Future Days, you have to be either stupid or middle class white to believe that US was over there to help these dumbasses out. I insist these people are the link between monkey and modern model human, they develop strength faster and at earlier age than the rest of us, yet they can’t manage to put the gray matter above their nose for good use, they kill each other to satisfy the white men’s diamond needs, can’t make a damn brick to make better buildings even when they have so much clay and fecal matter around, they are destine to fail because they’re a lazy race. When i go to the zoo and i see the primates, most of them just kicking it sitting on branches and like deja vu an image of the niggers kicking it at their porch comes to my mind. Last part i did generalize just to be a little racist.

      1. I believe that Black people are direct descendents of the Homo Erectus.

        Just look at their Psychopathic Behavior, their Low IQ, their Baboon Chimpery!

        I still remember the Exact moment… I realized…. that Negros… were not Human.

        What White people should want, is to foster more healthy strong and intelligent white children… not a cross between Man and Ape and bring their half breed sprogs to enrich us and our white children with their DIEvershity.

        1. I can’t help but agree with you Sir.

          Everything you have said is Cold, Hard, FACT.

          The wogs have had several chances to build themselves a ‘Jerusalem’ in some of the most earthly paradises on the planet.

          Yet they manage to fuck it up EVERY single time.

          Can anyone name a Black majority state that can be deemed a ‘success’?

          And please. Don’t anyone dare fucking say it is White Man’s fault that they are STILL wading in their own feculence.

          The white man is a small minority on this planet, always has been. And it is set to become even smaller over the next generation. Yet why have we always had the majority of wealth?

          I am not going to say that all other races are evil/ worthless. As that would be untrue.

          Orientals seem to make things work. Don’t they?

          Arabs/ Persians were superpowers before the scourge of Islam infected their minds.

          1. Agree @trooper,except in some
            cases islam enhanced some
            Suleiman the lawgiver(turkish)

            Salah al-Din(iraq later….syria)

            These two(and others) secured
            their lands,encouraged science,
            the arts,mathematics,just and
            equal laws and much more.
            Islam today has nothing in
            common with what it once was.

      2. “@Future Days, you have to be either stupid or middle class white to believe that US was over there to help these dumbasses out.”

        @Tockzilla It’s not something that I “believed”. It’s how my second grade class learned about the situation over there; that the people of Somalia were starving, and needed help. Pay attention.

    4. While I feel sorry for Mr. Adler, those motherfucking shit stains in Somalia do not and I couldn’t care less about their misery or survival. To them, he is just another dead infidel. Although I applaud the work Mr. Adler did, he knew the risks that were involved while working there all too well.

  2. He should have opted for a normal day to day job, you play with fire, you get burned with fire, in his case, shot in the chest 🙁 Wouldn’t be hard for the shooters to miss their target. Spot the white man…

    1. I’ve always wanted to be a war photographist, how fun would that be. When I was a kid my mom would get pissed when I would talk about shit like that, I can’t say I blame her, she probably should’ve put me in counciling then, not that it would have helped me any.

  3. how often does making a living result in your death? too bad for this guy some asshole decided to pop him for their own reasons. i had 2 attempts on my life while driving a taxi in jersey city, n.j. just trying to make an honest living. the perps were junkie worthless scumbags who would easily kill you just to satisfy their filthy drug habits. the point is that in many professions making a living is hazardous to your health.

    1. Damn, sorry to hear that Mouse. Driving a taxi can indeed be a risky proposition just to make a living. But here you are, alive and well and those junkie fucks probably ended up as worm food by their own hands.

      1. yes, scumbags and lowlives hang out together and eventually turn on each other or their lifestyle does them in. i’m pretty sure they’ve probably met their demise by now. anyway they didn’t get me so that’s what counts.

    2. You must fight fire with fire, mouse.
      You ever driven the cab high on blow? Get your self a .38, And not only will you have the brief mentality of these criminals (with the blow), but you’ll have the upper hand with the gun.

      1. driving the cab high on blow is not a good idea. blow makes me super paranoid, nervous and sweaty. i see [imagine] cops everywhere and hear things that aren’t there like police sirens and barking dogs. since i’m transporting people i need a clear head. driving while blowing is a buzzkill. you can’t enjoy the rush worrying about hitting something.

  4. R.I.P. Martin Adler.

    I would have liked to have said that your death was not in vain. Yet it would be a lie if I did.

    I am more concerned with the suffering of my people. True victims of the ruling class, than these free loaders.

    1. i live in the uk ,just walking to the local garage for some milk i am stared down by asians jabberin the fuck away in ther shitty arabic talk ,only because of the numbers they had i felt intimidated .it shouldnt be like this at all ,we save your smelly worthless shit people from shit countrys n u show us hate in OUR country ?? end of the day we have 1 short life n i aint guna spend any of it concerned about others ,i dont care that much for my own family ,simply because they dont care that much about me .FUCK CARING BOUT OTHERS ESPECIALLY JIGS AND RAGHEADS u shud stay in ur own filthy lands i used to care a little now i dont giva fuck cos of the attitudes u have ya fucking stinkin parasites . y dont we shoot foreigners on the spot like they shoot white people when they venture to other countrys .us white folk are too soft now.

    2. It was a life well served in the Eyes of the Jews.

      Building sympathy for the rapid breeding negros, and they will probaby spin his death as a Sacrefice and noble cause.

      to me, Adler was just another Fool Lib tard, and another White person killed due to his negrophilia.

        1. Trooper, didn’t you have Family members in Rhodesia?
          The Rhodesian were a good stock of Dutch Whites, Taller, better looking, healther, more enterprising than the Europeans back in Europe post WWII.

          The destruction of Rhodesia was a great Tragedy.

          I was mad as hell when Mugabe took power and I’am STILL Mad as Hell.

          I still want to gather up the list of all the hyme singing hippies, and the missionarys, and libtards who lead the downfall of Rhodesia…. and lead them into pits in batchs of 100 at a time and Machine Gun them all.

          if the Rhodesians had just taken these measure to begin with, Rhodesia would still be Rhodesia and not Zimbabwe!

          But the some of the Rhodesians themselves unfortunately…. were infected with the Liberal disease… and in the End…. they lost the Country that their ancestor had won and built.

          1. Yes Sir.

            I had family in Rhodesia. Quite wealthy plantation owners actually. That was before Mugabe and his thugs came to power in ’79.

            They would treat their workers with the utmost of dignity and respect. New Clothes, Decent wage, healthcare.

            Yet the wogs would take every opportunity to steal and lie even when copped red handed!

            My Rhodesian ancestors were of Scottish descent predominantly.

            But yes, a HUGE number of White Rhodesians were Boer/ Afrikaaner/ Dutch. And after WWII, an even huger number of Italians, Germans and French emigrated there.

  5. I’m actually starting to become angered at the Earth, but nothing phases me so it’s only a metaphor in a sense to what I’m not feeling. Anyway, I’m becoming angered, outraged even (remember, not really) at how many people are being targeted for their truth telling/revealing ways. They’re the real soldiers on this pathetic ball of rock, the ones who risk their lives to bring us the truth when the lies are sitting back drinking some triple distilled whiskey. I know a lot of people agree with me, but truth is the greatest thing one can hope for when losing all hope. We need the truth to remind ourselves of the humanity that we are slowly burning away.

    Seriously, though, blood on a white shirt? Is anyone else slight turned on?

  6. We all know how much filthy Apefreakans hate each other and how they have no respect for life (human or otherwise), but the loathing with which they regard Somalis is unparallelled. If niggers are not humans, god knows what that makes Somalis. Dunno how the rest of the world feels about them but, here in Apefrica, we despise them with a passion. RIP Martin Adler.

  7. Why go there????
    Was it a good
    Did he make a
    Was he shot by
    a peaceful
    was he making
    impartial films????
    Did they want
    him there????
    Do they care????
    What happened
    after this????
    Whats changed????
    Waste of a life-no doubt.

  8. For all I am concerned, Somalia can rot in liquified shit. This guy died covering that crap so that LIBERAL euro assholes could read it in LE MONDE DIPLOMATIQUE and other batshit ‘progre’ newspapers and pretend they politically correctly care about things in that distant as fuck craphole, while the somalian maid iron press their 200 euro shirts for a meager salary. *trooper mode off*
    Mornin guys 😀

      1. The Guardian, is the paper for sandal wearing, bearded tree huggers thinking they are ever so cosmopolitan because they care about the little black kids.

        We Brits don’t have anymore Broadsheets really.

        The Times (my paper of choice) went tabloid in 2007 if I can remember properly.

        The lefty tabloid of choice is The Mirror…
        I wouldn’t even wipe my arse on that… Due to the sheer amount of shit already caking the page.

  9. As I remember the story was just briefly reported here in Sweden. It’s clear why of course, but in comparison there was a media outrage about the security guard in the US who shot the black kid. (Seems now to have been in self-defence)

  10. truly sad, at least he died doing what he loved so no suffering involved. i remember watching the video on Wikileaks (?) of the american air strike that took out the journalists and children…i wept!! and we wonder why so many soldiers/journalists are returning from these places so fubar’ed.

  11. A pity someone who exposes the truth and probably values life more than the worthless scum that kill those who are only trying to help has died. Nowadays, I don’t even pay any attention to those commercial that ask for donations for starving and needy children because no one can be trusted. Its a shame because there are people who are struggling to survive but the greedy few ruin it for the rest. I say we stay out of those countries and let them drown in the cesspool they created.

  12. A pity someone who exposes the truth has died. He probably valued life more than those who are living in that cesspool. We have no obligation to help people who don’t deserve out help, if they want to bite the hand that feeds them then let them wither away until they are nothing more than dust. It’s a pity that those who are truly victims suffer for those who are greedy and violent in this world but going to aid these people is nothing but a futile mission.

  13. I’m having a compact thermonuclear device implanted in my chest wired to a heart monitor. If I ever get killed by some skanky FleshTard in a rotten shithole like Somalia, then I’m takin that whole friggin worthless neighbourhood with me!

  14. what’s up with all the racism and the british empire patriotic nonsense? if you were in their shoes you would not say these things now. there are plenty of good reasons why somalia didn’t want to be owned by a foreign country who reaped their land of treasure and resources who in return left the country for itself in the aftermath.

    the gunman who shot this man was either really lucky to hit his heart or he was a professional. i would guess the first one ;D

    1. I don’t think they were ‘left for themselves’? I’m sure the UK STILL gives them aid and handouts, just like Australia gives every poor country money,food etc. It only stays at the top though, (to be traded for arms or jewels for one of the wives) so the ‘people’ starve.

    1. You know what really that these fucking “skinnys” think they’re hot shit since the whole black hawk down incident along with the withdraw of American troops, they belive like Vietnamese they actually won the truth is if the military was allowed to stay and finish the fight and not be pulled out because of Clinton didn’t want any American blood on his hand which he got any way the troops would have obliterated the Somali factions who at the time were running around in a free for all with no real leadership or command structure other than Salim Hadid who the majority answerd to, the Somalis were literally running around high on a local psychoactive herb wearing women’s dresses and other crazy shit listing to African rap music shooting at anything and everything including their own factions with extremely poor accuracy I might add, Somalians are considered by the U.S. military to be some of the worst marksmen they have ever come across…ever.

  15. I don’t think anybody shot this guy on purpose, when functions like this go on in places like Somalia and other war torn third world countrys where everyone carrys a gun they like to engage in celebratory gun fire by shooting wildly up in the air like a bunch of cracked out Yosamitie Sams, and as we all know what goes up must come down, this fact seems to elude these types idiots with guns but who can blame them they’ve never even heard of fig newtons let alone sir Isaac Newton, but I belive what happend here was nothing more than a case of bad luck and the photographer caught a stray sky bullet, when a bullet goes up in the air it comes back down with almost the same exact amount of force as when it first came out the barrel and depending from what angle it is shot it can even rain down at a side ways angle meaning it doesn’t always fall straight down on to your head just like in this case it can come down at an angle and hit you square in the chest

    1. As much as I enjoy your posts Pale.

      I have to pull you up on this.

      A bullet fired from ANY firearm, directly into the air. Would not come down at anywhere near the velocity it went up at.

      The 7.62 mm cartridge fired from an AK47, travels at a speed of 700 metres a second for about half a second before it rapidly loses velocity.

      The bullet itself weighs about 8 grams.

      So let’s say that the projectile traveled 500 metres (1.8 secs) into the air before it comes down at about 5 metres a second (terminal velocity ~100 secs).

      Whoever standing underneath it will probably get a nasty shock and a bit of a bruise. Not killed. At all.

  16. The statement/comment about the possibility of the camera being mistaken as a weapon is stupid because there were obviously weapons everywhere.
    Poor guy! At least he died doing what he loved.

    1. Dont know about you,but
      i sow tomatos & beans,and
      i reap tomatos & beans,as
      far as i can remember or
      have seen,blacks steal their
      stuff,mostly from us whites
      because its easy “work” .

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